Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG Coupe S Class 2016 Exhaust Sound, In Depth Review Interior Exterior

Hello and welcome to Alaatin61! YouTube’s collection of automotive variety! In today’s video, we’ll take an up close and in depth look at the all New 2016 Mercedes S63 AMG Coupe. This version has 585 HP.

Hey guys today i’m at thais timmermans at vardenberg the netherlands to film the all-new mercedes-benz s63 amg coupe i have the key with me this is what the key looks like with the amg logo so i have the key with me we will start up here the engine and i will show all the features of this mercedes-benz s63 amg coupe the key press the brake into the slot

This color is called the oxidant black metallic 585 horsepower 0 to 62 and 3.9 seconds four-wheel all-wheel drive v8 engine with the seven speed g-tronic gearbox with shift pedals the s63 amg has different bumpers different front bumper rear bumper side skirts swarovski crystals in the leds full led in intelligent light system of mercedes-benz distinctive amg

Grille double blade parking sensors illuminated mercedes-benz logo mercedes-benz 19-inch rims with ventilated brake discs amg brake caliper v8 by turbo calm camera underneath the mirror 360 degrees cameras standard panoramic sunroof i will show it in a minute full led tail lights quad exhaust to open the trunk hold this button release fully automatic trunk

Storage compartments on the sides soft close as well 900 newton meters of torque top speed limited to 250 kilometers per hour you can also raise it with the performance package optional to 21080 and 300. every s63 amg comes with the panoramic song also an option is the magic sky frameless doors no more seats with heated seats three settings fully adjustable

Amg torso amg floor mats logo and the armrest looks amazing bluetooth connectivity usb alps touchpad i will sit in the other seat so in the driver seat so we can look at it closer this touch is that this window also lowers itself soft close as well memory seat for driver as well folding windows trunk release you can control the sight the passenger seat with

This button very comfy and adjustable seats massage seats perforated as well dark cap liner i control it with the key the windows are fully down now the party piece of the escope flat bottom steering wheel gear lever on the steering wheel touchpad 12.3 inch screen the options full leather dash as well you control the navigation system with these buttons

Navigation split screen as well radio settings media phone settings car settings seat adjustments massage seats hot stone massage like the s-class dynamic seats the sights pump up when you are entering a corner this car also lifts itself into the corner for a for more comfort seat adjustments and the cameras car settings ambient lighting fully adjustable

You can choose the color seven colors clock adjustment phone settings drive information aromatic suspension three settings sport comfort this you can also hire and lower the car steering assist lane assist parking sensors cameras night vision these are the cameras bird view rear view camera parking sensors automatic lights electron parking brake sport

Pedals for better grip full leather with white stitching as you can see perforated sights for better grip shift pedals voice activation the gear lever is at the steering wheel full down shift adaptive cruise control electronically movable steering wheel heat it as well just turn this and it’s on now it’s on attention to detail is great on this car garage door

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Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG Coupe S Class 2016 Exhaust Sound, In Depth Review Interior Exterior By Alaatin61