Mercedes C-Class 2021 review – S-Class luxury for less

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Do you see class well did you just see some idiot from the midlands he’s run out of interesting analogies for his car reviews suppose i could have just said oh it’s like an s-class but smaller though that’s just obvious isn’t it anyway in this video i’m going to talk you through this car tell you about its design it’s interior it’s technology and find out what

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Give you the cash and take it away simple let’s talk about the design obviously all new car all new body panels look smart if you ask me and i like it in this matte gray paint the tail light’s a bit like those on the revised e-class but what is this this is a fake rear diffuser and what is that and that bear with me don’t know the kawaii sticker truth but we have

The kawaii grass straw of truth which will reveal these are as fake as fake exhaust pipes can possibly get and wait a minute i’m not done fakery there oh yes mercedes what are you up to you just can’t give it up can you fakery is absurd from the side the new c-class does look very s classy doesn’t it it just does now this one has the 19-inch aloe wells which is

The largest size you can get on the c-class they actually start 17 which would look really really small also this design of wheel with this black insert rim kind of makes them look smaller than they actually are what do you think about them let me know in the comments so this car has a side sill here it’s got black door mirror caps it’s got rear privacy glass and

Black around the windows and i guess that would be very much like the uk’s mg premium line spec but it’s actually a german spec car which doesn’t mean that it likes to go to nudist beaches of the weekend it’s just that they do slightly different specs there now if you’re german you’re watching this and i just offended you sorry you’d rather watch a proper german

Do car wire reviews click on the pop-out banner up there to subscribe to our german car wide channel presented by a proper german this is him doing some german stuff right now he’s deeply right that’s my ego no idea what he said was it i go to nudist beaches probably was here at the front the new c-class looks sportier than the previous generation version though

Obviously this one is helped by the fact it’s got the amg lower bumper look with or fakery here so a lot of s these little three-pointed stars in the grill very very cool so too are these headlights really nice i’ll tell you more about those later and i like the creases in the bonnet just make it look aggressive here on the inside this new c-class is super stylish i

Love the design it looks way better than a bmw 3 series than an audi a4 it’s sort of s classy but more youthful more sporty for instance these air vents on the dash i much prefer the shape of those than the squarish ones in the s-class and they do the same thing you know when you increase the temperature you get red ambient light in there and then when you decrease

It it goes blue and there’s lots of other ambient lighting about the place with loads of different color choices and it uses fibre optics so it’s nice and bright great i even like this weird trim which is sort of like one of those magic eye paintings if you stare at it long enough you will see a dolphin or you’ll get a migraine it’s sort of carbon fibery but not

Fake carbon fiber works without looking cheap like that i like the new steering wheel as well apart from the fact that it’s got touch sensitive buttons which are a bit of a fiddle to use it’s a bit of a fiddle to use the climate control even though they’re on the screen the whole time yeah you can’t tell that you’re necessarily pressing them when you’re driving

You have to look down which is an idea there’s something else that isn’t ideal well like materials up here and here all feel good and you get leather as standard heated seats as well bit to this cabin feel a bit cheap scratchy muck scratch scratchy muck scratch more scratchiness and the worst bit here this in this door panel when it comes to actual build quality

I think a bmw 3 series is better made and has nicer materials and if you want to see my full in-depth video review of that car putting a link popping out in the top right hand corner of the screen click on that you can go watch it now can’t fault this car for practicality though so underneath here you have your cup holders and they’re just the right depth for

Your coffee cup and you can press this button as well like to hold it tightly so it doesn’t spill when you’re bombing through the corners you’ve also got some usb-c ports there and a wireless charging pad for your mobile phone but would it fit the big samsung s20 ultra in its case lo and behold it does better forget that later under here there’s more storage

Quite a lot of space and there’s a cloth there obviously for wiping my lights for cleaning the screen more usb connectivity in there as well as for door bins they’re accommodating large bottle fits no problem at all as for the glove box glove box come on oh look it’s got that silly blooming perfume in here silly perfume what’s that mercedes-benz freestyle mood

Free side what does that even mean just smells sickly sweet if that wasn’t there that’d fit oh well there you go that’s your practicality let’s talk about the infotainment screen so this is the thing that dominates the cabin this portrait style screen like you get in the s-class loads of functionality easy to use mercedes latest system very very good of course

You’ve got apple carplay and android auto which i’d actually just use and you’ve got voice commands as well if you dare to say hey mercedes how can i help she’ll chirp up and try to help you set temperature to low i’m sorry can you say that again please hey mercedes hey mercedes how may i help you set temperature to low temperature set to minimum how did that

Sound any different why didn’t it understand the first time no they’re hitting this i’ll probably just be pressing the button to tell you the truth good entertainment system though other than that and that brings on to this driver’s display very clear loads of different views for it so you can swipe through and change the look of that have more information have

Less information one thing he doesn’t seem able to do i don’t know if it’s an option and it’s just not available this car is the 3d effect you can get on the s-class shane i love that feature other than that though yeah really nice and driving position plenty of adjustment if you’re big or small you’ll be able to see out no problem at all oh look it’s not bad an

Electrically operated steering wheel column on a c-class someone’s probably typing matt they always have that it’s just bmw that doesn’t do it i can’t remember sorry i can’t know everything the interior coolness extends all the way into the back of the c-class i love the design of the doors and the armrests and quality is generally good back here though once again

There are a few cheap feeling bits and pieces about the place um in terms of the space they’ve actually increased the size in terms of knee room and headroom not so new room is good headroom i’m average height in fact i’m very average surprised so many of you watch these videos anyway average height and i’ve just about gone up headroom people over six foot might

Find it a bit tight but it could be due to the fact we’ve got the glass roof which you can’t see because i’ve got the blinds up because it’s just too bright the seats themselves are nice and comfy and i love the actual pattern on them and the leather is really soft now if you need to carry three people at once in the back there’s always that problem with these

Kind of cars a big hump in the floor which you have to straddle and the middle seat is a bit of a perch so you end up then touching your head on the roof as for the rest of the car in terms of practicality so airplane style folds on the seat backs they’re nice big door bins you’ve got an armrest here with no cup holders in the way so when you rest arm on it it is

Comfortable instead look your cup holders are here and there’s this little slot there for a mobile phone your phone won’t fit in there if you’ve got it in the case otherwise it would do wait a minute that’s a bit weird these look like the eyes of a robot speaking of which these air vents and the climate control here for the back looks like the face of the robot

From futurama bender anyhow if you want to carry longer items you can fold this down have two people either side no problem at all and the ice fix anchor points are these really cool covers where you can just push the seats into place like that and then when you want to cover them back up again you just press there so no need to lose the ice fix anchor covers at

All and there should be enough space back here to even fit a bulky rear-facing charge seat are you ready to see the new c-classes boot let’s be honest it’s why you’re all really here let’s do it wow there it is saloon boot slightly awkward shape because of the curved rear end some storage under here oh look and the classic the mercedes crate storage nets tie

Down points hawks to hang things off an okay square shape in there so you should be able to fit quite a lot of stuff in it however in terms of outright capacity 455 liters whereas an audi a4 and a bmw 3 series the boot capacity on those cars 480 liters so if you’re playing a game of boot top trumps you’re going to lose with this car and that brings up to five

Annoying things better than your c-class those shiny events on the dash may look cool but they reflect quite badly in the windscreen which is a bit distracting this map paint looks cool but it does chip quite easily look at the stone chip on this one already and it’s quite hard to fix also if a bird poo’s on there the acid in the birds dropping can eat into the

Paint quite easily so you have to wipe it up as soon as it lands which you can’t do if it’s parked and you leave it oh there the car’s key is big shiny and ow heavy so it feels expensive in your hands the only problem is it feels a little bit too weighty and cumbersome in your pocket i mean look at that am i pleased to see you or have i just got a mercedes c-class

Key in my pocket while many of the engines from the previous c-class have carried over to this new one there is one that they’re not taking across and it’s the one that everyone loves it’s the four liter twin turbo v8 from the c63 apparently the new c63 will be a four-cylinder hybrid the previous generation c-class was unique in its segment for being available

With all-round air suspension which is the kind of thing you normally find on bigger more luxurious cars however they’ve stopped that it’s now just coil spring on the saloon that’s all you get core springs traditional old-school method of suspending them just waffling now get out thankfully this car has plenty of cool features to help make up for all this here’s

Five all versions of the c-class come with mild hybrid technology so they improve the efficiency of the stop start system and allow you to coast when you’re slowing down also adds a bit of an extra boost when you put your foot down so for very short periods the little electric motor which is part of the mod hybrid system can give you an extra 200 newton meters of

Torque an fyi that’s the same amount of pulling power that you get from a one liter turbo volkswagen golf are you too posh to tug on manual releases to lower the seat backs in your saloon car well don’t worry you can get electric releases here in the c-class ta-da just look at the incredible definition you get on the surround view cameras and of course you can look

All around the car if you want to come on this one to see around what’s that there that’s the bottle of water from earlier although it looks like it’s been flattened anyway you get the general idea not only has the new c-class got an airbag between the two front seats so the drive in the front passenger don’t bang their heads together in the event of a collision

There’s also air bags on the outer portion of the seats to push the seats inwards in case the car gets hit from the side not only can this new infotainment system receive over-the-air updates like your mobile phone it can also connect to home smart devices through the voice command so i could say hey mercedes how may i help you is there a thief in my house and

It should be able to connect to my home security system and let me know i’m sorry can you say that again please i don’t think this one is connected to my home security system shut up i’m trying to talk to the people shut up go away shut up go away clear go bye bye bye right engines let’s do this dead simple turbo petrols or two liter four cylinder so in the c200

You have 204 horsepower in the c300 you have 258 horsepower diesels once again or two liter four cylinder in the c220d you have 200 horsepower in the c300d you have 265 horsepower then there’s a c300e which is a plug-in hybrid you get a two-liter four-cylinder 204 horsepower petrol motor plus an electric motor with 129 horsepower a 25 kilowatt hour battery pack

Which will give you a range of electric only power of up to 62 miles all right let’s go for a little drive in this new c-class and the first thing i want to tell you about is how you can get it with rear wheel steering which makes it more maneuverable than ever so mini roundabout can i circumnavigate it like a complete and utter pilchard come on hopefully nothing

Comes out of the main mercedes gate yes i’m filming at mercedes headquarters in the uk yes be sorry because you’re interrupted i’m sorry but i can’t help you with that right now but you can interrupt me can’t you anyway i see what’s even more annoying than uh is the fact that you can’t get the rear wheel steering in the uk why right let’s move on let’s address the

First issue i raised the fact you can’t get this car with air suspension anymore but does it need it well this one is fitted with the adaptive dampers and i’ve got the car set in comfort mode and you know what it’s actually very comfy and it does that kind of floaty thing you get from an s-class which feels expensive but it does make me wonder just how tied down this

Car will be when i start to push it through some corners or because i’m in milton keynes some roundabouts because i have a lot of roundabouts here because being a c-class is supposed to feel more sporty than the s-class obviously and the steering in comfort mode is pretty light but it’s direct and it puts the car where i want it to i am going to now just move into

Sports mode in fact let’s go the whole hog sports plus and see what it feels like around this roundabout do you know what it stays fairly flat in the turns yet it doesn’t feel like the suspension is that hard even in the sports plus mode still good over bump so whenever a few bumps then he was absolutely fine that’s impressive right that’s enough of that let’s go

Straight ahead now another new thing on this car is the cruise control it’s automated it’ll stay to keep you in line keep your safe distance from the car in front but you can use it just on normal roads like this and in town it can still figure out where it is doesn’t need such clear white lines it’s really quite good if you want to let the car do most of the work

In all environments not just the motorway i like that i’m just going to disengage it now because i need to test the car and have a feel of what it’s like oh that’s annoying the indicator has the windscreen wipers and it’s easy to just flip it like that see what’s also annoying don’t know if you can hear this very hot day so i’ve got the air conditioning on it’s on

The lowest setting yet the vents quite noisy which is a shame because the rest of the car is actually quite quiet hardly any road noise or wind noise the only thing i can hear is this when i put my foot down that diesel just doing what a diesel engine does but it’s not as gravelly as some diesel engines i’ll tell you that and it does pick up really nicely actually

So let’s move back into comfort mode because i think that’s what this car is all about and it’s such a relaxing thing to drive nice and chilled i like this you could do a long distance in this car the seats are lovely as well they’ve nailed this car in terms of how comfy is to drive and yeah it doesn’t feel all lollip in the benz either it’s quite sharp not quite

Sporting as a bmw 3 series but not far off i’m impressed right i’m going to launch this car this c220d should do 960 in 7.3 seconds especially his timing gear here let’s see what happens come on what are we going to get 7.2 seconds a little bit quicker than they said overall though this car is deeply impressive to drive in fact it’s very much a lovely thing one

Small thing i’m noticing as i’m looking that way that you can’t see these pillars quite a blind spot other than that as i said lovely so then what’s my final verdict on the new mercedes c class should you avoid it should you consider it should you shortlist it or should you just go right ahead and buy it well if you want the comfiest and most high-tech car

In its class this is the one you want so go right ahead and buy the new c-class i hope you enjoyed the video if you did please give it a like in return i’ll give you access to my favorite needle speech let me know what you think of this car in the comments below and if you click on those windows there you can watch some more videos and if you click on that box

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