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Mercedes-Benz AMG GLE AND GLS

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Nik Miles is in Los Angeles to test drive the Mercedes-Benz GLE and GLS. Hand built with Style

Well thanks guys what does a hundred and thirty two thousand dollar suv look like well you’re looking at one of them this is the brand-new mercedes amg g le 63s and this is the brand-new mercedes amg gls 63 these vehicles will put your very boring suv to shame mercedes do one thing better than any other high-end suv maker they hand build speed with style and usability

A new test that a lot of journalists have been doing is the test from going about 50 miles an hour to 70 miles now or 30 to 70 miles an hour depending on what you want to try because a lot of the energy used in a zero to 60 mile an hour test is actually to start the vehicle from a standstill so i’m traveling about thirty miles an hour here how quick can i get the

70 right now mercedes have added a 48 volt electric motor which helps with power and fuel economy now under the hood of both of the gls 63 and the gl e 63 s there are identical engines this is a four liter biturbo engine that outputs a massive 603 horsepower now wait a second there happens to be more because of the 48 volt system in this vehicle it’ll actually

Give you 21 more eq boost during acceleration they’re both mated to a 9 speed automatic transmission and get this the gls does 0 to 60 in 4.1 seconds and the gl e 63 s just takes 3.7 seconds to get the 60 miles an hour i think that means we’ve got to try it thank goodness for freeway on-ramps time to try the zero to 60 in the gls here we go not only is the ride

Fast but it’s very comfortable you’ll feel the superior ride inside the vehicle thanks to the amg ride control now this is due to the sharks the suspension and a lot of hard work by the amg guys to make sure that when you turn around a corner that you actually feel like you’re just going forward and of course this is a mercedes so it’s packed with futuristic tech

Introduced a couple of years ago mercedes have something called carta excommunication and this is where mercedes vehicles actually communicate with each other they’re talking so if you come on traffic a black ice or some kind of object in the road this mercedes can let the mercedes behind me but there’s a problem and this of course is a luxury suv first and foremost

And it has things to keep the whole family entertained and just to make sure that you have all the entertainment on board of the new ge ls it has a thermistor 3d high-end sound system that probably costs more than most people’s home stereos i fail to talk much about how these two new suvs look cuz i spent most of my day racing around la now just to let you know

You spent a lot of money on a super performance suv mercedes-benz have a different grille for all their amg vehicles this has the vertical louvers huge star up front these are dynamic led lights and those mean they move slightly as you steer and it comes standard with 21 inch wheels but you can get 23 inch wheels if you so desire we should also touch on usability

The gls 63 is a three row vehicle there’s still quite a lot of space behind the third row to put baggage it has an all button here that you can press and this all button actually automatically folds down both rows of seats so you can get in all your supplies from perhaps a building warehouse it also has a button here that actually will lower the vehicle down so

If you’re gonna put cement magazine you don’t quite have to lift them as high but moving on to the gla you can actually see because this is a two row how much more space is in the back for all of your cargo and it does have some of the same options you can lower this vehicle or raise it from the electronic switch in the back but here to fold the second row flat

It’s actually an optional switch so you can get all of that extra cargo in the back the stunning price of the 2021 three row mercedes amg gls 63 you’ll be glad to know is under a hundred and thirty five thousand dollars the stunning price of the 2021 two row mercedes amg gl e 63 s is under a hundred and fifteen thousand dollars both of these vehicles rolling into

Dealerships and later this summer i’m nick miles

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Mercedes-Benz AMG GLE AND GLS By Our Auto Expert