Mercedes-Benz EQC 400: How to Use Energy Recuperation Paddle Shifts Features Extend Range

Hey guys it’s wale here one of the most interesting features on most evs is the recuperation capability so what that does is that it helps you to recoup some energy back into your battery using the kinesthetic energy the weight of the car for example you’re driving you’re approaching driving lights and you take your foot of the accelerator pedal so that means

The car is costing in the real world but at that moment if it’s an eevee it should be using that dead weight to charge your battery to to put some energy back into your battery now i’m driving the eqc mr dc qc i’m sure you’ve figured that out and in the mercedes eq what you do have is that you have these powder shifts just behind the wheel and we have two of them

There’s another one on the left and there’s one on the right here now what the one on the right here does is to give you some level of recuperation that is not particularly aggressive if you want an aggressive charge you have to look for the left the right is more direct mild to moderate recuperation on the left on the right here now look at this if you look at

That i’m on drive right now and as i engage the recuperation party shifts you can see the one on the right will give me the d plus if i just press the powder shift on the right once uh just hold on for me i’m going to press it once can you see it’s giving me the d plus and that deploys as far as i’m concerned based on my experience is very good at costing so you

Won’t use your battery but you have to use it at the right road that you know that you can maintain the speed that you’ve already owned for as long as possible because the road surface is flat so you just coast it almost maintains the same speed while it makes sure that you are not using your battery so it’s uh it’s saving you some battery and also it recuperates

Just a little bit now we have d plus plus if i press this one sorry if you hold the we have d plus and we have d auto if you hold if you if you press this down there the one on the right and you hold it for about two seconds which i’ve just done right now look at that it’s giving you the d auto setting right there and that means that this is interesting because i

Use it on the multi way lot it it tries to maintain the same speed but they use the intelligence of the cameras and other softwares to slow you down whenever you are getting too close to a car in front of you and when it slows you down it actually recruits recoups energy it’s it’s rejuvenated energy it could recuperate energy back into your battery park which is

Fantastic i usually use this on the motorway as the baseline the auto then i put my i put i put my speech limit my cross control on top of that so you can see now i’ve been driving for about one hour 58 minutes i’m just at the service station just having the rights so my you can see that i’ve already set my cruise control to 70 mile an hour that’s the official

Speed limit in the united kingdom so the dlt will be in the background my speed and my cruise control be 70. now those of you are familiar with the eqc phone right the all electric you have to upgrade to get the assist park that actually does you know autopilot for you and it slows you down when you engage you it’s an adaptive cruise control when you engage your

Cruise control slows it down when the car you are pushing the car or the car breaks in front of you and then it kicks you back on your axillary now this is a basic model i’m driving uh i’m i’m driving the the basic sport model which does not come with the driver 6 you have to upgrade with that but this is a very expensive car you know it’s 65 000 pounds uh it’s

Crazy that we’re calling in the base model but i feel like mercedes i just missed this trick that they should have includes the the driver’s seat uh the adaptive cruise control i’ve driven cars that are half the price of this one and they they have the adaptive cruise control just because of the way they arrange things that if you have a particular option that

The option is locked into a whole big bundle that you don’t want to de-escalate but that is that’s nonsense and we spend this much money you should be able to have the adaptive cruise control if you’re driving regularly it makes life easier for you i’m not talking about complete autopilot it’s just the adaptive cruise control but the way i get around that is to

Be able to make sure that i have the underlay of the dl2 then i set my cruise control on top of that the dl2 will slow you down if you’re approaching a car which my cross control will not do at the moment so i just need to press this down palm cancel the cruise controls crew control is knocked off now remaining the dlt and the deal to ask the capability to slow

Me down it will not slow me down totally obviously i have to come to halt myself but it reacts in responses to the car the distance of the car in front of me making sure that i don’t have to use my brake at all and that is great because you want to make sure that you conserve your break break parts and you are also re copyrighted at the same time so that’s how i

Use that capability now if you go to the left and you just uh you you always use the left paddle shape to take off the the set settings that you you put the right you use the right for so right now if i want to go if i want to take the d auto away to go back to d i have to i have to go to the left i have to press the left once you can see it’s indeed now now if i

Paste the left again you go to d minus that is a stronger recuperation i love these especially when you’re on the hilly terrain and there’s a traffic it’s very it’s growing traffic on uh in traffic when you uh when you’re stuck in traffic so you can now use this single pedal uh driving so that means you don’t have to use a brake at all just press the accelerator

Then just ease off the accelerator and the the region kicks in to slow you down naturally but if i’m going down the hill very steep hill you want to double that you want to press this again bam to give you d minus minus and that is the strongest region on eqc i miss this accuracy for 400 sport and that i use that often when i’m going down the steep hill or i’m

Approaching a traffic light that’s just turned red so i want to make sure that i recruit record as much energy before i come to a stop by the way will not stop for you totally it will be it will be very it will be it will slow you down and it will still be rolling slightly so you need to engage that and stop and stop the car yourself so it’s what a lot of people

Here if you’re thinking what’s going on with all this region you failed about the recuperation and uh all the stuff hopefully it’s been useful to you are the very best please subscribe so that you can get some of the fascinating stuff subscribe and like it speak to you soon bye bye

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