Mercedes Benz Sprinter 1500 Lemon Law

We are here for you guys 24/7 for a free consultation it’s fornia law calm or our phone number is 1-800-543-8242 word to speaking to you hi there guys thank you so much for choosing my video my name is jimmy and i e i’m here for you guys i’m a lawyer in the state of california and today i want to talk about the california lemon law in other videos i juggle dilemma

In a jam about the lemon but i want to really break down the california lemon law let you know about the provisions how it works how much money you may potentially be entitled to whether or not you might have a lemon law case and the qualifications involved and other things that come up when you’re considering whether or not you might have a lemon law case so

The lemon law a lot of people think about the lemon law in terms of cars and it definitely does apply to cars but it also applies to motorcycles appliances sometimes even boats and other things and again my name is jimmy hen i ii my last name kind of sounds like hawaii but it’s an ie it’s h an8 ie you could just call me jimmy i’m an experienced california lemon

Law attorney i’ve been helping people for many years and i’ve gone over some of the comments i really want to give you guys the best and most informative information with the most value to really clarify some things that a lot of people want to know about some common questions and answers and facts and others that a lot of people are interested in regarding the

California lemon law and i thought myself to be best suited to do that because my phone always literally rings regarding the california lemon law and other things and i just wanted to give you guys the best and most informative information today is actually a saturday and one of my good friends he makes videos and other things so he offered to help you with this

Video they’re really thankful for that if you guys have any questions about video video work or anything where he’s actually located in the los angeles area he’s now paying me for this ad but he’s a good friend of mine and i’m always about building relationships as a lawyer i think it’s one of the most important things to do i’ve also represented some celebrities

And california lemon law is a beautiful system the way that it works is really a magnificent thing because you might be entitled to compensation when your vehicle is having engine problems transmission problems acceleration problems or other things that you’re dealing with even if it only happened one time you might be entitled to a large financial compensation

Settlement some people get $30,000 or more and it’s really a beautiful system the california lemon law is based on the song beverly warranty act and the magnusson moss warranty act on the federal level back in the day and the british used to call the lemon law because of the fact that when you bite into a lemon sometimes you might think it’s sweet because there are

Sweet lemons but some lemons are sour and it gives you that sour taste and we know that when you purchase or lease a new or used vehicle that’s either warranty or extended warranty or sometimes even if it has no warranty you might be entitled to compensation if it begins to have problems that you’re faced with such as again engine problems transmission problems a

Lot of people ask me about questions censors noises other things that other lawyers might have not been able to help you with but since our law firm heavily focuses on the california lemon law i really wanted to really break down how it works so don’t worry so much about how many times your car has to go into the shop for it to be a lemon because according to the

Law of the california lemon law which again is based on the song beverly warranty ag and the magnusson moss warranty act even if you take it in one time you might be entitled to compensation if it was in the shop for an extended period of time sometimes you take it to the shop and they’re just giving you the runaround they’re not really giving you clear indications

Of how they’re gonna fix your car they’re actually you might even be laughing at you saying ha ha ha ha we can’t fix that – acting like something you said was funny when what you’re actually talking about is the health and safety of your family and the other people on the road when you’re driving that vehicle so even if you took it in one time two times three times

You might have a powerful case and i really like to put in the time to speak to people even if they don’t have a case you know i’m not only here as much as you know lawyers love making money i’m not gonna say i don’t like money i do like money i always like money i like money even as a child growing up selling things on ebay and other things that it used to do

But it’s not about all the money i really do care about the health and safety of people i’ve been representing people in personal injury accidents wrongful death cases and other things and a lot of times if you have a lemon vehicle that goes unrecognized and you don’t deal with it properly it could lead to accidents even death and i don’t want to scare you guys

But it’s really serious in addition to that there are statue of limitations deadlines that can forever bar you from ever bringing a california lemon law case if you wait too long so it’s important to really act quickly move forward with the case seek with the lawyer and go through it immediately in order to see if you have a case so a lot of people a lot of people

Want to know about the california lemon law compensation and how that works how much you may potentially be entitled to the first thing that really comes to mind when they think about how much someone could be entitled to for a california lemon law case has to do with the length of period that you’ve had that vehicle because generally we look at that because i

Want to know how long you’ve had it for example if you had a lease so we look to see how many lease payments you’ve had so far or if you had a purchase you might have had a lump sum payment which we look at or if you had a lump sum payment that was divided up into a finance purchase where are you financing the vehicle that’s also something we look at so we look

At how much you paid lots of times the way that it generally works is that you probably paid a down payment of some sort plus some monthly payments that you’ve made from time and time and time again so we look at that i use my handy-dandy calculator and really double-check everything make sure everything is adding up sometimes we look at your trade-in vehicle

If you had one at the time of purchase some people are dealing with things such as negative equity and other things that come up and we add all of that up to see how much you paid and that becomes a basis of how much compensation you may potentially get in addition to that if the dealership or the manufacturer has been giving you the runaround or has denied you

Of anything you might actually be entitled to civil penalties increasing the settlement that you can get above and beyond what you actually paid some people end up getting two times or even three times the amount that they paid and we do not try to anything unless we win we’re contingency lawyers and what a contingency lawyer is is that we only get paid on the

Contingent fat that you win your case so if we don’t win we never charge you out of pocket not a single penny you know i know that a lot of families out there are dealing with a lot of financial hardships and for that reason i’m in the business and my number one goal is always to help my clients get paid get them to moolah get them to cheddar get them the nacho

Cheese or whatever you foo you guys like i know a lot of people like food on here and other things like that sometimes i talk about other things sushi and other things that are on here because i know life expenses go up very quickly and because of that we work on a contingency basis we’ve been doing lemon law for years and we’ve been helping people a lot and again

You might be entitled to $30,000 or more depending on how much you paid for your car lease purchase or whatever else a lot of people also want to know about the lemon law as it was seen in the show how i met your mother he compares lemon laws to dating when you go on a date and you’re on the date and you’re asking questions back and forth and if they make a couple

Mistakes one two three mistakes you’re kind of like you’re like thank you but i got to leave the day he was making a reference to that that kind of i think does compare to the california lemon law as it is because if the car is having problems a lot of people get stuck on the road a lot of people end up rear-ending other people or their cars having problems turning

On or shifting or accelerating or going in the gear or all kinds of different issues that come up if it’s having problems again it could even be once but if it’s having continuous problems i think that means that you have probably a lemon law case and i think it was well played it was very well played by barney stinson and how i met your mother and i really do like

That one and another thing that a lot of people want to know about is how to prepare yourself for a california lemon law case what we begin by looking at is your contract and you’re repairing voices your contract talks about how you purchase the car how you lease your are the payment schedule how much you’ve been paying whether you paid a down payment all of those

Things i can help review it with you many times we could even come to your home or office if you’d like or you could come to our office and we could speak about it my main office is in beverly hills currently but we can come to you or we have other offices that we can meet you at all throughout the state of california in addition to the fact that i have a lot of

Friends that handle lemon law cases outside of the state of california as well and if you are outside of the state of california but you purchased or leased your vehicle within the state of california you might still have a powerful lemon law case and you might be entitled to a lemon law compensation settlement so if you like money we do and we are a law firm that

Will fight for you we will speak to you i went to one of the best law schools in the state of california uc hastings law school built in the 1800s thankfully i got a scholarship to that school and it was an amazing school one of the residential buildings that we lived in the housing of that building the sky tower as it was called had one of the highest buildings

For a longest period of time in san francisco and while i was there a lot of like tech companies started coming about i think twitter and other things were starting to build offices near there it was a very tech friendly school they were using ipads and stuff so our office uses a lot of technology as well i like to give you guys the best and most clear information

That i possibly can so along with the contract there are also service repair invoices that we look at and the service repair invoices talk about when you took the car and a lot of times a lot of times they may have said that they were not able to duplicate the issues that you had when you took the car in to the service department but nevertheless if you had those

Problems they matter and i what you say matters what you tell us matters and there is something called an attorney-client confidentiality we always keep everything confidential with you we are here on your side again we don’t try and do anything unless we win what we do as many times we ask you to either email the documents to law at california law calm or fax it

To us at one 800 usually one eight eight eight to six five six five five three and you should always speak with us first i really recommend either if it’s day or night monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday saturday sunday any day of the week even on holidays i highly recommend that you first begin with the completely free complimentary consultation give us a

Call and let’s talk it’s 1-800-455-1052 and bugattis it really just depends you know sometimes a lot of people have problems with kia i’ve been getting a lot of calls for different recalls and different things that come up for people a lot of times you might have been getting a letter in the mail regarding a recall or whatever it is but something that’s important

To remember is that the statue of limitations again is a deadline for these types of cases so it’s always important to move quickly if you think you have a lemon law case and a lot of people might have shared the title of their vehicle with a loved one with the spouse you might be on the case when you got in a cosigner or something like that usually we’d like to

Speak both people get a clear understanding of what’s going on understand what your goals are we go over all of the comments if you want to leave any comments we go over all of the questions that you guys ask and i really do care you know my mom she’s actually a persian radio host for the last two decades and on her show she was always interviewing lawyers and

Talking to lawyers about all kinds of different lawyers and things like that so growing up day by day talking to my mom and it being close family as we are i really always knew more and more about the law each day

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