Mercedes Benz S-Class Coupe (S63 AMG) – first testdrive

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Italy tuscany what an inspiring countryside this is where i put up my easel art is my passion i have the model in my head my problem from there by my arm and my brush is beginning to lose much of its creativity maybe i should take a break if i really should make any real money with my pictures then i’ll buy myself a real dream car oh yes that would be it an

S-class coupe eh preferably as an amg edition one wow is that mine cheryl i’m dreaming about you can come along for a ride i’d say keyless no saw this s-class can pay in new york for the first time i was knocked down doesn’t happen to me often but i was in love with this s63 amg coupe i a real dream car and now i’m sitting inside one edition one a few figures

A v8 biturbo from 585 horsepower 900 newton meters talk and the sound emanating from back there from this v8 block up front a symphony simply brilliant unfortunately it also carries a simply brilliant price tag a hundred and eighty one thousand euros let’s be sensible now this car is worth every penny if you add on everything available on the equipment list the

Price rises to around two hundred and fifteen thousand euros an artist has to paint quite a few pictures in order to be able to afford one like this the escapade is five meters long a sculpture on wheels the proportions have been designed the way a real cop a should look short overhangs long bonnet a flat greenhouse and a crisp rear the car is also 65 millimeters

Shorter than its predecessor in the amg version the engineers from a photo buff have made the coupe a even hotter chassis brakes power here everything’s all about performance the 5.5 liter v8 has 30 horsepower and 200 meters more torque than the series model even acoustically the exhaust system concert is in a class of its own the certain gear speed shift gearbox

Races through the gears the digital speedometer needle hits a hundred km/h after 3.9 seconds amg says nothing about the values when driving at 200 ches but then again the country roads in tuscany are not really ideal for top speeds with the optional 4matic the mercedes four wheel drive power distribution is 33 percent on the front axle and 67 percent on the rear

Those that opt for the four-wheel drive have to unfortunately do without the magic body control chassis and with this the curve tilting function whereby the s coupe a goes into a bend like a skier like here in the s 500 series the developers are of course very proud of their new flagship which is chock-a-block with high-tech assistance systems similar to those

Present in the cars big brother the limousine yet the two-door version still has its own character it’s bowline lighter being the series overseer you are instrumentally involved or responsible for this car just looking at it here what is from your point of view really special about it you clapping our cellini designer i believe i merrily the design we’ve reduced

The proportions a little something we otherwise never do that usually you go for bigger wider longer here we’ve just reduced everything a little especially the rear which we made more compact let’s take a look at the rear first since guess tons of food yesterday you said something about it being crisp and firm what makes it so crispy young hinton is kakui the

Overhang is shorter we’ve shortened the overhang by 65 millimeters now we had the chance to give the rear a crisp design overhaul add to this the narrow lights we’ve made sure that nothing is interrupted it’s like it’s all from one mold especially the rear and i hope most people will see it from behind because it just looks really great from behind let’s see that

For shows particular technique keyword technology we all know the s-class and its technology has been integrated here is there a certain feature you would highlight have for him gordon was it taking a kiss-up the car has all of the s-class genes this is very important all of the s-class genes have been trimmed to make it sporty er some of the comforts somewhat

Reduced now it’s a crisp car one that drives so incredibly that have footage kim would add to fight for also internally because i think we’ve never gone this far i was allowed to give the car sound and that’s something else do you mind an eight cylinder but one can actually hear when you turn the key then you hear this brad brad brad brad so we close the flaps

The neighbours are not supposed to find out everything we do so when it’s up and going and the eight cylinders growl away i think it’s pure genius the fact that we got this sorted internally and that this car has that but let’s get back to the s63 amg the interior whoever climbs in here will never want to come out again a promise straight from the press release

Unfortunately it’s true opulent and luxurious it has to be enjoyed maybe it’s a little too much but hey which is how the car is the fact that the passengers in the back have to make do with slightly cramped space and cannot decide for themselves whether they want to work for the windows well whatever you’re by design let’s the chairman gansta one can always argue

Wonderfully about design is this art or isn’t it forget all about that in regard to this car there are no two opinions like it well you don’t whether as an amg or the series model i think that mercedes-benz has managed something really big here and here are the key data of the s63 amg coupe a 4matic to swoon about the mercedes-benz s63 amg coupe a 4matic edition

One cylinder capacity 5461 cc engine performance is 585 horsepower 12900 butan meters and 0 to 100 in 3.9 seconds and a top speed of 250 ches prices begin at 180 thousand three hundred and twenty six euros and 25 cents combined consumption should be around ten point three letters per a hundred kilometres a value which sounds really good but which can only be

Achieved when you allow the gran turismo to glide gently along country roads and i’ve allow yourself to be intimidated by the power onboard look pure luxury and performance what more could you wish for add to this the wonderful scenery here in tuscany one just simply has to sit back and enjoy it all hey wake up wake up oh what a dream hmm okay where did that come

From seemed somehow familiar to me maybe it’s a better idea if i just hang up my painters hat and do something with cars you

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Mercedes Benz S-Class Coupe (S63 AMG) – first testdrive By AUTO BILD