Mercedes-Benz EQB – An electric car for 7 persons

Mercedes-Benz is taking two starkly different approaches to electrifying

Mercedes-benz eqb mercedes-benz is taking two starkly different approaches to electrifying its lineup some of its eq branded electric cars are standalone models without a gasoline burning counterpart like the eqs and the eqe their position as electric alternatives to the s-class and the e-class respectively and they look nothing like their gasoline-powered

Alter egos others are electric variants of the gas powered cars themselves the new glb-based mercedes-benz eqb falls into this category with the eqc sold in some global markets being another only a handful of styling cues inside and out and of course the powertrain differentiate these evs from their gasoline burning counterparts both approaches are intriguing

Because they create completely different types of cars standalone evs tend to be more futuristic both in terms of design and technology evs based on existing models generally look and feel familiar which can reassure buyers on the fence about buying an electric car or truck in the case of the ford f-150 lightning but now there is the eqb a nice car to look

At but is it also fun to drive what about the power consumption is it a good car stay tuned for more information hello guys and welcome to our channel cars all-electric please subscribe and like this video and we love you for it although the eqb’s body is identical to the glbs designers shifted the front-end design in a more futuristic direction above left to

Bring the crossover in line with other members of the eq range the headlights are thinner and swept back instead of rectangular and they flank a black piece of trim that replaces the grille the new look is markedly less outdoorsy but it works well from the side the distinctive beltline kink above the rear wheel arc remains while the back end gains the light part

That defines other eqs pay no attention to the pinkish seat color in our photos it’s available on european spec cars like the eqb300 that we drove in germany but it will not be offered in the united states that means eqb specific bits inside are largely limited to illuminated door cell plates and a tweaked version of the mbux infotainment system whose navigation

Software factors and topography traffic conditions and charging stops while planning a route it is a clever piece of technology that takes some of the guesswork out of driving an ev on a road trip it’s displayed on the same 10.25 inch touchscreen that you find in the glb going electric doesn’t sacrifice cabin space which is one of the glb’s strongest assets the

Eqb can comfortably carry four adults in their gear in its five-seater configuration even if the rear passengers are on the taller side mercedes-benz offers third row seats at an extra cost but they’re an odd trade-off they give you the ability to carry two small passengers while reducing the trunk’s usable volume to that of a lamborghini aventadors speaking of

Trunk space don’t look for a frog pop the hood and you’ll see part of the eqb’s electric guts mercedes-benz told me that adding a frunk would have been possible but engineers decided not to because the trunk is big enough as is he’s not wrong the five passenger model measures about 27 cubic feet and provides a stunning amount of room for stone buyers have two

Eqb flavors called eqb 300 and eqb350 respectively to choose from both are fitted with a pair of electric motors one per axle for through the road all-wheel drive and lithium ion battery packs with 70.5 kilowatt hours of usable energy the biggest difference between the two models is the drivetrain’s output it’s rated at 225 horsepower and 288 pound-feet of torque

In the 300 and 288 horsepower and 384 pound-feet in the 350. mercedes-benz hasn’t released range information yet but it notes that both models are built on a 400 volt electrical architecture and max out at 100 kilowatts of charging capacity frankly these figures underwhelm for roughly the same amount of money the volvo xc40 recharge as well as top versions of

The kia ev6 and hyundai iconic 5 plus the ford mustang mach e extended range awt are far more powerful and shave multiple seconds off the eqb300s poke 8.0 second zero to 100 kilometer per hour time the 350s relatively modest pump won’t close the gap much epa range estimates aren’t yet available but with a european wltp range estimate of 418 kilometers 260 miles

Being similar to the xc40s it seems logical that both versions of the eqb will be in the same low 200s range as the volvo here in the united states finally that 100 kilowatt charge capacity is considerably slower than all of the above plus mercedes own eqe and eqs there’s some extra content to be found here as well because one of the eqb’s most direct rivals

Is inevitably the glb giving it the side eye from across the showroom floor shop for a glb and you’ll also have two variants to choose from call dlb 250 the entry-level model comes with a turbocharged 2.0 liter four-cylinder engine rated at 221 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque it spins the front wheels via an 8-speed automatic transmission and the 4matic

All-wheel drive system is offered at an extra cost the second and final rung on the ladder is the all-wheel drive-only glb 35 amg which receives an amg enhanced evolution of the 250s turbo 4 tuned to provide 302 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque pricing for the eqb 300 starts at 55 550 for the base model 56 800 for the exclusive trim that adds niceties like

Proximity entry and wireless phone charger and 59 350 for the pinnacle that gains a burmester surround sound system and a surround view camera among other features get the 350 and you’ll be asked to pay fifty nine thousand one hundred dollars sixty thousand three hundred and fifty dollars and sixty one thousand four hundred dollars respectively these figures

Include the reasonable one thousand fifty dollar destination charge but are before the seven thousand five hundred dollar federal tax credit or other available incentives buyers will also receive free 30-minute sessions for two years with the electrify america network of charging stations which is a boom because mercedes-benz has not shown an interest in paying

For your gasoline if you take home the glb even with incentives factored in the eqb is not cheap it’s priced in glc territory that’s a disadvantage and it’s not an insignificant one in comparison the front wheel drive glb 250 is priced at 39 650 while adding all-wheel drive bumps that figure up to 41 650 dollars putting the glb 35 in your driveway will cost

You fifty one thousand dollars including destination with that said electricity is cheaper than gas the eqb is priced about on par to comparable evs including the volvo xc40 recharge 54 645 including destination and top versions of the kia ev6 hyundai iconic 5 and ford mustang mach e of course as already mentioned their performance range and charging specs are

Superior if you’re in the market for a small crossover and you’re willing to consider all powertrain types the glb is a better overall value it offers nearly the same pros and cons as the eqb in a more affordable package if you specifically want an all-electric crossover from a luxury brand your choices are admittedly new don’t forget to subscribe to our channel

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