Mercedes Benz G Wagon Documentary

Mercedes Benz G Wagon Documentary. The Mercedes-Benz G-Class or G-Wagen, short for Geländewagen is a four-wheel drive sport utility vehicle produced by Steyr-Puch in Austria in order for German automaker Mercedes-Benz. Find out more about this amazing piece of automotive history is this rare video.

In february 1979 mercedes-benz dared to tread an unfamiliar terrain developed in cooperation with the austrian styie daimler pool corporation since 1973 the g model was possibly the most versatile mercedes-benz passenger car ever but above all cross country suitable the brake is the model choice of the g range originally included for engine and five body variations

Aside from an open car with a short wheelbase a station wagon and two van versions were available at the beginning of production the tried-and-true petrol and diesel engines from series 123 were used over the years this star bearing trekking vehicle was modified numerous times which particularly benefitted the engines in september 1989 a new chapter in the story

Of the g model was opened with a substantially improved series internally called 463 this new off-road vehicle impressed many with its modern design and comparably comfortable interior technical changes were also noteworthy such as four-wheel drive series differential locks and anti-lock brake systems apart from the modified engines of series 462 new six-cylinder

Motors powered the vehicles a diesel and a gasoline both with a three liter cubic capacity 1992 saw the market debut of the 136 horsepower 350 gd turbo on the other end of the spectrum ranked the 240 horsepower type 500 gev eight type designations were adapted in 1993 the g was put in front of the three figure number the break is another new addition was the type

G 320 generating 210 horsepower in 1996 the g 300 turbo diesel superseded the g 350 turbo diesel in contrast to its predecessor the new diesel model was issued with a four valve turbo engine and intercooling 1997 brought some more substantial revamping the new cabriolet was provided with an electro-hydraulic operating soft-top the g 320 was bestowed with a newly

Developed v6 engine and all models from range 463 were supplied with rear disc brakes in april 1998 the new top model had his premiere the g 500 with a 300 horsepower v8 inches amongst the standard specials were air conditioning and leather upholstery a simplified version internal aw 461 entered the market in 1992 it was essentially derived from the original g

Model of range 460 and was planned for commercial and public service the new range also counted the still available 230 gd optional bodies were station wagon and van on a longer wheelbase the break is in december 2000 the g class was overhauled once again this time the diesel motors were the beneficiaries and were adapted to the common rail principle the youngest

Generation offered two more models the g 320 with a 215 horsepower v6 engine and a v8 gasoline g 500 topping 296 horsepower a 5 gear automatic transmission with a modern tiptronic gearshift mechanism is standard in all variants the interior was generously upscaled to a cabrio with electric folding top and station wagons with two or four doors are also obtainable

The g designated cross country being a genuine classic secured a fixed place in the type program thus production also continued after the successful introduction of the m-class in 2004 mercedes-benz celebrated the 25th anniversary of the g-class

Transcribed from video
Mercedes Benz G Wagon Documentary By Mercedes Gwagon