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Mercedes-Benz GLA 2021 – Baby SUV (ENG) – Test Drive and Review

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The Mercedes-Benz GLA is a 5-door, 5-seater (sort of) compact crossover (subcompact it you’re in the US). It comes in FWD or AWD. The GLA shares its platform with the A Class. GL means crossover or SUV, and the last letter signifies the size in Mercedes lineup. The GLA debuted in concept form in 2013, and soon afterwards it went into production. Since 2016 to 2019 it was also offered as Infiniti QX30 with somewhat changed exterior. Infiniti’s yet another attempt to conquer the European market was so successful, the brand disappeared from Europe altogether.

This here behind me is the new mercedes-benz gla a car so sensible you’re probably watching this only to hear someone else tell you you made the right choice have you now keep on watching to find out oh the mercedes-benz gla is a five-door five-seater sort of compact crossover sub-compact if you’re in the us it comes in front-wheel drive for all-wheel drive

The gla shares its platform with the a-class gl means a crossover or suv and the last letter signifies the size in the mercedes lineup the first gla was presented in concept form in 2013 and soon afterwards it debuted as a production car since 2016 to 2019 it was also offered as the infiniti qx30 with somewhat changed exterior infinities yet another attempt to

Conquer the european market was so successful the brand disappeared from europe altogether the new mercedes-benz gla is 14 millimeters shorter from its predecessor and is now 441 centimeters long with without mirrors is up by three centimeters to 183 but the wing mirrors were trimmed and the overall car width is 2 millimeters less at 161 centimeters the new

Gla is also over 10 centimeters taller than the previous gen the wheelbase is three centimeters longer and now amounts to 273 centimeters looking at this car it’s hard to believe this is the same segment as the range rover evoke which by the way is smaller than the gla you can open the boot manually like a peasant using a fob or with gesture or with gesture or

With gesture and the boot volume is 435 liters with the floor down that’s 14 liters more than in the previous generation also here in this particular test example you get a sliding bench which gives you 14 centimeters more depth and then the boot volume increases to about 500 liters in order to use all this space you have to remove the panel on which the double

Floor sits in its upper position by the way the parcel shelf doesn’t fit under the floor because of these two rubber elements protruding from it brilliant shopping bag hooks remain useless but there is an elastic tape on the side which i like backrest splits for the 2040 but in order to fold the seat you still have to go around to the back i will admit to use

The sliding seats and fit a child seat in the back even a front-facing one the driver would have to be very petite it’s not impossible but it’s an issue in its normal position the back seat is comfortable enough although legroom is hardly what one would call generous the driver’s seat is set to my driving position i’m 175 centimeters tall headroom is better and

With adjustable backrest tilt taller passengers can always lean back for more space over their heads passengers in the rear can store their bottles in the door bins or use cup holders in the armrest there are air vents in the back as well as two usb-c ports before we go any further i’d like to point out to how the door is not properly aligned with the rear

Fender it’s yet another compact murkai review with some quality issues hey mercedes is this the new normal well at least i don’t have to slam the rear doors but the front doors are still hard to close why do i even have to mention this like it’s a thing come on guys your mercedes for god’s sake i talked about the new mercedes-benz a-class cockpit and the mbux

Infotainment system in length in my several other reviews so i encourage you to check those out links in the description below and in the upper right corner of the screen in brief door pockets are still large there are still two usbc ports under the armrest there is still not enough space for larger smartphones and the cup holders still obstruct the smartphone

Cubby a significant difference versus the a-class is that in the gla the sitting position is higher although not as chair-like as in the b-class and the glove box is hard to open another hiccup on the production line i suppose i was never a fan of the previous generation gla but i’m starting to understand why so many people like it that much the seats are

Comfortable the ride is comfortable the engine is frugal there are a bunch of systems which make your life easier from a system that warns you about pedestrians approaching a crossing to a car wash mode yes before entering a car wash the gla will close the windows and the sunroof as well as turn off the rain sensor and fold the mirrors when you leave the car

Wash and drive more than 20 kilometers per hour the car wash mode will disengage it’s not a new feature for mercedes but it’s the first time it’s in the gla soundproofing is much improved as well versus the previous generation in the car i reviewed in 2014 i could hear every car that passed me by here it’s much more quiet also the fact that the engine is more

Refined helps as well in 2014 i also complained about visibility six years later there’s an extra window on the c-pillar so the visibility is a bit better just in case i have a 360 camera parking sensors blind spot monitoring a system warning me about approaching vehicles when i open the door cross-traffic warning system etc no i don’t think driver aids will

Replace a vigilant driver or that electronics should be used to cover up bad design decisions however cars need to have strong shells to resist crashes and thick pillars are a part of that go back to the suspension for a minute most of the time it is very comfortable but on rougher bumps i can feel the rear suspension is working hard to keep up this is a

220 deformatic which means a 2 liter 190 horsepower diesel with 400 meters of torque the engine is mated to an 8-speed dct this car should use between 5.5 and 6.2 liters per 100 kilometers combined according to wltp i’m getting more like 6.7 to 7. mercedes claims this gla will accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 7.3 seconds we’ll see about that as

This is an all-wheel drive model with an off-road technical pack let’s see how the gla will cope with my small hill in a diagonal approach i know i shouldn’t be going up or down a hill diagonally because i can roll the car over however my test puts the all-wheel drive system to the test as two wheels lose traction from behind the wheel it felt good and from the

External footage it also looks fine the gla felt better here than the passat ultra in which the computer tried its best to figure out what’s going on the passat eventually made it up the hill but with greater effort in the gla’s off-road mode the computer seemed to understand the situation better and it diverted torque to where it was needed much quicker i’m sure

With better tires this car could go far enough to make it quite a hike back to get a tractor to tow you out price of the mercedes-benz gla started 34 800 euro for the 180 petrol model that’s the one with a 1.3 liter engine this gla 220d 4matic starts at 43 000 with options it costs about 58 grand more or less the same as the bmw x1 or the audi q3 significantly

Cheaper than the range rover evoke i understand why i see so many glas on the streets it’s a more practical a-class which is not much more expensive and isn’t an in-your-face minivan like the b-class but do something about your quality guys will you and how do you like the new mercedes-benz gla do you own the previous gen model how is it to live with are you

Thinking about upgrading let me know in the comment section below if you like my sarcastic down to and possibly mildly amusing car reviews join me every friday at 3 p.m central european time thanks for watching and i will see you in the next one

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Mercedes-Benz GLA 2021 – Baby SUV (ENG) – Test Drive and Review By Marek Drives in English