Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 416 LOW Roof MWB 7G-TRONIC + RWD VS30

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G’day welcome to the southwest coast of victoria and here we have a sprinter so this is a sprinter transfer minibus it’s a four one six in iridium silver so we’ve got a nice reflective metallic paint on there so the 416 um so this is the upper model um in the two model range for this transfer mini buses um and they come in either 12 or 15 seaters this is a 12 seater

Demo of ours they have revised the range a little bit for the 2022 model year so um this one was complied last year but uh going forward they’ve changed the numbers a little bit so we’ve got a four one five and a four one seven available same size in terms of length so medium wall base rear wheel drive is the standard all automatic with a seven speed dual clutch

For this one but they have moved to a nine speed uh in the newer 2022 models so we’re happy to help you out on either one which whichever way you’re looking whether it be on a newer model or this demo demonstrated vehicle now you all know it’s got quite a high roof there so that’s actually not a standard feature the roof line would otherwise be a little bit above

The doorway for the on that driver this has got the high roof fitted as an option along with the roof mounted air conditioning unit so that you know certainly makes a big impact on a hot day if you’re in a hotter climate so make sure that all your passengers in the back are remaining as cool as they can so this one is the upper variant does score a couple extra

Features as standard you can option them in in the lower grade model so we’ve got the led data on running lights and led uh headlamps we’ve got the electric sliding door so it’s just one access doorway to get into the main compartment as you can see it’s got electric step on the bottom which pops out and then the door opens itself now the operation for the door

You can open by the handle there’s a button here i can close the door as well there’s actually a button in the driver’s dashboard so the driver doesn’t actually have to get out the vehicle to allow people to disembark so great means for greater efficiency if you are stopping and starting quite regularly you will notice there are some little holders so you’ve got

Usb points throughout the vehicle um with a little holder so people install their phone as well the with the high roof head it’s actually enough for someone to stand in that’s the key difference here if you go for the standard roof um you sort of be a little hunched over for a lot of people whereas with the high roof you definitely have enough room for for the for

Most people to be able to stand up quite comfortably and move through the vehicle so the sprinters they come with um quite a bit of stuff as standard we’ve got the form of mbux which is um their operating system you’ve got touch screen apple carplay android auto so you can use maps uh from either of those in the center there uh and then we’ve got a multi-function

Steering wheel cruise control all that kind of stuff they come with autonomous emergency braking and blind spot assist as well as lane keep assist in this model um we we also have the um electronic stability programs quite an advanced one so uh it will do a number of things including um cross wind assist so we’ll uh counter any movement from the wind uh through

Braking um and also do with rollover mitigation and also adjust the weight in the vehicle so there’s a lot of weight in particular side of the vehicle and know where to uh how to intervene with brakes to keep your traction and keep you safe and stable on the road they are very comfortable to drive this 416 does have a little more power over the 414 and really

Too easy on the road um and also you know safe comfortable as well so big focus and noise harshness vibration the sprinter’s been one of the biggest or the biggest selling uh vehicle in its class over the last 20 years globally and continues to sell very well but we got this here demo um so as say complied last year available here in william silva otherwise can

Happily to look at some of the newer models they have gone up a little bit in price but uh give us a call with southwest coast of victoria we’d absolutely love to hear from you my name is harry

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Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 416 LOW Roof MWB 7G-TRONIC + RWD VS30 By Callaghan Motors