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The Mercedes E-Class saloon is one of the world’s biggest-selling upmarket saloon cars, completing with the BMW 5 Series and Audi A6. In its latest generation, the E-Class is much like a scaled-down S-Class luxury car, such is the amount of technology and the luxurious feel it offers. Two engines are available – both diesel – and are quiet, powerful and efficient. The E-Class should certainly be on your list if you’re looking for a smart executive saloon car.

This is the new mercedes e-class but you’d be forgiven for mistaking it for the smaller c-class or the larger s-class they’re that familiar a lot of manufacturers adopting this russian doll styling we’re models bear more than a passing resemblance to each other but it’s not such a bad thing in the case of the new mercedes e-class that’s because the e-class is a

Very good-looking car an actual fact it looks just like a mini s-class especially with redesigned front-end flowing lines down the sides and neat taillights at the bag now the interior of this car is a real step up from the old eclass it’s dominated by these two 12.3 inch screens one of a number of options you can specify for this car and this center console which

Sort of swoops round i particularly like the climate control buttons here which feel really high quality while the air vents and the analog clock add a dash of old-school charm the e-class features mercedes latest command infotainment system controlled by the familiar scroll wheel the touchpad down on the center console and special touch pads on the steering wheel

But the system itself is much easier to use than before and the screen is very crisp and clear but as mercedes sacrificed space and storage in the pursuit of style not at all because there’s loads and loads of cubbies in here the first of which is in the center console there’s a space full two cupholders a space for the key and there’s a little slot which you can

Put your mobile phone in under here there’s charging ports to charge up your phone the door bins are nice and large i’ve got at least a bottle of water and the glovebox is a really good size as well eclass is slightly more expensive than its nearest rivals like the bmw 5-series and the audi a6 but it comes packed with a generous amount of standard equipment to go

With his upmarket looks there are two trim levels se and amg line se comes with 17-inch alloy wheels bright led headlights and tail lights cruise control d a.b radio satellite navigation heated seats and ambient lighting and you can choose from one of 64 colors and it really transforms the interior at night step up to amg line for a sporty body kit larger alloys

And synthetic leather upholstery now a lot of the e classes you see on the road are a taxi in one form or another so you won’t be surprised to hear that rear passenger space back here is really very good the doors open nice and wide which is great if you’re using it as a taxi and there’s loads of knee room that’s c to set up in my driving position i’m just under 5

Foot 11 so there’s loads of knee room and i’ve got plenty of headroom this car is fitted with the panoramic sunroof but headroom is still pretty good now if you want to carry three people it’s not too much for a problem they will have to haul themselves over this transmission tunnel but it’s not too much of a problem and back here it’s ok it’s not too bad storage

Wise there’s a pulldown the armrest as a big cubby they’re a couple of cup holders which is really good and one interesting thing this car has got is the ability for the driver to control the passenger seat here so it means that if somebody’s sitting back here and they want some extra legroom the driver can do it automatically without inconveniencing the person

Back here now while saloon cars don’t tend to be those practical cars in the world the e-class has actually got quite a practical boot open up the tailgate and you’ve actually got the same size boot as you get on the jaguar xf it’s also larger than the audi a6 and the bmw 5-series now the opening is nice and wide meaning it’s very easy to put bags in now as stan

The e-class has come with 60/40 folding rear seats now for a few extra pounds you can have what we’ve got here which is where the seats all fold individually now there’s a couple of handles up here but you do have to come round and actually fold the backrest down yourself and once you’ve done that you’ve got a really flat loading bay which is great for those extra

Shops to ikea and furniture places like that now in here we’ve also got a couple of storage nets there’s some underfloor storage and of course there’s the obligatory electric tailgate for now the new mercedes e-class comes with a choice of two diesel engines leeta e to 20 d with 191 brake horsepower and a 3 liter v6 in the e350 d which produces 254 brake horsepower

It’s the e to 20 d we’ve got here replaces the old 2.1 litre diesel engine using a variety of mercedes products and i cannot tell you how much better this engine is it’s so much quieter so much smoother and so much more refined it’s not bad before more either naught 62 takes seven point three seconds but this car isn’t about outright performance it’s about relaxed

Hushed motorway progress and this car really does that for a more entertaining drive you will need to look at the jaguar xf or the bmw 5-series but if you want something to wash the long in the new e-class is great it’s very smooth and refined but has plenty of power when you need to put your foot down there various driving modes available including eco comfort

Sport and sport plus all of which alter the suspension steering and throttle for different styles of driving now i’d recommend sticking comfort mode all the time because this is what this car is all about after all in this particular car we’ve got air suspension as an optional extra and it just is gorgeous it’s just got these lovely floaty quality to it and mated

With this 9 speed automatic gearbox which just fires through gears so smoothly it makes this a really relaxing car to drive keeping things calm behind the wheel but help you on your running cost to mercedes claims the e-class returns 72.4 mpg and it’s just a hunch and 12 grams per kilometer at co2 for the model we have although this can change depending on the size

Of the alloy wheels we achieved 53.3 mpg over about 300 miles recently on varied roads which isn’t too bad considering the size of the car and the performance on offer the new e-class also comes with a raft of advanced safety equipment – some of which is standard and some of which is available from the extensive and expensive options list for example our car has the

Driver assistance plus package which includes blind spot monitoring evasive steering assist active brake assist lanky persist and a system to put the brakes on if it senses someone is going to crash into the back of you it’s an impressive list equipment to keep you safe and secure but if you get too adventurous with the options list it can cost you a small fortune

Our car has around twelve thousand pounds worth of extras fitted now you can look at the class in two ways one as a expensive mercedes c-class or as a cut-price s-class now we like to think of it as the latter now okay the e-class is not as distinctive to look at as the jaguar xf nor is it as fun to drive as a bmw 5-series but it’s beautifully made luxuriously

Appointed and very safe it will certainly be a hit in the company car park click the video on the left for our review of the jaguar xf on the right for the bmw 5-series click the play icon for our latest video and on our logo to subscribe you

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