Mercedes AMG GT C REVIEW POV Test Drive by AutoTopNL

Mercedes AMG GT C REVIEW POV Test Drive by AutoTopNL

Hello everyone and welcome to this pov review bio toda pannell my name is max and there is martine we are taking a look today at this very cool mercedes amg gt c roadster so let’s just do a walk around we have the top up right now and let me start by saying that i was a bit confused when mercedes came out with this car because we had the gt the gts as a coupe a

Then came the gtr the sort of hardcore track version of the gt and then suddenly they came with the gt see and i thought well c stands for convertible because they started with a convertible now you can get the gt and the gt c as a roadster so the see this gt c is sort of in-between the gtr and the gts so you get a couple of cool hardware goodies from the gtr

Like that insanely cool grille the pen america a of g-pen america grille with those very aggressive things and oh my god it just looks so nice it’s also 44 millimeters wider in the rear the trek so that’s also from the gtr it’s five point seven centimetres wider as a whole at the back so the arch the wheel arches are a lot wider you get a different rear bumper

With these little thingies and this sort of air spoiler or whatever it is we can figure out where this air is coming from so perhaps it’s coming from the sides or from beneath i don’t know and of course the spoiler and it just looks so mean especially in this matte grey so let’s open the top which goes very quickly just 11 seconds for this roof to go down there

It is and windows up we are going to put those down yep so now let’s take a look at it with the top down i mean this looks so cool it’s so so nice and it really resembles the old sls amg with that very short and flat rear end and that hood that fraud and that just goes on for ages and that’s a really cool feeling where you sit behind the wheel and you have that

Long long bullet in front of you we also have carbon ceramic brakes which i’m very happy about because we are also taking it to the ultimen of course so if you’re interested in the ultimate video the pov deacceleration you can subscribe by clicking all the little icon in the bottom right corner but you can also wait because i will take this to the autobahn later

On in this video as well so when it comes to the spec as i said that met great very cool with this lovely light beige interior alcantara steering wheels from carbon fiber bits really cool another feature of the amg gt c is that you get the ag performance exhaust as standard so let me just revved it for you and start it up so that’s already very nice of course but

This is comfort so valves are closed very nice v8 sound already that’s switched to race everything opens up and those are some loud pops and bangs hey that’s a lotus esprit very cool so it does saw those bags and stuff on the overrun on the up shift you get a really nice bang down shifts of course and especially with that opt-out it’s really really really great

So let’s take it for a drive oh and we also have this carbon fiber right here which i think looks very cool so let’s go for a drive so let’s start in comfort mode and just cruise around a little bit at first because you know this is a gran turismo we should be able to have a relaxing drive because you know this is a gtc as i said it has some bits from the gtr

And that also means that it’s a bit harder and firmer than a gts so is that still a good setup for a gt for gran turismo you would think not right you would think that for gran turismo you did want some more supple damping and springs and just be able to cruiser out like this but that’s not what mercedes has invite for you if you buy h atc because it’s between

They are and yes you know it’s a bit more powerful than yes it has 550 horsepower compared to the 510 oh the gts and it’s not as much as the 600-plus gtr has the four-wheel steering for instance from a gtr which steer against the direction of the front wheels up to 100 kilometers an hour and they steer in the same direction they steer with the front wheels at

Higher speeds for better stability at high speeds so there’s a lot of serious hardware it also has the differential from a gtr so something which is really really strange and really cool when i put in a race everything sharpens up and the esp system goes into sport mode so it should be a bit more forgiving and let me play around a little bit but here’s the deal

At 4000 rpm first gear full throttle there’s i mean the same thing happens when you do that in a corner it just grips and grips and grips so the biggest thing about this gtc for me is the sound of course with that roof down i mean those down shifts those crackles those pope’s from the exhaust are so loud and they are so nice that double clutch gearbox has super

Quick really really really fast and especially when you are at full throttle it’s the shift sorry you lightning-quick let me demonstrate really really nice it actually does 0 to 100 kilometers three point seven seconds and adults made his 360 kilometers an hour of course we are going to test that out from the ultraviolet later but let me demonstrate to you what

3.7 seconds to what a quarter power looks like there’s a new launch control system we know it from the e63 s just foot on the brake full throttle if you’re in sport plus or race mode and that’s it and it does have some trouble with traction at the initial launch so let me just try something here because i should be able to lower the amount of rpm with a pool

On the downshift pedal so lost control and it does seem to hook up the bid better because the lower rpm yeah beats it’s less sensitive for wheelspin so let me just demonstrate what happens when you switch off the traction control altogether and unleash everything this car has on its rear wheels from a standstill that’s wheelspin up until third here some nice

Black marks on the road to let people know protocol boys here but this is a totally different story as i said that amg gt our differential means that it’s it just puts the power down so well once you get going that must be one of the most impressive things about this scar the way this puts down the power it’s so much power you know you are sitting practically on

Top of the rear axle here and you just feel that ass moving around and just you know putting that power down you just feel it happening which is really really cool so it’s been wet here that’s who yeah it’s it’s a really fun car especially on roads like this you know you can you can read through those ears break ship down go for it break shift down near those

Crackles but to be able to use this cars full potential we will take it to the ultimen so let’s go so that was zero to 300 the lotus an hour in the mercedes amg gt c roadster as you could see not that big of a deal it does it so easily it’s just that v8 is so relentless it just keeps going and you get sort of you expected to be less and less the higher speed

You reach but instead it just keeps going at the same rate which is just so impressive and i mean all these four liter biturbo amg engines have that oh my god that sound so i did that autobahn run with the suspension all its sportiest setting and that means it’s quite firm and quite hard and because your steering feel is quite direct it’s very responsive and

That beats you you do get some nervousness at high speeds and especially when the road service isn’t perfect like it is on this side so let’s just switch the suspension to its softest setting everything else is in race mode that’s something i really love love about these ladies is that you can adjust everything separately so i can just have everything in race

Mode and the suspension in comfort and that means it’s just or forgiving it’s a bit more civilize its bit more moist but still very firm verb enough we have a couple of bugs here there we go it just goes with them really well that’s 300 i got free so something i do something i do notice while doing this is that it gets very very loud in here in this cabin

I really have the feeling i have to shout to you for you to be able to understand me so i don’t know if that’s the roof or but i have the feeling it’s coming from the tires as well so that’s not really sort of per enter is mo because that would be very annoying for longer distances but that power really it never pours and those doubt shifts with those crackles

Man that is really lovely so the amg gts has 510 horsepower this has 550 horsepower so it’s not even that much more but it does feel a lot beefier and and their performance excells is a must have as our the carbon ceramic brakes which this car has you know especially all the old about it’s really nice to have that to be able to lead all those thought that insane

Stopping power so in the end we are driving a roadster today and you have the choice as i said between a gt a gts at gdc and a gtr so the gtc sits between the s and the r it’s a more performance oriented version of the gts so you get some some hardware from the r but that doesn’t really stroke for me i think a roadster should be more about comfort and about lazy

Driving and that great soundtrack so i would be just as happy with the gt or gts with that performance exhaust but if you want the gup-a i think this teeth is he really is the sweet spot because you get that hardware you get that wider track those wide arches that very cool rear bumper that exhaust as standard so a coupe a gdc would be the one for me so let us

Know guys which one would you choose we’re really interested i’m going to end of the earth thanks for watching i hope you enjoyed this video you can subscribe by clicking on the little icon in the bottom right corner and you can follow us on social media just search roads at opinel thanks guys bye

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Mercedes AMG GT C REVIEW POV Test Drive by AutoTopNL By AutoTopNL