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Mercedes-Benz GLE 300D – A truly luxurious driving experience, from the the tech to the attention to detail inside. Everything is available at the touch of a button and the level of technology in the Mercedes-Benz GLE 300D 4MATIC AMG is amazing!

Welcome to amazing cars and drives today i’m very lucky to have the day totally to myself and i’ve got the mercedes-benz gla 300-day 4matic amg i’m going to take the car up the coast and hopefully have a really good drive this is a new 2019 model which is very spacious and loaded with tech so let’s check it out just come off the motorway and a really really

Smooth drive really powerful engine but at the same time so quiet inside the cabin just feels like pure silence absolutely amazing comes with a 9 speed automatic gearbox so absolutely dream to drive on the motorway but i can imagine going through tyne or city is amazing as well because she’s not having to do all those gear changes and i’m probably a bit lazy have

To say when my favorite features is the mb ux system no the bigger cars and the mercedes reans don’t traditionally come with us so this is the first car in the mercedes range – ii get the mb ux system and one of my favorite features and i’m gonna test it i know is the a mercedes feature and i’m always freezing so it’s amazing that you can control anything from

Temperature to radio to your sat nav all through your voice so for example hey mercedes what would you like to do please turn the heating up to 25 degrees i’m setting the temperature to 25 degrees absolutely hands-free driving of course there are options to be able to use these settings and in terms of buttons and your steering wheel and we will go through those

As we as we go on our drive but just a really comfortable seamless drive what’s great about this new 2019 model is the comfort really low to space for everybody it comes with 7 seats which we’ll explore later and so easy to adjust and that idea of giving you extra room or extra seats is amazing and having that flexibility and definitely as well the idea of the

Mb ux system having the different comfort modes really allows you to personalize how you want to drive adjust your seating adjust your temperature the heated seats even comes with different configurations of how you and where you want your hate so just overall the attention to detail is absolutely amazing and its comfort but in and luxurious and stylish settings

There’s nothing like watching the world go by in a gorgeous car and the mercedes-benz gla is the ultimate in comfort and luxury the interior is absolutely gorgeous you’ve got the lovely woody finish similar to the s-class you’ve got your ambient lighting which you can adjust all the colours and can even adjust the brightness i set mine to blue because i like to

Coordinate with the color of the car but just the pen she can match it to your mood or your new a varnish or whatever i’d fit you’re wearing lots of storage as well so you’ve got this lovely little cubby here where you’ve got two cupholders and two ye usb ports you’ve got another little cubby here with another good piece of storage in here and you’ve got usb port

In there as well and then you’ve got these lovely chrome grills and the thing is the attention to detail everything comes in and matches in and coordinates so just a really stylish luxurious feeling and the comfort of the seats is excellent as well now what really i love about the comfort of the seats is the fact that you can really personalize the comfort to

Really suit your needs or your requirements so for example the seats are all electric so you can adjust just on the door here so you’ve got your button you can make your seat forward you can move your seat back or by the touch of a button you can move your seat more upright if you prefer that as a driving position or i might actually relax mines and say i’m just

Relaxing here watching the world go by at the seaside you can even adjust the height of your hair dress so you can pop it up or down which is great for people of different heights getting in and driving the car what also is amazing is the fact that the two front seats are heated but what you can actually do is control with that heat so you’ve got your controller

In the door here so you just press the button and you can have ultimate heat which is three dying to two dying to one but what is really special is that attention to detail and if you just hit comfort on your screen you can actually adjust the seat heating balance which means you can actually decide where you want the heat which i just thinks absolutely amazing

And you can do that for passenger and driver so the passenger can have a completely different configuration to the driver and it’s all again just by the touch of a button as i mentioned earlier the g le is the first of the bigger mercedes cars to really a feel of all the massive tech options that there are available out there in the smaller cars so i’m just

Going to go through every single option because there are just so many and the tech in this car is unbelievable but very very special i really allows you to personalize your driving experience which is amazing so let’s start with the two twelve point three inch screen so a beautiful display everything you need right in front of you and the touch of a button and

You don’t even need to use the buttons so you’ve got your phone so you can connect your phone there then you’ve got your navigation your navigation pulls up this beautiful big map and what i really love is that you can actually also have the map in the display in front of you and i’ll show you how to do that as well the map also works or the sat-nav actually

Works in an a r and format so when you’re driving you actually get to see the road in real time in front of you and actually shows you where you’re turning so no more fights over map reading if you’ve got your video set up and a media device if you’ve got one comfort and then here this is where you will actually work with your seat comfort as we talked about

Earlier and your ambient lighting and here you can adjust the color you can adjust the brightness and there’s loads of different options in there just really personalize the car for yourself what’s also really great is you can set up profiles so if you and your husband or you and your daughter or driving you can have a profile and they will have a profile and what

Mercedes will actually do is remember all your settings so that when you get in you if your profile and your set up exactly how you want it which is just the ultimate in personalization you’ve also got your info screen and here you get to know all about the vehicle and your engine and it gives you all those lovely pieces of data you’ve got the mercedes me apps

And then you’ve got your settings and this is obviously probably one of the most important things that you’ll be using in here so you’ve got your quick access and this basically is to enable you to turn everything on and off so you’ve got your parking assist which you can turn on and off here you’ve got your lien assist which you can turn on and off here you’ve

Got manual so at the minute it’s an automatic gearbox but you can also switch to manual and you’ve got these little paddles on your steering wind so if you want to have a more manual drive you can do that as well and then you’ve also got things like for towing and for off-roading you’ve got all your different options in here so you’ve got your traffic sign assist

Which you can turn on or off and your speed limit warning and actually i really love that i think it’s a really good feature because what will happen is when you’re driving it will show you the actual speed limit of the road and will actually give you a little beep if you’re going over it then you’ve got your camera and your parking so again you can set warning

Tones you can set your reversing camera to come on automatically which i would definitely suggest that you do you’ve got your blind spot assessed tonight i think this is a fabulous tool what it actually does is when the car comes into your blind spots you will get a little triangle onto your mirror and it just shows you that before you indicator pull into another

Lien that there is an obstruction in the way so again really just all about the cf date and really keeping you focused on what you’re doing and then of course you’ve got your actively in assist as well here and again back to personalization you can have it standard you can have it sensitive or you can have it off but i definitely would recommend to keep that on

Then you’ve got your vehicle so you’ve got your dynamic select now this is really interesting as well because here you’ve got all the different comfort modes that you can change in terms of steering do you want the comfort or sport and you’ve got your drive and these are the different driving modes and you can really see the difference as you go through them so

You’ve got comfort you’ve got sport i want you to turn that sport or and you can really feel that steering tightening a little bit it gives you a completely different experience i can turn on my parking camera as well very very very quickly they just pushing a little button here and i can get my different angles you can see a completely wide angle of everything

Around you you can just click on the little star here and that will show you your favorites so you’ve got your setup assistant you’re signed and you can even set the order and how that’s actually portrayed to you which is great you’ve got your sat-nav here you’ve got your radio in your media and then you’ve got obviously your telephone as well and then you just

Use your touchpad to actually use any of those features and then if that’s not enough you’ve also got all of this available to you as well on your steering wheel which is absolutely amazing so again if i just click the home button that brings me home to my screen i don’t even need to reach over if i’m driving i can actually just use everything on the steering

Wheel and again i’ve got these very very sensitive little mouse pads on this on the actual steering wheel that helps me do everything i need to do of course the left hand side controls the left screen the right hand side controls the right screen so again i can change out my display as i’m driving and i’m going to actually show you that because it’s really really

Cool how you much you can personalise your display and actually have your preferences there so if i just press home you will see i immediately get all my options and i’ve got my little mouse pad and i can just scroll through all of those and decide what i want to access which is absolutely fantastic so i’m just going to choose styles and display because i think

This is a really cool feature and again back to the idea of personalization so if i scroll over to the left i get lots of different options so i can have here direction i can have a speedometer i can have time anything i want on my left if i scroll into the middle again and go back i can choose lots of different things so i can choose my tyre what my displayed

Look so i might choose sport change that over and immediately it may display changes and if i click on home as well and choose let me see you back to displays i can actually flick through here and choose exactly what i want in the middle here as well so i’ve got loads of different choices i can have my miles i can have a food screen display lots and lots of

Different features in there and then again if i flick over to the right i can actually choose what i want in there as well so i can have speed geforce and what i love is you can actually have your map on here as well so you’re not having to worry about having your map here if you want that right in front of you you can have your sat-nav right in front of you as

Well which i just think is an absolutely fabulous feature just popped into the back just to look at the space and how roomy it is of course this new model has a lot more room especially in the back and there’s masses of amount of room for passengers the fact that they can actually adjust their seats is amazing again on the door so very similar to the driver

Side and again just press forwards and your seat will move forward or back again back to the upright position or a little bit more laid back and then of course you’ve got the hair dressed again that moves up and dying depending on the height of the passengers and of course you’ve got the beautiful ambient lighting again just adds to the luxury to the style and

That’s more attention to detail just to give a really stylish value to the car what’s great about the car is that the passengers have full control of their own heating as well so in the back we have this little heating system here or control here so you can turn the heating up or down you can decide where you want the air to flow you can have your fan up to

Whatever level you want and that can be done on the left hand side and the right hand side so that means that the front passenger has their own control the driver has their own control as do the passengers in the back we also have this little drop-down so if you’ve only got two passengers and this middle row you’ve got this little armrest but also hidden within

The armrest is a little container which is great and then actually you can pop up out your cup holders as well so features for passengers in the back are things like this reading light and of course you have the option for that in the front as well with the passion during the driver but obviously not to be used while driving you’ve got the lovely usb ports down

Here which means that passengers can charge their phone or if you’ve got children in the back and they need to charge their ipads for long journeys that they’ve also got that option which is really great so i thought it would get ike to show you something that’s really special are really a massive feature and a massive change for the g le model and that’s more

Room to the fact that night it can be a seven-seater you’ve got the option for seven seats or five seats and the boot space is absolutely massive as well so let’s check it out love the fact that book just opens itself no worries about that at all you know as you can see the boot space is actually wider and now i has a capacity of a massive 690 liters and that’s

What the seats up when the seats are dropped dine and move to eight hundred and twenty five liters so really really loads of space there also you’ve got your nice little cover for your boot space just highs din here so before obviously where did you store that when you had the seven seats up know that they’ve thought of everything that the cover just pulls like

Seamlessly which is amazing now you drop the seat stein is so innovative and so easy i’ve just got one seat up here to show you and you can have that configured like that you can have one seat up on one seat down which is brilliant in order to change this back to five seats or to increase your boot capacity you just literally push a little button and drop your

Seat down and you can see immediately the massive space that you know i have in your boot what is brilliant as well is that you can control the other seats the middle row using the controls in the boot so in order to close the boot again just the touch of a button and it automatically closes itself walking around the mercedes tle it really is a stylish car and

Definitely fits the bill of a luxury suv every car comes with led lights is standard with a range of up to 650 meters and of course you get this sidestep as well just the attention to detail and adds to the whole luxury feel of the car i’ve really had an amazing driving experience today the gles design is modern yet robust an absolutely full of tech but what

Makes this car so special is the option to actually have the seven seats so to summarise the car is fabulous because it is luxurious comfortable innovative in design and technology spacious cf and offers a truly amazingly personalized driving experience

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