MERCEDES-BENZ EQS SUV: The Future of Luxury Electric Cars

Mercedes-Benz presented its new, luxurious electric car.

Mercedes-benz has officially launched the latest electric model in its range the eqs suv this sits on the same platforms as the mercedes eqs the company’s flagship luxury saloon but now takes the luxury into the suv era with the option for seven seats the new suv model comes with either rear or all-wheel drive with three different version planned eqs 450 plus eqs

454 matic and eqs 584 matic the 4matic badging indicates that it is all-wheel drive with both front and rear motors as such the eqs 450 models both have a 265 kilowatts output while the 580 turns that up to 400 kilowatts the range is given as 536 to 660 kilometers or 333 410 miles for the 450 plus while the 4matic models both claim to offer 507 to 613 kilometers

Or 315 to 380 miles all models support 200 kilowatts charging so if you can find a fast charger you’ll be able to get back onto those long distance trips with minimal delay there’s a huge 107.8 kilowatt hours battery with a ride height that’s over 20 centimeters higher than the eqs saloon there’s all-wheel steering as well as air suspension with continuously

Adaptive damping for the 4matic versions there’s an off-road driving mode alongside more regular modes like eco comfort and sport the interior is designed to a higher standard with mercedes wanting to appeal to those who want a luxury electric suv with a huge bux hyper screen in the interior that fills the dash supported by build the atmos sound from the burmester

Sound system this screen is some 141 centimeters wide merging together a number of displays to give the impression that it’s one giant screen but it results in a 12.3 inch display just for the passenger which can watch content on the move it will detect if the driver attempts to look over dimming the content so the driver has to concentrate on driving instead

There’s optional augmented reality heads-up display giving you a 77 inch viewing area to put information right into your sight line so there’s no shortage of tech for the driver either while the third row of seats is optional the second row has plenty of space and is electrically adjustable while there’s enough boot space to take four golf bags if all that wasn’t

Enough the mercedes eqs suv even has its own fragrance it’s no longer about the whiff of diesel instead its number six mood mimosa described as dominated by the aromas of violet orange black currant and raspberry before you get hit with woody and resinous fragrance nuances of tobacco cedar saddle wood and honey sounds great there’s plenty to sink your teeth into

As mercedes charges forward with its electric car plants while this is aimed at the high end of the market to rival the bmw ix or the audi e-tron if you want something a little more affordable and a little less mercedes you could try the smart number one full pricing and availability is still to be confirmed subscribe to our channel to get the fastest and most

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MERCEDES-BENZ EQS SUV: The Future of Luxury Electric Cars! By Nİ Automobile