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Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 S 2020 review

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The Mercedes-AMG Mercedes-AMG 63 S packs SpaceX-worthy thrust courtesy of AMG’s 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8. Now, the SUV update version has arrived, with some useful upgrades and a deep suspicion that someone, somewhere thought the car needed some changes.

Few brands can get away with the kind of things that mercedes-benz amg can they’ve got tiny little fire-breathing hatchbacks low slung two-door coupe a’s with whopping great engines that inhale everything around them and they’ve got this vast fleet of performance suvs this is one of them and this one is probably the weirdest one it’s the gl c63 let’s just remember

What mercedes has done here they’ve taken a very normal very sober midsize suv and dropped a whopping great four liter twin-turbo v8 into it as with most things amg the gl c63 is available in two flavors our standard an s as well as two body styles being australia though we don’t worry about the skim milk version we only get the full fat s not a great deal is change

For 2020 but there are a few things to talk about but let’s start with what hasn’t changed the best bit the four litre twin-turbo v8 this is from amg obviously and it is crammed in here there is 375 kilowatts and 700 newton meters trying to escape out of this tightly packed engine bay that’s hooked up to a nine speed transmission it’s an mc t it’s not a dual clutch

It’s an mc t missy’s is very keen for you to know that it’s more like a motorbike gearbox and behind that is an all wheel drive system tuned for fun for the 2020 model year the glc has new headlights taillights new exhaust a new optional wheels it still has the gorgeous panamericana grille from the really racy stuff and that’s enough for me it’s a tough looking

Car to go with the performance it really it’s hunkers down on the road and growls at you as it comes but for 2020 the main stuff is inside so the big news that’s not big news but it’s important news is the entertainment system is now the new mbu x system now i’ve used it in a couple of other mercs it is so much better than the old command system command was alright

It just it never really felt quite cooked this is well it’s just better you can control it here on the touch screen or with the pad here on the central console it looks really nice and here in an amg you’ve got these clever amg modes which you know give you telemetry and lap times and all that kind of stuff that won’t be troubling me today you can also get themes

Which change the look of the env ux but also change the look of the fully digital – there’s lounge there’s trip there standard as experience all kinds of stuff but it also affects the modes of the car so it’s kind of shortcuts to my everything sporty or everything calm or whatever very very cool it also has apple carplay and android auto but still through the usb

Does also have a wireless charger in front off the cupholders in even smaller news you’ve got this for the new amg steering wheel that’s really cool really nice easy to use and it’s got the dials for changing the modes here and the little extra settings buttons there too it’s always been a good interior but this is a nice update and it’s kind of what makes the 2020

Car this car is absolutely loaded with stuff to much to get through in a videos so if you want to know more read my full review at cars that i use but before you go watch to the end hit subscribe and click the bell icon so that you’re reminded of all new videos when they come through as you can see we put a lot of blood sweat and tears into these being a

Midsize suv it’s quite practical and you do have two choices of the glc wagon and the glc coupe a here in the wagon you get 550 litres of boot space but the seats down that jumps up to 1600 liters in the coupe a which costs a little bit more so that one 71 900 plays 164 900 you lose 50 litres and then you lose 200 so it’s five hundred fourteen hundred and you also

Lose a bit of head but it’s still a lot of space and there’s even a little bit of space under the floor for a few odds and sods but there’s no spare tire it’s pretty good in the backseat to i’m sitting behind where i drive and i’ve got plenty of knee room pretty good legroom and i can get my feet under there so i am pretty comfortable it’s not what i would call a

Regular three seater though across here because this seat is pretty small and you’ve got a transmission tunnel there in the way so it might be a bit tight for three unless the kids really small you’re pretty well looked after back here you’ve got map pockets bottle holders cup holders in here and a little tray for stuff under here and this is very masini so you’ve

Got two usb seaports so that’ll fast charge the the devices for those in the back as well as you having a third zone for the climate control so this is a nice car for the family the engine absolutely dominates this car it’s very similar to the c63 that you know the sedan in that respect and you know that’s fantastically the amg is really there about there about

Being on the road em cars they’re like oh you can talk to the track they’re not mad enough to think you’re gonna take one of these things to attract so it’s all about that sensory not overload but there’s a lot coming out you’ve got that enormous racket coming from the exhaust which you can turn down so if you’re at my place around two o’clock in the morning

Feel free to just hit that button quiet and everything down in race which i’ve just switched to because that’s what everyone drives an amg in you’re getting all this feedback through this fantastic steering wheel it’s just got these squared off sides and you feel like a race driver that’s what this cars about it’s about feel you feel like you’re going quickly you

Feel like you’re having fun even if you’re just dueling along and you know you can dial it all back to comfort and it’s just normal it’s a normal car just it has 500 horsepower on your right foot you know engines like this and cars like this they just never get old you are having so much fun listening to the car and feeling the car and just knowing you’ve got the

Nuclear deterrent on your right foot it’s rick with good fun it’s got fantastic brakes they are big fellows gripped by big calipers so you know this is a lot of car it’s not a light car so you want to know that when you are really pushing on you want to have plenty of braking underneath you but you’ve also it also means that around town it’s not too grabby there

There really nicely weighted and really well put together so anyone can drive this you can you can put anywhere in this car and if you leave it in comfort no one’s gonna know you’ve got this amazing weapon of a car the right is firm no matter what though you can’t get away from it the springs are pretty taut so you’re not you’re not going to get away with this

Being a kind of boulevard ii cruiser so if you do like a plush car this probably isn’t the car for you but the air suspension does do a tremendous job of knocking the worst out of well um this is riding on 21 inch wheels and a lot of continental rubber i mean the ride could be absolutely appalling that it isn’t those airbag suspension really does take a little bit

Out of that which is very very good so it’s a pretty good all-rounder but it is very much towards the sporting end when you’re talking about the ride and you know it is full of stuff it’s not a cheap car it’s you know this is 165 almost and the coupe a is over 170 but you do a lot of stuff so it’s very comfortable it’s full of gadgets plenty of things to keep you

Entertained in the in the dreary bits when you’re getting to the good bits so it’s obviously not all change for 2020 but that’s okay because the gl c63 started out as a pretty good car that colossal v8 rumble it’s comfortable you can fit four people in at five if you have to you can take your stuff with you go anywhere because it’s all wheel drive i think given

The competition and there is some very stiff competition you’d pretty much have to say that as an all-rounder this is probably the best fast suv on the market you

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