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Mercedes-Benz S Class Assembly in MB Indias Chakan Plant | SKD S-Class | Flywheel by Hani Musthafa

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Due to the response to the CBU launch edition of the S-class, Mercedes-Benz is offering Indian customers the locally manufactured version

So hello fly villas now i’m in pune i’m here in mercedes-benz planting to witness the rollout and launch of made in india s-class you know this class is known as the best car in the world it’s also 2021 world luxury car of the year and it has got a lot of tagline i already bought an exclusive review of this car in the stubio version what now we have today is the

Made in india made for india s-class and it’s the first car been roll out here so let’s have a tour through how this car has been made in india snskd in this plant so welcome to flywheel doctor so it’s a microphone is given for this tour we are having a tour in this plant there is a lot of noise outside so they’ve given this to uh here what uh the guy san diego

The head of the store is explaining about the plan we have done this plan tour many times and i’ve shown it my tv show as well as my older youtube channel but in this channel the first time so let’s see how the best car in the world has been assembled here it brings as a skd kit which is a me not only not like the fully knot upgrade service skd and this has been

Assembled here with all precision because this plant uh apart from germany’s uh significant land uh it’s been awarded the best plan of the year uh by mercedes for a few times that’s because of they maintain the quality as brought into the german standard so let’s see how it has been manufactured here s-class is one of the most advanced cars in the market hence it

Is made in one of the most advanced factories in the world the new ultra modern factory 56 of mercedes-benz in significant is the home to new s-class apart from the the new s-class is also made in countries like india china mexico and malaysia and in india mercedes started manufacturing earth class since 1999 with 220 series now it’s the fourth generation s-class

Made in india in india it is made as sami not down kit wherein all the body panels powertrain and other fitments come as one piece and get assembled here in the plant this mercedes-benz facility in charkand is also known for winning few awards for the best car plant apart from germany hence mercedes make sure about the quality of manufacturing in this plant and

Advantage for the indian customers are basically the tax deduction which you avail from manufacturing locally unlike the security skid is not manufactured from the scratch so let’s check out how the new s-class is assembled in skd foam in that mercedes-benz charcon plant so guys we are in this sqd plant of mercedes s class we have a lot of plant and lines here

In this plant where there is ckd complete not round kit plants are there but the skt one where normally the finished parts which brought from centrifugal factory 56 plants are assembled here there are two lines and 20 stations here this is the first line this will start from the bottle panels where you get the body shell and start fixing the light fixtures then

Comes the panels interior panels when we come here you can see on the sideline they are fixing up the panels which come as piece by space and they’ll be fixed into the car as dashboard and center console then later uh you can see the center console be fixing inside the car uh somebody is getting into the car and doing it manually and next station will be where

The seats are fixed and other panels fixed then from there until here it is actually a rain uh which control from the ground rail where the cars are laid out and it’s on that line from there it’s been lifted as a train you can see the crane is putting the dory shell over there and bringing out here in this second lane where there’s been dropped and all the under

Fittings like the suspension tanks uh even the power train all are fixed in this line and this is the marriage point where the power train has been fixed it’s called management where body and powertrain including the suspension and the axles fix here which comes as a complete build unit and you know this is an s450 control and you can see uh there is a drive shaft

From the formatted four wheel drive system on that powertrain this new doors it’s a formatting petrol from there onwards you can see uh the suspension and the other fitments are gone on and later on they will uh fix the those and then they will check out the all the functions by slides infotainment everything and even the bumpers are fixed later and finally is

When the men’s star has been placed on the hood after quality check is done and it’s been rolled out from here this is only a small part of mercedes-benz india plan in shotgun because this is only the skd line initially it was here the most cars have been manufactured everything is shifted to new promises where they built the car from the scratch here is built

Uh as an assembly as a squad so now this is a made in india s-class home uh or plant which is the form of meeting the s class now let’s see then made in india’s class in brief and we’ll try to bring the drive later so my left and right are there are two s class one is the cbo model which we already covered in our show is the s 400 d and the white one is the skd

Model which is made in india assembled in india so these are the two vehicles which i am kept to benchmark and show the difference first of all the important model the cpu model had an amg body kit so that’s reflected on the front bumper it’s having a huge air intake the chrome elements are different and the air vents are all uh big and it’s very low also you can

See this part been broken by some meteor drive so that’s been because this is very low here it’s more practical with this executive trim where you have chrome elements enough and more and there is com throughout and there’s a chrome in the center portion also but it’s a little higher it’s a little higher you know the car has been raised but it’s a little higher

Rest everything remains the same the grill remains same even the digital light has been retained i doubted about that when for cost cutting they would have avoided it so now when you come to the side profile there are two different trim basically first we’ll check the wheel one in the amg trim is the 20 inch multi-spoke silver and black color very attractive and

Here’s the new one 19 inch and multi spoke again silver and black so it almost looks same and very attractive especially in black color look amazing when you come to the side profile i thought again flash handle will be omitted in india but it’s been retained that’s a good element you can see this swipe up like any i touched phones or smartphones and there’s a

Difference in the uh lower trim you can see the skirting the amg skirting it’s lower it’s low part is the chrome element where in this one then i can trim this chrome element is below the doors and the door uh body panels so that also shows that the ground clear is a little higher uh expected skirt is coming up like this it has been covered inside and when you

Come to the rear also you can see some difference but otherwise everything remains same good part is that they retained diamond white color which is the metallic color normally when in india the metallic colors on white are emitted so that has been retained and this one has a 350 and the cpu is a 400 deep with 4matic so formatting is no more available in diesel

Mods only available in petrol and the difference are the bumper or rear lower portion you can say diffuser which is not in the other car which i’ll show you and the chrome elements are minimal compared to other ones the exposed exhaust is anywhere retained when you come here on this side you can see it’s a throughout chrome elements are there a lot more chromes

Are the huge presence and more elegant uh this has been retained as an exhaust and here is the uh plain portion which omitted the diffuser portion which i said there’s one chrome element extra on the side uh rear bumper and as i said s350 d so there’s no formatting logo so here are the major difference on the exterior which are very good because you know it’s

More practical trim because of the higher ground clearance and the body panels are not sitting low secondly all the good features been retained like the flash handles digital light everything and even when the wheels are selected this time mug didn’t go wrong they selected attractive wheel which looks similar to amg and finally the colors as i mentioned the what

Color we have here is not a solid metallic color so it’s also a good part so these are the elements of both exterior designs let’s check out the interior in detail so once you get inside i’m having the same orange color the brown color which were in our media car which we shooted so you can compare it directly so first of all the color remains the same the quality

Of leather is different on the car which is cbu it’s having a nap leather high quality there’s again a leather which is not on the top end um napa leather but good part is that that retain this cushion the steering is different uh staring on the cpu cars amg stirring with a flat bottom and spokes are different these are more piano black uh elements here and the

Sender hub is retained touch functions are remain same but on the amg trim there are two spokes for over here rest everything remains the same the instrument console remains same the touch screen uh which is again a key element of the interior remain same air vents yeah there’s no head-up display in india for both the cars difference is there again on the trim

Which is the wood trim here is a open pore which is a matte food finish on the other car which we shoot it was implosive one the 4d sound system been replaced with a 3d one but most of the other infotainment systems are retained one new thing which has been brought into this new car is the connected feature between the cars where it send the signals uh on to the

Mb’s cloud where it uh grasp the information and convey to the next car which is following with the same car like the portals or bums rainy skiddy accident conditions everything will be passed on rear portion also remain almost the same as in the cpu but the center console is bit different that execute the package is the massage function everything retains rest

All i think i’ll bring an exclusive drive of the car and we’ll explain about that as i said the diesel engine is again a little lesser powered compared to the one which were on the cpu i think uh this is enough for the comparison but i’m waiting for my chance to bring out that review hope you guys differentiate to both these cars so guys you might have seen how

This s-class has been made in india is actually the fourth generation s-class been made in india since the 1999 from two to zero uh way series and you know this time i’m very happy that tesla’s has retained a lot of features and elements which other and this is beyond so this car is not much compromise it’s very well done and as mentioned a lot of features been

Retained anyway i’m looking forward for uh exclusive drive of this car much uh soon and that time i can explain more about this so let me know how about this uh difference of this s class about the subu and the skd what are the features you liked how do you find this production facility your opinion you can share on the comment box you can like this video and

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Mercedes-Benz S Class Assembly in MB India's Chakan Plant | SKD S-Class | Flywheel by Hani Musthafa By Flywheel Automotive by Hani Musthafa