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Mercedes-Benz GL63 AMG 0-60 MPH Test Track Review: The Big Boy Speedster

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( ) The Mercedes GL63 AMG is one of the fasted SUV’s you can buy. But just how fast is this uber GL from 0-60 MPH and how does it drove around a race track. In this TFLcar test track video Nathan find out.

The snakes an apple here at the fastlane car behind me the brand new mercedes-benz gl 63 amg kind of badass looking isn’t it it is a twin-turbocharged mean vicious vehicle and i’ve been trying to think about who would drive such a vehicle because it’s a really limited limited ah i got an idea stay right there stay right there under come here start started just

Don’t argue see this come here yeah oh no no stop right there can i stay all right cross your arms all right now say something in rush and mean yeah okay that’s good i figured it out thank you darling back to work perfect for russian gangsters and coming up next at nearly one hundred and twenty seven thousand dollars is it worth it you check it out baby mg they

Don’t screw it around this has very little to do with the regular power plant that you can find in a gl we say these bends this engine puts out 550 horsepower and 560 pound-feet of torque and it’s fed through two turbochargers to a 7-speed automatic transmission that has been heavily heavily modified by amg if you combine it and just put everything together you

Have an engine that is able to propel a vehicle that weighs nearly and i’m not kidding nearly okay i’m sorry this is too funny when you think about how heavy it is okay so it’s nearly 6,000 pounds that is a lot that’s nearly three tonnes oh my god but when you see how fast this thing goes it moves like a scalded cat it’s worth noting and away we go folks this

Thing’s ferocious but there goes but the problem is traction control it’s really intrusive so it’s like i got my foot all the way down right now and it won’t let ya until it feels that i’m in a good position to go now granted this is 120 something does another vehicle so the last thing i want to do is roll angie does more than throw on an engine and transmission in

Big wheels they do a lot more and you can really see it in the exterior design they’ve gone from a fairly tasteful simple design with the gl to a lot more bulky lower looking vehicle and in doing so they’ve really made something that looks like it could like blow through a border into another country very quickly or you could have somebody here handcuffed as you’re

Trying to extort money from them but more importantly you have these amazing 21 inch wheels which i see they’re just beautiful fantastic as a whole it obviously is a little low and it definitely has a lot of street presence but at the same time i kind of like the way bmw does their x5m over the way this is done that one looks a little bit more purposeful that’s just

Me it’s heavy but the steering the steering frankly doesn’t communicate very well the way it is okay once you set it up whoa whoo got the rear end out a little bit you know taking traction control off just kind of a scary prospect you know i’m saying guess it’s so much weight here if the exterior and engine are gangster then the interior is boss bottom line one

Of the nicest interiors i have ever seen in a crossover or suv they have outdone themselves an amg always does this with the interiors but in this particular case mixing up this beautiful dark fur wood with the dark leather and raised white stitching and the most comfortable seats out there ah it’s just a fantastic place to be but with that being said i need to show

You something in the back seat if you have somebody that gets into the vehicle and you don’t put up the headrest they’re going to be in pain so this has to go up before anybody sits down you have to remember that honestly it’s uncomfortable otherwise now the third row seats yes they do have a little bit of space no not enough for a good sized adult i would go back

There but i am absolutely terrified of the prospect of actually hurting the seats themselves from me trying to get in and out i tried it once it wasn’t pretty felt a little faster that time yeah it was faster 5.43 yes 5.4 30 so about a half second slower than sea level that’s still really really really really really fast it’s yeah it’s quick you know you forget

Because there’s so much power that this thing weighs pretty much close to three tons that’s heavier than a lot of pickup trucks there’s a lot of meat in this thing it can tow up to 7,500 pounds can you think about that you know like i’m towing with an amg that’s just weird maybe i lamborghini on a flatbed or something and then these seats do fall down at the push

Of a button but because the cargo cover is in the way i’m not going to fold them down all the way but they do fall flat and that leaves a lot of extra space also underneath here where you’d expect to see a spare tire oh there is no spare tire what you have is a inflation kit but there’s a little bit of storage down there as well great pleasure to keep weapons bottom

Line is that this is a vehicle that really does have some utility it has a ton of comfort and the end of the day i still can’t imagine anybody touring with it you know ballerina tell you that now with that being said the engine note is glorious come on there you go sabir achieve or severe what a beast i mean what a mean just nasty angry crossover suv wow you

Know i’ve been trying all day long to figure out who this vehicle would appeal to and what it competes against and i honestly can’t come up with too many solid things other than let’s say you had a dodge durango r/t and you wanted something bigger and better meaner and you had a lot of money to do it with there you go what about you how was it oh hey that’s too

Bad can you believe it a minute 12 minutes well i think you’re actually almost pretty much tied the x5 that x5 drove a lot easier than listen the traction control absolutely murders this thing but you know what if i didn’t have the traction control i’m pretty sure there’s three different places where i would have flown off the track three times dude this thing is

Nearly three tonnes i kind of feel the spirit of lewis hamilton yelling at me when i go around a corridor telling me how horribly i’ve done that corner when i’m driving this it’s a beast so on the old scale of by at least at rented or forget it of course i’d give it a buy it but realistically i would never do that there are i it’s just too big it’s just too much

I think that i’d give it a lease it something you lease and then you could scrub the blood out of it before you return the lease you know and i’m saying right it is an awesome vehicle that around a track man you really gotta try it because it’s just so big and mean and for the fastlane car this is nathan idling saying don’t forget to go to tf elkhart comm for news

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Mercedes-Benz GL63 AMG 0-60 MPH Test Track Review: The Big Boy Speedster By The Fast Lane Car