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Mercedes-Benz GLC Class 3.0 GLC43 V6 AMG (Premium Plus) G-Tronic 4MATIC (s/s) 5dr

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Mega spec 1 owner car with virtually every option ticked! very special GLC43 AMG. OverĀ£6k of options which is rare on this top of the range Premium Plus model. Options include: 21″ two-tone alloy wheels, 360 Degree Camera, Leather interior, Driving Assistance Package including Active blind spot assist

Good morning ladies and gentlemen it’s eli from king’s ridge 4×4 and performance in leeds west yorkshire now today we have a really nice car in stock its mercedes gl c so this is the mid-sized 4×4 by mercedes and it’s the 43 amg so it’s got that 360 horsepower 367 horsepower 3 liter v6 engine turbocharged and it’s really really nice car very popular at the moment

Because r you get a really nice blend of performance family family comfort and carrying capability and in addition to that you’ve got the ability to just drive it a bit bit lively if if the mood so takes you now the reason why i like this one so much eight is black and i think it’s best color for these but b it’s loaded with options and as usual with kingsbridge we

Make sure every car we get is a really high spec car so this particular ones a 2017 it’s early seventeen and why that is significant is because in april 17 the government in their wisdom chose to raise the car tax band to pay an additional three hundred and forty five pounds on top of the hundred and forty five sorry 365 on top of the one four five so your actual

Annual tax bill for any carriages after april 14 april 17 sorry that was in excess of 40 thousand pounds as this was is nearing a 500 whereas this car because it was pre april 17 is actually a lower tax brand okay so it’s the pre-tax price i think of soft my head is about 300 pounds there were there abouts now that’s one significant fact about the car the other

Thing is is a one-owner car the chap that i bought it from where he ordered it brand new from mercedes so one owner a full mercedes service history of course and he went a bit stan on the options now with these cars you can have the premium pack or the premium plus pack this has the premium plus pack which i’ll detail in a moment gives you things like pan roof

Burmester sound system etc and he also got all the other options as well so you got those lovely 21 inch wheels two-tone so it was part of the night package they come in a two-tone finish gloss black with a polished face they’ve all got the continental support contact 5p tires on them with excellent tread recently replaced you’ve got those lovely amg calipers and

Drilled brake discs you also got the side steps fitted which just help lower the car finish it off it’s also got night pack which gives you all this gloss black detailing so this gloss black care the mirrors this being lost black here as well in the in the grille okay basically all the gloss black t detailing that you will see around this car where this is the

Front back sides the roof rails is all part of the night package and again that just helps the car look really nice you got there’s lovely black exhaust tips there yeah we’re diffuser glc 43 badge you can get get these in the 63 as well which has the four liter v8 but personally i think you know this is just a nice compromise between performance economy running

Cost etc you know it’s just the right balance which is why they’re so popular some of the other option this cars got the adaptive led headlights it’s got the full suite of driver assistance packages so it can pretty much drive itself that includes adaptive cruise control active lane assist steering assist break and go collision avoidance to name but a few it’s

Also got the 360 camera display i mean it’s literally loaded everything you want in a car this cars got it’s an immaculate condition all the wheels are unmarked like i said full service history it’s actually still under warranty as well i think for another six weeks or so you can extend it the mercedes if you want but we’ll provide a warranty with the car for

Six months previously glass of course as well and that’s our dlc so let’s take you into the interior of the car so we have that automatic power operated tailgate with two buttons you’ve got the stop sorry you’ve got a tailgate close button and the close and lock everything’s here as it should be so you’ve got the load space cover and underneath the boot floor

You’ve got the emergency triangle the locking wheel nut kit and the load space divider so you can actually put that in if you want to divide the load space i believe now these buttons here so these drop the seats really easy just press them and the drop you’ve got air suspension on this as well so that button there lowers the rear for easy loading there was the air

Suspension okay panoramic roof there double and this cars actually got the full leather option because most of them say these are what they call arm art eco which is a man-made synthetic pvc basically imitation leather this one’s got the full of oceans it is actually full black leather with red stitching and it’s also got the red seatbelt option as well which

Again just looks stunning in this particular car got there’s lovely amg floor mats with again with the red stitching the white amg logo you can see there the burmester grills for the blue master audio system you’ve got this brushed aluminium finish on the trims and then all the switches in this chrome or satin chrome finish really really nice let’s go around the

Other side pretty much the same on the other side ladies and gents so you know exactly as it was on the first side i showed you you’ve got these fantastic backlit amg entry sill plates here again the amg logo on the floor mats and storage nets they’re electric lumbar support adjust yeah you’ve got this lovely fantastic amg sports seats all your seat controls are

There you can all just in a multitude of different ways memory settings they’re heated seat power windows huge door bins for who drinks then you’ve got the contrast stitching on the dash as well with the red stitching lovely aluminium finish on the air vent and that milled finish on the knob really nicely made can’t beat mercedes interiors and then you’ve got as

Well the brushed steel finish on the dash now with the premium plus you get the bigger screen so you can see there widescreen looks a lot better than the standard premium option but like gloss black finish piano black finish on there lovely lovely option to have to take you around to the driver’s side i never seem to get the weather right it’s either raining windy

Or it’s too sunny i mean it’s not stop raining for literally three weeks and now one bit of dry weather we’ve got it’s so sunny that nothing’s coming out as i’d want it to but hey ho can’t win keyless entry exit and start okay so you press that button to lock it the mirrors fold in and then literally touch it again pull it and it opens again so again the same on

The driver’s side obviously powerful mirrors have just showed you our tailgate release thermistors audio heated seats etc and a seat there in the black leather with the red stitching you’ve got a lovely amg thick rim steering wheel to switch off those lights stops beeping automatic lights of course brightness adjust handbrake aluminium pedals engine start/stop

Now you’ll see this cars got these options because a lot of cars don’t have these buttons they’re just all blank so you’ve got the 360 camera the lane departure warning and then the active steering assist which will actually actively steer the car for you and keep it in lane and then we pat button off it’s also got active blind spot assist which just about seeing

The mirrors there so literally everything a whole suite of safety features to make sure this car is safe and easy to drive but it’s getting inside we’ve got the aluminium paddle shifters there all these steering controls here on the multifunction steering wheel currently done 32,000 miles approximately lovely checkered finish on the dials as well you’ve got your

Release here some usb ports and sd card and there and that’s he kept holders and 12-volt lights and there’s some more storage there but he controls all here so just start it up put on the brake oh so yeah what else can i show you you’ve got your adaptive cruise control and speed limiter here power steering column here and obviously paddle shifters and then your

Wipers and indicators here and i must say these they’re gear shifters here as on all of them so it’s like the american style it’s nice and easy to use and it keeps this free and you’ve got all this multitude of functions that you can you can use for the screen if i can just figure out how to turn it on it would always be a help i think it could be that’s an eject

Button ah here we go you’re not button we’re in business unfortunately i’m switching that many cars i think you’ve got to try and remember where all the buttons off all the different cards so there’s your wide screen you’ve got radio and of course you’ve got you can scroll through that i’m using the wheel here you can scroll through the different stations you’ve

Obviously got da p this is currently on da p as you can see and this button here gives you driving mode so you can switch between eco sport sport+ the sport plus opens the exhaust and the firm’s at the suspension steering is more direct etc and they’ve got individual as well so you can actually configure individuals how you want it on this one i’ve set it to

Everything on comfort sorry i’m and set that is the previous owner but you can obviously play about with that manual button there this kitten firmer or soften the suspension traction control off and then obviously that raises the suspension if you wish to raise it i’ll just press that now you’ll see that will say they’re the cows rising and then volume buttons

There you’ve got a trackpad on these as well you can actually use i find that quite awkward i just like using the buttons and then also you press these buttons to get back favorite and that to select something there’s your navigation so much nicer this widescreen the standard screen is pretty awful i believe me i’ve seen some with it and i refuse to buy one with

The standard screen or just a premium package got i have the premium plus pack the pm plus has that burmaster audio as well which i think just makes it obviously a climate control features of their car button there you can go through the various let’s just shade 360 cameras there you go so that’s as opposed to the standard reverse camera you’ve got that top view

There which is which is good and you can obviously play about with the options there you can choose exactly what you want and then you can mess about with the ambient lighting as well so if you want this one’s got the ambient lighting option so if you want to obviously change the color of the mood lighting which you can’t really see now but certainly at night you

Can see that in the vehicle settings you can never play with that so i think it’s here i’m not mistaken it keeps it loft belt adjustment lighted mirror folding to emotions ambit lighting kilauea so you can choose blue white orange if you wish we’ll leave it on blue like it’s a nicest then back button there that’s all these buttons are used to select so you can

Literally play about with absolutely everything and your panoramic roof controllers here sunglasses holder and then you like buttons etc there that is pretty much it ladies and gents so that’s our glc 43 amg mega specification loads of off she’s got six thousand pounds of options on top of the original spec plus the premium plus pack which was another several

Thousand pounds it really is fantastic spec yeah one owner sadie’s history i mean you can’t go you can’t ask for a better example of this particular car so i strongly urge if you’re looking for a dlc for two three give me a call let’s talk we can of course offer nationwide delivery and we also offer finance packages to suit past exchange you name it we do it just

Like you’d expect from any dealer and that’s pretty much it ladies and gents earth ank you for watching and i’ll see you on the next video

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Mercedes-Benz GLC Class 3.0 GLC43 V6 AMG (Premium Plus) G-Tronic 4MATIC (s/s) 5dr By Kingsbridge Ltd