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Mercedes Benz CLS 550 AMG 4 Matic For 100 At Copart

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In Today’s Video We Do Another Copart Walk Around Looking For Some Cheap Cars To Flip and Found Cheap Mercedes Benz CLS550 AMG 4 Matic!!

No power i know we line up hard and bmws listen bmws and a mercedes they never got no goddamn power man we hustle daily what’s going on youtube welcome back to another video man we had co park already signed into the little thing gotta wait for them uh wait for them to call your name but we about to go do this co-part walk around man if you haven’t already man make

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Me on instagram we hustle if y’all haven’t done so already and make sure y’all go to if y’all want to learn how to check out these whips at the auction don’t end up on the side of the road because you bought something from uh the auction or you bought some from online and now your car won’t crank up or now you want to you know understand

Now that your car don’t stop don’t you you know what i mean so it’s not a game y’all like people a lot of people really do think they can just i keep running across people like they really think they can just go to the auction hey let me get this let me get this but then when you know okay y’all see it didn’t y’all be like oh damn that that caught me toe up like

Yeah that’s high b you know i’m saying all cars aren’t good cars y’all so that’s why i’m teaching y’all i’m trying to show you all the skill on how to pick out stuff so make sure y’all go to whd but yeah man it’s uh i haven’t i don’t really see too much in here they got a couple of newer cars but like i said it’s been like a drought of cars i don’t

Know what’s going on but we are going to see what they got in here today uh mark i am going to show you all a couple of cars it’s a little chilly out here today a little rain it’s raining a little bit and everything so we’re going to go ahead and knock this out but let’s get right into it see y’all on the inside check this one out i got a light nice little silver

Stripe to it bella back in toe up from the flow up though different type of wheels got that 10 black side what y’all think just wanted to show y’all it’s not for sale i just want to show y’all real quick let’s keep it moving all right that boy looking righteous got like some type of matt matt matt paint on it got the wheels on there like the wheels super black

Tent check out the entire interior it looks like it’s going to crank up too and that wind is blowing 82 000 miles on it oh man that wind is blowing we’re gonna have to get in here cranks right up looks good i don’t want to hear no no turn that down yeah it looks good let’s see how much money they got on this guy right here let’s see what that roof looking like

Six thousand buckaroos six thousand bucks for the uh cls 550 you know let me know what y’all think it looks good though nice snare wheel 6300 is the current bid as of right now that’s what the current bid is so you know uh y’all let me know if y’all think that’s worth it for this um got a nice little paint uh i don’t know if this is a wrap or what it is let’s see

I think that’s a wrap guys see it it’s kind of coming up a little bit you can’t see it i think this is a wrap so yeah y’all let me know what y’all think 6300 is the current bid now let me know what y’all think in the comments below all right they got 10 000 on this boy i know y’all remember this car got mechanical damage i don’t showed y’all this car plenty of

Times but it’s finally up for sale it just got uh the mechanical damage up it might even crank up again for y’all so i can show y’all let y’all hear what it sound like the rt super dark windows everybody darken the windows out baby um leather seats um nice you know all of them don’t come with that leather i don’t know why they don’t use the leather in all the

Dodges man i don’t know well they don’t got no power now but it doesn’t crank up a couple times if y’all been watching my walk around videos um it has crunk up before it’s a 2000 uh it don’t even the window sticker is even going dang window sticker going and everything but i think it was a 2017. if i’m correct i’m trying to look in the door see if i see it i

Don’t even see a little sticker oh there it is let’s see oh my i said 2017. i’m tripping 2011. yeah and what was the miles on that guy let me see yeah the boy ain’t got no power but it’s got like 93 000 miles on it but it’s got a mechanical damage um oh 80 88 000 miles there it is 88 000 y’all probably can’t see it just through there but 88 000 miles that’s how

Much is on here it crunk up and everything is just you know it got that damage on there i mean uh mechanical damage the motor is knocking and everything like i said if y’all watch the walk around videos y’all definitely heard what this car is doing but yeah man y’all think it’s worth that 10 grand that the current for it you know i think it’s worth 10 grand

Y’all let me know in the comments below here’s a car i haven’t seen here before got the m5 at least that’s what it says right here m dz motorsports got the dual pipes in the back i like the way that look right there boy i needed a jacket out here today it’s kind of chilly hurry up got the blue but they got to give you the light interior make sure you get some

Dark interior in this journey got the uh tvs in the seats though suede on the roof 71 000 miles on the 2012. you’ll see ugly it says it doesn’t have a key though so no key can’t crank it up or anything but i don’t know what’s going on right there but yeah these kind of look comfortable though we got the m on the seat kind of look comfortable though but boy it’s

Windy and it’s kind of cold at this joint today but yeah man y’all let me know what y’all think i don’t even think i’ve seen this one for sale right now but let’s keep it moving here’s another one i haven’t seen him uh seen here bmw i’m looking for the other amg it was another amg ii a silver one but they got even more money on 94 000 buckaroos but i haven’t

Seen it i’mma look on that side i’ll tell y’all what it is cold out here look at they added that joint looked like he got some power uh 2011. i’d say 81 000 miles or 18 180 180 000 miles bmw x5 i don’t see the damage on this one y’all know i just show y’all this type of stuff y’all know i buy it cheepy cars no power under the lineup pardon bmws listen bmws

And a mercedes they never got no goddamn power man all right let’s keep it moving and it’s getting cold you know i have to get this one on camera check this out he didn’t sabotage the freaking infinity man oh man they didn’t total infinity looks like spray paint messed it throw the glass up on it such a shame for the infinity man it’s a qx i like these trucks

Though um i do hole in the glass i haven’t seen one with that purple stitching before that’s cool looks like it had 10 on the glass too a little bit of diamond stitch i like that purple though that’s cool it’s different i don’t know i just haven’t seen one with the purple oops glass is going everywhere damn then like yeah somebody definitely just sabotaged this

Thing man 2017 on it definitely is not going to even crank up but yeah man y’all see the seats everybody doing that little bmw thing bmw started that didn’t have off am i right bmw started this little piece here but it got the little diamond stitch in the seats it’s straight for 2017 i think it’s straight and he got paddle shifters so this one probably was the

Big the the nice one so like i said i don’t think i’ve seen him with the uh purple in the uh in the seats just the stitching but yeah man they they really don’t mess this guy up man they m something i can really see it on this side m b l m i guess that’s what that’s that’s a b l and a m and then another b l i don’t know y’all let me know in the comments below

All right last but not least we’re gonna look at this mustang they don’t got nothing in here uh this week they didn’t have none last week or the week before that or probably the week before that sure i only seen like one car here before that i liked um let’s see what’s going on with the mustang mustang got the wheels on it for sure what’s them 20 folds and 20s

But you keep them clean though 103 000 miles on this one this one is actually in pretty good condition yo 2009 the end is warm in here like i said it’s getting kind of cold but yeah that tan interior usually people don’t like to keep they contain interior clean i just noticed that it says mustang in the seats that’s cool and in the end in these seats and in the

Front seats that’s cool let’s see if it’s going to crank up though i wonder why this one is here let them move the steering wheel a little bit no power though i don’t think it said gt so i’m pretty sure it’s not the gtd most thing is i it’s something i really have a chevy though for sure you know chevy gang chevy game i wouldn’t really want to go mopar because

Everybody freaking a mom got a freaking mopar yup v6 this thing ain’t going nowhere yeah i don’t even see the damage on this guy nowhere but it’s here though so i see something right here that’s pretty much it but yeah man i ain’t gonna lie to y’all getting kind of cold out here so i’m gonna go ahead and wrap this up um there’s nothing in here anyway i pretty

Much showed y’all all of you know newer cars of course i’ll probably give y’all another video today with this one y’all know how the game go but shout out to the whole hustle nation man make sure y’all like comment subscribe make sure y’all hit the notification bell if y’all haven’t already done so make sure y’all follow me on instagram we hustle that’s my

Instagram account and make sure most importantly y’all go to i’m gonna show y’all everything y’all need to know when it comes to picking out these whips at the auction man i’m gonna show y’all everything y’all need to know y’all wanna know how to pick out cars at the auction y’all want to learn how to pick out cars in general from a private party

Anything you know don’t buy nothing from um uh i can’t even think of a name right now online and you might wind up uh on the side of the road or you check the engine light coming on once you buy the car but it’s gonna be a wrap man i’m gonna get up out of here it’s getting kind of windy kind of cold shout out to the whole hustle nation it’s your boy ray big play ray i’m gone peace

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Mercedes Benz CLS 550 AMG 4 Matic For $6100 At Copart By We Hustle Daily