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Mercedes C-Class saloon 2007 – 2011 review – CarBuyer

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Mercedes C-Class saloon 2014 review:

The mercedes-benz three-pointed star gives you instant kudos but there’s more to like about the c-class than just the badge on its grill it has a good sized boot with a nice wide opening and it also goes quite a fair way back the c-class is nice and roomy here on the inside too and it has that famous mercedes engineered to last quality about it let’s just hear

That again it’s so satisfying i mean everything solid extremely well screwed together it’s kind of cabin that you think could survive a bomb blast and it’s all nicely laid out as well there’s not too many buttons to get confused with because mercedes lets you control lots of functions through this little swivel wheel and you see what you’re doing on this lcd

Screen up here on the move the mercedes is very quiet and refined and it’s fitted with electronically controlled suspension which constantly adapts to the road conditions or your driving style to offer the best balance of handling and comfort the system works really well and means the c-class is super smooth to drive on even poorly surface roads and because the

Car’s rear-wheel drive you get that lovely sensation of being pushed along rather than pulled like in a front-wheel drive car that means that when you get on a nice twisty road the c-class is actually quite a bit of fun and if you go for the sport version of the c-class it will come with slightly sharper steering and stiffer suspension for an even more engaging

Drive however this more dynamic setup is not quite as comfortable as the standard car and that brings us on to the c-classes downsides and i’d have to say avoid a manual gearbox if you can because they feel a little bit loose and disconnected really you want an automatic like this car has the steering wheel feels ever so slightly offset so you do feel touch twisted

Maybe behind the wheel and the interior doesn’t feel quite as special as you’d expect from a mercedes i mean really a bmw 3 series is more exciting on the inside the c-class has some other downsides too the car comes with a foot-operated parking brake which you might find a little bit odd to use i mean really being a mercedes you kind of expect an electronic one

And if you follow me into the back you’ll see that well there’s absolutely loads of knee room which means you can really stretch out head room is actually limited and anyone over six foot is probably going to struggle and then there’s this big transmission tunnel which kind of gets in the way and if you’re in lucky enough to get the center seat you can’t have

Your legs together otherwise you end up in the fetal position and then there’s a matter of price because the c-class well it ain’t cheap but having said that it will hold its value very well and the diesel models are actually relatively inexpensive to run and i have to say it has one of the possious keys of any car

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