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The story of the mercedes-benz s-class a story of enthralment innovation and passion a story of bold inventors and intrepid pioneers in search of a better future it’s the story of people with vision and the courage to stray from well-trodden paths people who are ahead of their time and refuse to accept compromises and it’s a classic love story too the story of

Our love for the car the foundations for the success of the s-class were laid in the early 1950s when mercedes-benz introduced the new 220 model known internally as the w187 beneath the bonnet of this forefather of today’s s-class lay a newly designed six-cylinder engine with overhead camshaft the car had a top speed of 140 kilometers per hour impressive in its

Day and featured duplex brakes on the front wheels even back then these revealed our belief that safety is paramount a belief that’s reflected in every mercedes-benz car surprise from france 1954 a year of sporting triumphs in motor racing the mercedes-benz formula one race car dominated every major circuit at the wheel of the legendary streamlined w196 karl

Kling won the celebrated arvos race and juan manuel fangio was crowned world champion for the second time in a row in the same year the single joint swing axle of the w196 went into series production for the first time just one of many technical innovations which underwent a baptism of fire in the world of motor racing before being applied to the new six cylinder

180 model series it was also the first mercedes-benz luxury class saloon to feature a self-supporting body structure and as such marked the start of a new era in car manufacturing from a purely technical point of view every mercedes-benz saloon built since has featured a ponton style body but the term port on mercedes is exclusively reserved for this original

Model generation rock and roll ruled the dance floors in the late 50s while in living rooms the television was starting to take hold and a ball-shaped satellite known as sputnik began transmitting signals from space for the first time rocket propulsion played an important role at mercedes-benz in those days too it was an idea which sparked off a new era in safety

Research and during the early phases there was an occasional tendency to overshoot the mark many of the research findings from this period were fed into the development of the model series 111 which began to roll off the production lines in 1959 the design of what we know today as the tail fin mercedes was certainly eye-catching but the really revolutionary thing

About it was its rigid passenger cell with crumple zones front and rear patented by bella barini the father of passive safety he was also the man who came up with the idea of the padded dashboard in the tailfin mercedes on april 12 1961 the world held its breath as the soviet cosmonaut yuri gagarin circled the earth in a space capsule becoming the first man

In space the pioneering mood of the age was also in evidence at mercedes-benz with the new 300 se the top of the line 112 tail fin model a four-speed automatic transmission a dual-circuit braking system disc brakes front and rear and for the first time air suspension were all standard features of the plush 300 se as a free man i say pride in the word ish the

Beginning of the sixties was a time of change all around the world also at the unterturkime plant in stuttgart where work was forging ahead on the legendary luxury class 108 and 109 model series the site of the 250s to 300 sel models still makes the car fans hearts race the body created by the french designer paul brack marked a departure from everything that had

Gone before in 1968 there were demonstrations all over the world for a wide range of reasons mercedes-benz was busy demonstrating how elegance and power could be combined on four wheels air suspension an automatic transmission and an engine taken from the 600 model joined forces to optimum effect in the 300 sel 6.3 the top of the line 109 model it’s it was only

One small step for mercedes-benz to give its latest luxury class 116 model series the official title the s-class but this model series represented a giant leap in terms of passive safety ground-breaking improvements such as the crash protected fuel tank and the enhanced passenger cell marked out the s-class saloons which began to roll out of the sindelfingen plant

In 1972 boxing legend muhammad ali was known as the greatest even before his famous fight with george foreman in zaire afterwards he became the greatest of all time the greatest member of the s-class family was the 450 sel 6.9 with a displacement of almost 7 liters this spectacular model represented the pinnacle of the model series when it was launched in 1975.

There was another groundbreaking invention that marked out the first generation s-class ii it was the world’s first passenger car to be available with the anti-lock braking system today abs is a standard part of almost every car manufacturer’s repertoire but in 1978 it was exclusively reserved for mercedes-benz s-class customers the early 80s saw a lot of new

Trends come drifting over from the other side of the pond but the 70s weren’t even fully over when mercedes-benz showed the world where the s-class was heading straight to the future w126 was the internal designation for the latest milestone in car safety this second generation was the first to survive the offset crash test at a speed of 55 kilometers per

Hour unscathed making the s-class one of the safest cars of its time mercedes-benz underlined its pioneering role with the introduction of the brand new driver’s airbag and the belt tensioner there was no disputing the fact that the wind of change was blowing in the car industry and elsewhere too mr gorbachev tear down this wall berlin on the mower there

Was freedom for south africa as well nelson mandela was released from prison after over 27 years he also drove an s-class a great car for a great man the beginning of the 90s saw a very different revolution taking place cutting edge microchips delivered ever-increasing speeds on the information highway and on the real highway this was an increasingly frequent

Site the opulent w140 represented the third generation of the s-class and was the first series-produced car to feature a mercedes star and a 12-cylinder engine an armored special protection version was used for many years by the former chancellor of germany helmut corp communication and keeping in contact were the buzz concept around this time mobiles got smaller

And the internet got bigger and bigger welcome to the information age the newly developed handling control systems on board the s-class were designed to make optimum use of information the electronic stability program esp and brake assist bas turned the 140 model series into a quote giant who’d been taught to dance on the tips of his toes when the model series

Finally went into retirement the frankfurter alga miner remarked wistfully some of us are missing the big guy already in 1998 a german-american merger made history formula one driver mika hekkinen and his mclaren mercedes revived the legend of the silver arrows and mercedes-benz presented the new 220 model series s-class saloons the standard specification model

Boasted over 30 innovations and 340 patented features including airmatic a newly developed air suspension system the s-class began the new millennium with pre-safe a sophisticated system of sensors recognizes in fractions of a second that the car is heading for a collision and instantly triggers protective measures yes so so so you so you

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