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Mercedes Benz GLE 63 AMG – Loud Noises, Powerrr, Interior Review

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Imagine shoving a 5.5-litre biturbo motor into an SUV. The predictable result would be hilariously good fun, and this is what Mercedes-AMG has done with the new GLE SUV. It’s called the GLE 63 AMG and it’s simply bonkers.

Hello i am sitting in the very new mercedes benz goe it used to be called the mo but for reasons involving the word naumann culture that had change it anyway this is the gl e 63 amg it has a very large biturbo v8 under the bonnet which is very thirsty but it’s also loud very from the time i was asked to film this car i’ve been wondering what is the point of an suv

With supercar levels of power what is the point of a 4×4 with 21 inch low-profile tires well fortunately answering the question is my job first of all it’s not a full 4×4 there isn’t low range for instance but even so i doubt it’ll see much action off the tarmac nope this is a car built for the urban jungle a car designed to exude power and prestige it’s basically

A rolling advertisement for your bank balance but with great power comes great fuel balls i’m averaging 21.2 liters to the hundred and i must point out that’s worse than the lamborghini huracan we drove last year the 5.5 liter biturbo v8 in their offers 410 kilowatts or as google tells me 550 british horse powers but those horses have to work very hard because

The gl e63 weighs nearly 2.3 tonnes so mercedes claims an average fuel consumption of about 11 for this car to which i say low because i’m currently averaging 21 point 2 and at that rate you’re empty the 80 litre tank in about 370 ks and i don’t care how much money you have stopping at a petrol station every 370 kilometers it’s just a pain in the backside but what

This thirsty monster does offer you is an experience that few other cars can provide in sport or sport+ mode it makes the car even angrier as if it needed to be any angrier blips the throttle on downshift and makes the exhaust that much louder for such a big heavy car it’s actually not bad in the corners do they make a 2.3 ton car handle like this not as much body

Roll as you’d expect the adaptive suspension working hard but the real fun is on the straights put down warp time and space ah what a mental piece of machinery that’s just suffer unnecessarily fast this gl e63 is an old-school muscle car wrapped in german sophistication with an exhaust system from hell that’s pretty good the question is can you live with it and

The answer is yes it’s very nice india there’s massage seats heated and cooled seats a dashboard that wouldn’t look out of place in the mercedes s-class in fact quite a few bits and pieces in here are from the mercedes s-class and when we move to the back we find that there’s loads of rear legroom it’s a very comfortable back here and as you can see you can spec

It with a rear entertainment system and onto the boot we find that its vast at 690 liters it’s almost three times the size of the mazda cx-3 we reviewed a few weeks back you can even fit a fridge in here i mean a small fridge so it’s an suv it does all the suv type things that you’d want an suv to do except of course with the out of benefit of you know being as

Powerful as a ferrari it might cost over 1.8 million rand but you really can think of the gl e 63 as a supercar that makes a lot of noise seats five people swallows all of their luggage and can tow a boat at 250 kilometres an hour so if you’re a member of government you’ll be glad to know that this latest amg from mercedes is a great car the best of its kind yet

Actually and it’s even better if you’re not paying your own fuel bills but in the latest budget speech proven golden caps government cars at 750,000 rand so sorry

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