Mercedes AMG GLE 53 Coupe. Is it faster than an airplane???

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your Pilot speaking. My name is Tseno, I hope you are having a great day. In today’s episode you will see something I wanted to make from quite a long time. And this is to mix my job with my hobby. So here you go a video with an aircraft and a high perofmance SUV riding together somewhere in beautiful Bulgaria. I hope you will like the end result! Special thanks to Emil, Boris, Alex and Greta for making this episode possible. Enjoy and I would love to see you on board again soon!

Know this uh so ladies and gentlemen this is your pilot speaking papa and today we’re gonna have a quick nice review of a dirty stuff ladies and gentlemen this is your pilot speaking my name is ceno i hope you’re having an absolutely fantastic day and in today’s episode we have the mercedes amg gle 53 and it’s winter it’s absolutely cold so

I’m gonna try to be as quick as possible okay let’s get serious because we have to take a deeper look at what make this amg gle 53 different and highlight if it’s really worth it if you want to see a full in-depth review of the regular jeely 400d coupe click the link above but in this one we’re gonna get some fun my cameraman is actually getting very cold so

I have to be even quicker no more crap so i really want to highlight what makes this amg gle 53 different and tell you at the end of the review is it worth it so let’s talk about the design of this car well to be honest the new design of it it looks like a fish to me but it has grown on me with the time and especially with this amg spec it looks really really

Good what undoubtedly is absolutely awesome about this car is the rear so let’s move there and after that fail attempt to do a very cool transition undoubtedly my favorite part about this car is the rear and i absolutely and honestly think that it is the best looking rear out of all coupe suvs for 2020 and especially in this amg spec with old school four

Round amg exhaust stereo pipes but looks it’s always subjective so who am i to actually tell you if this car is good looking or bad looking what undoubtedly is absolutely awesome is the exhaust sound so let’s have a listen and just listen to it it’s unbelievable it has the crackles and pops despite that it has a soft limiter and an opf which stands for auto

Particular filter for the people outside europe it’s quite simple it pretty much means we are over in europe and we are not allowed to get good noise but this one i’m very very surprised well done mercedes let’s talk about specs the old generation 43 is now replaced by a 53 and that name change has couple of reasons number one it gets a bit more horsepower in

This generation we get a mouth hybrid technology combined to a inline six cylinder turbocharged petrol engine which adds up to a total of 435 horsepower and 520 newton meters and despite these numbers it is actually quite slow 5.3 seconds so not exactly impressive but understandable considering its weight of 2.3 tons and the second reason and probably the more

Important one is the very smart branding for mercedes-benz by bringing the 53 number closer to the 63 so it can trick more new customers into thinking that they got into the real amg at only the fraction of the price and talking about the price this one very well specked at around 90 000 euros so not exactly cheap but i guess this is how much it costs to enter

In the amg world the interior of this mercedes amg gle 53 is not much different than the regular gle coupe which i’ve reviewed recently and if you want to see the full in-depth interior review of this car click the link that will be up above about this car another area where it shines a lot you get absolutely amazing view and you can see the luxury surrounding

You even in these darker colors although you can always choose completely different trims and specs the amg performance seats are very well bolstered and extremely comfortable perfect for this suv and this gorgeous looking amg steering wheel you also get the two 12.3 inch digital driver displays as well as the latest and greatest mvx system and if you know me

Already and you’re watching my videos then you probably know that i’m sucker for mercedes ambient lighting system it is for me the right amount of colors at the exactly right places let’s start off the driving part in this car in its most comfortable setting because at the end of the day this is not the full fed 63 and the more comfortably oriented 53 which is

The middle range of the amg’s and before we dig in any further i really want to touch up upon the eq boost hybrid driving system it is not your typical system that you’re used to having that will let you drive the car on electricity only at lower speeds around the city nor you’ll be able to plug it overnight to get some extra miles from that overnight charging

It is more there to actually help you get some extra horsepower to make the experience a bit more pleasant for the start stop system and it will help the car coast at higher speeds as soon as you lift off the gas with that said let’s check if this 53mg has that sporty character that we all associate with the brand let’s put the car in small sporty setting which

Is support plus everything immediately gets sharper and don’t expect too much for me to be honest because at the end of the day thanks to its battery it is around 2.3 tons to quite a heavy car and not particularly thrilling to throw around corners or at least that’s what most of your typical journalists are gonna tell you i can promise you we’ve driven this car

Very very hard today on the winter tires in this very muddy and rainy conditions on a wet tarmac in a cold day and it performed flawlessly the drivetrain and the gearbox are tuned very very well for smooth power delivery and this exhaust with all the crackers and pops is absolutely awesome and this for a car of 2020 i don’t believe it it actually makes you

Forget that we live in a world full of regulations emissions opf’s and all that nonsense even though the disc arrives at only 4000 rpm it sounds awesome very well done i don’t know if this is because the hybrid system but mercedes managed to get the best out of the sound of this car that’s it the engine when you fully floor it i would say it misses the punch

But this is if you’re used to the high performance suvs and to be honest with you for legal speed driving on normal roads this 53 is exactly the sweet spot so if you’re the type of person that is looking to get the most out of the performance from a suv that you never ever anyway bring on a truck then probably you should look at for something like the 63s

Or the x6m and the competitors like the rsq8 but if you are more on the smarter side looking for fuel efficiency then i think you can either go with the lesser petrol and diesel options or just pick this one why because this car is a statement you still get the amg batch but it is much much cheaper and one big advantage about it the comfort is way better and

Unbeatable especially with that adaptive air suspension it is just amazing and you won’t get that in the 63s oh after spending the day with this amazing mercedes amg gle 53 what do we actually think about it it is very very capable machine in almost every aspect it drives extremely well it has absolutely amazing interior full and stuffed with technology

Which actually makes you wonder what’s the point of it if you want the best of the best the tip of the iceberg just spend your money on a gili 63s with all that performance and if you’re looking for that few efficient more friendly option then consider the gle 350d air the 400d so it is actually a great suv but i can’t justify its price for couple of amg badges

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