Mercedes C Class C220d Saloon (Review)

This Mercedes C Class C220d Saloon model looks absolutely stunning in Selenite Grey, especially when the sun hits it. But it’s got more than just looks. Check out the video where Ken, the star expert at Mercedes Benz of Stevenage, gives an in-depth review of the ins and outs of this C Class Saloon.

Hello i’m ken starr expert at mercedes-benz of stevenage and we are here with one of my favorite premium compact saloons the mercedes-benz c-class now it’s just been updated as of last year there was some fantastic technology inside it and i’m gonna show you why i think it is a brilliant brilliant place to be so here we are with the c-class saloon now this

Particular one is in selenite grey metallic paint which i think looks fantastic especially in this light you can really see those gorgeous lines working their way down the car and i really see what the designers were thinking when they put it together now this particular one is here in the amg line trim so what does that give you well in addition to the chrome

Finished single bar grille you get the diamond pin design which almost makes it look as if the badge itself is floating in there’s a magic trick on the eye so what we’ve got on the front corners of the c-class saloon just here so next to these horizontal stripes air gets channeled through there through this vent here you can just about see daylight on this side

Then that air is sent all the way down the side of the car now what that does at speed is it reduces some of the drag some of the turbulence that’s thrown up by the wheels as they spin that increases fuel efficiency that increases the aerodynamic properties of the car really allowing it to just slice through the air almost like a fish well you’ve got just a pair

Of further vents on this particular model comes with the optional multi beam led headlights so there are loads of individual leds in each cluster that gives you fantastic illumination of the road ahead especially when driving at night left in there automatic setting the field of light will automatically move it will move around vehicles that are in front of you or

Coming towards you so that you never dazzle another road user now on all four corners the c-class amg line wears these five twin spoke amg design wheels these are genuinely some of my favorite wheel design sir that we’ve got at the moment so the sporty design of the amg line c-class continues around the back on the sides here you can see these are two air vents

Er one on each side and again a chrome weather strip that runs along the top of the rear diffuser with the strikes there again helping the car’s aerodynamic properties and on both sides chrome tip trapeze a little exhaust exits now the model that we’ve got here today is the c 220 d now one of the biggest changes from the previous eclass is the introduction of

The brand new two-liter diesel engine designed from scratch and these are some of the most powerful torque ii but most efficient engines that mercedes-benz have ever made and i think my favorite small feature that really tops this car off on the brake lights the led strips in the cluster make up the shape of a seed there i caused that so welcome to the refreshed

Interior of the mercedes-benz c-class now with the 2018 facelift everything that you see and a lot of what you touch what you feel has all been updated so let’s start in the center of the dashboard you have the new wider slightly lower main infotainment screen now you’ll find that particularly handy as the top of the screen doesn’t eat too much into the windscreen

Area there now you can access everything on the infotainment system via the six shortcut buttons that are just down here so you have quick selects for a navigation like ron now radio media telephone through bluetooth as well and then this button here takes you to the vehicle settings where you can adjust what the car is doing so the c-class runs a updated version

Of the mercedes-benz command infotainment system and what you’ve got down here is just one of the many ways that you can control it so you have the circular rocker here and just above it is a touch sensitive trackpad there now on each side so you have your a dynamic selector that will take you through the cars various driving modes so you’ve got eco comfort sport

Sport+ and individual and just beneath it there this button will do the cars self parking now the biggest change is quite literally staring you straight in the face there’s a brand new steering wheel f for the updated c-class and another way of controlling the infotainment so you’ll see on each side of the multifunction flat-bottom steering wheel these two track

Pads now this one on the left allows you to control what you do on the main infotainment screen there and you’ve also got control for volume and answering or rejecting calls to on the right hand side you have another trackpad and that controls are what you see in the digital display in the instrument cluster so you can flick through the trip computer itself you

Can also bring up say your next navigation directions or flick through radio stations with great ease the cruise control has also moved to the right hand side of the steering wheel as well gone is the old column that used to sit underneath the wheel and is now replaced with buttons in the center console underneath the gloss black trim you have two cupholders and

With this car you get a wireless charging mat so that you can see in there just pop your device on there and it will start charging and that is next to one of the usb ports and to keep other devices charged see you class of course is designed to take not just you but friends family up to five people around with you now there is more than enough room for a six foot

Four man in the back here and if you don’t have three people across the bench you can fold down part of the central seat that doubles up as a storage unit like so and a double cup holder too now driving a c-class really is an engaging it’s an involving experience this chassis is fantastic it’s playful it is so stable though it’s got really wide track on it so you

Never feel like you’re gonna lose grip or lose traction the steering as well there’s a really good weight to it you know exactly what the car is doing at any speed find yourself the right stretch of road in the c class and you will just love it so the c 220 d is one of three diesel engine options that you can get for this car for petrol engines you can go from the

C 180 200 300 and then it gets the amg c classes so for a little bit more driving performance you can go for the amg c 43 with its sonorous twin-turbo v6 engine if you want a little bit more when i go for the hand-built masterpiece for the v8 that you get in the c63 and the c63 s that’s another cool fuel saving feature that you can do with the new c-class so when

You put it in its eco driving mode you’re driving along lift off the gas the gearbox will sort of disconnect it’ll put itself into neutral almost and coasts so at the moment we’re in what’s called sailing mode and we are using absolutely no fuel now it’s a clever system as well so so you’re in sailing mode going down a hill the car will recognize that and it won’t

Let you just pick up pounds and bounds and bounds and bounds of speed it will re-engage the transmission to help slow the car down so i think m this has been the c 220 d amg line saloon now if you want to see some of the special offers that we’ve got on this car and other c classes then check out mercedes benz hartfordshire website that is just down here and there

You can also check out some of the offers that we’ve got on the other fantastic cars in our model lineup thank you very much for watching you

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