Mercedes-EQ Enthusiasts – With the EQS on the Circuit de Monaco

Bonjour, Monaco! In the latest episode of Mercedes-EQ Enthusiasts, we pay a surprise visit to Mercedes-EQ Formula E racing driver Nyck de Vries in his adopted homeland. Subscribe to Mercedes-Benz on YouTube:

Hey eq enthusiasts, welcome to the next episode! today, we are in monaco. hey dennis, it’s nyck. i have been told that you like electric racing. so i invite you to monaco to tell you and learn all about it. of course, i have a little surprise with me already waiting at the harbour. let’s see what he will say when we go for a spin on the iconic circuit and to some

Beautiful and hidden places here in monaco. come on! thanks for the invitation! i am really looking forward to this day! nyck, you are a race driver and you live in monaco. talking about cars, there is probably nothing you haven’t seen so far. with something that you haven’t seen before on these streets. we just have to drive our e-scooters down to the harbour.

Honestly, i think the shapes and the roundings are really nice. they call it seamless design. this is the world’s most aerodynamic production car. it’s the star pattern. you can also have it on the black panel on the front. very beautiful. it perfectly fits into the scenery here. i will show you how to close the rest of the doors. you press “close all doors” and

Hold for five seconds. no, but i am well informed. i have a screen in front of me. three screens under covered glass – merged into one. that’s pretty amazing. what do you think about the interior? i like the wood. it perfectly fits the surroundings. let me show you this. …start the navigation there. let’s go to the racetrack! playstation, you know. i should

Probably know the track very well. yes. i have to say i don’t know all the french names. we always speak in corner numbers because it’s shorter. normally, we would drive around the curb placed over there. oh it’s so famous. i can’t believe we are really driving this circuit. but when you are in a single seater, low to the ground, driving up this hill, and how

Does it feel to drive it in the eqs? so comfortable, right? so we are coming uphill, this is a very tricky part. and here over the crest, the car becomes a little bit light you see the kind of locking marks from people who locked the inside wheel. so that’s always a bit of a sketchy feeling as a driver. not of speed or driving, just of anything which had noise. is that

Right? ironically, i end up in formula e that doesn’t have any sound and noise. but it is a funny fact that i am now racing in formula e. and not having any noises is actually nicer, right? if i woke you up at night, you could still tell me this is seven? and this is “port…” i don’t know, we call it entrance tunnel. we are now entering one of the world’s

Most famous tunnels. so let’s switch to the sports mode, we are now entering the tunnel and i will show you something that will impress you. look at this! and it even makes some noise. it’s like we are in a… yes, because of the sports mode. the power kicks in. but nyck is right behind you and he wants to get in the driver’s seat. we are going uphill and i am

Really looking forward i like the sound, it makes you feel like something is really happening. nyck, let’s look at some parallels between driving and recuperating in an everyday car like the eqs in comparison with a race car. first of all, it’s cool that the eqs has these kinds of paddles because they’re exactly the same like we have in a formula e car. basically,

The moment you pull the paddle is the moment where recuperation starts. it’s a little bit more convenient for the daily user driving on normal roads. there is no need to accelerate, we are going fast enough so at the moment, i think we should select increased recuperation. then i release it before the corner. i still haven’t touched the throttle and brakes. and now

I start to slightly accelerate out of the corner. but at the end of the day, it’s about driving efficiently. it’s about maintaining the speed, letting the car coast. and when you do need to slow down, you obviously want to use recuperation we slow down and when we’ve slowed down enough, we release if you were not a formula e driver, what would you be? cool. how

Often do you check your social media accounts? but if i am alone, or travelling, it’s also a little bit part of our job. so it’s just like you happen to look at it because it’s necessary, in a way. you have to answer the questions very shortly and quickly. a win is what we want to achieve together as a team, that the last race of this championship will take place

There in august. will we celebrate your championship there together in august? ok, i will do my best. this was our little speed date and now we are up for some speed on the street again. nyck, what a wonderful and outstanding day here in monaco. thank you so much, it has been a pleasure being here with you. you’re welcome.

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Mercedes-EQ Enthusiasts – With the EQS on the Circuit de Monaco By Mercedes-Benz