Mercedes EQE 2022 – first FULL REVIEW (exterior, interior, trunk, hyperscreen) AMG Line

One of my favorite cars from this year’s IAA Mobility Munich Car Show – the new Mercedes EQE! In this first review video I show you the exterior & interior details! This is an EV that I would consider buying one day as it’s got an awesome design and top technology!

Hello guys welcome back to the channel welcome back to a new video today it’s a very exciting video we are at the munich car show and i’m going to show you all the details of the all new mercedes eqe that’s had it’s world premiere here so the car has just been launched and this is it just look at this this is similar to the eqs if we call the eqs the electric s-class

I’m sure a lot of people call this an electric e-class but in terms of dimensions this is bigger than the e-class also this is more comparable to the cls if we compare it just with the dimensions this car has more room actually than the e-class and well yeah let’s start with the design so this car and our video has got the nice digital lights so let’s see this a

Cool pattern here on the front the black panel so instead of the grill we have the panel and with amg line which this car does have you have this star pattern of course there are a bunch of sensors and radars integrated here as this car is packed with technology so the lights they have different shape compared to the ones on the eqs i actually prefer this design

Overall we have the digital lights on this model and uh on the version on the standard version you would get the standard led lights tell me in the comments what are your thoughts on this spec and overall of this car i am actually a huge fan of it i loved the photos but in person even more i love this aggressive front styling let’s check out the specs so this

Car is launched as a eqe 350 electric motor 292 horsepower this is the range so it says here 611 but i’ve heard that actually uh official number say 660. so let’s see this when it comes on a test 565 newton meters of torque this is the model uh in our video you have the paint graphite gray magnus manufacturer look at this gorgeous paint we have the 21 inch amg

Multi-spoke light alloy wheels now this is the future of alley wheels look at this this is all very aerodynamic of course since this is an ev aerodynamic is very very important indeed technical data let’s see this this is the you know performance and engine specs battery capacity is 90.5 kilowatt hours electric range well yes here it says 611 transmission of course

We have the automatic transmission and this is the rear wheel drive so the electric motor is at the rear axle but of course there will be our models including the theomatic models with all-wheel drive battery in charging maximum charging power dc 170 kilowatts and dimensions you see the length pretty nice four meters 95 and yeah well this is the weight equipment so

Let’s check out the equipment this is what you get as a standard mbux pre-safe window bags led lights as i said are standard this one has the digital lights mbux hyper screen which i’ll show you in a moment this is really impressive bull master sound system radio to grill with mercedes-benz pattern so those are the star patterns which i showed you ambient lighting

And well yeah premium plus package so that’s it tell me in the comments what are your thoughts on this and now let’s check out the side profile this is the side profile i mean doesn’t it look gorgeous look at the line scoop style of the roof overall once again i’m a big fan of this car tell me in the comments what are your thoughts now let’s check this out cool

Feature you may think that this is the charging port or something like that it’s not this is where you would put your washer fluid so yeah quite cool eqe lettering we have the glass black elements throughout the whole car that really suit this color aerodynamic door handles of course they pop out when you need to enter the car look at this group style here at

The rear really looking gorgeous and at the rear we have the connected led lights you know something that we saw on other eq models as well and now let me show you the trunk so in order to access it you just need to do this and here we are grated with 430 liters of storage room and space so yeah quite nice you have this net here additional room is here probably for

Your cables and uh well yeah this is the view so not as big of course as the eqs but then again this is much smaller and in order to close it you just need to press this we have the brake light integrated here into this uh rear tailgate and well yeah i do love this spoiler looks quite nice and now it is time to explore the interior and while we wait for our seat

Uh let’s mention that this car also has the rear axle steering okay and these are the nice door handles so let’s enter the car of course we have the frameless doors look at the materials here the attention to detail is crazy we have the ambient light this is all in alcantara here we are greeted with the mercedes-benz lettering and now let’s step inside and see this

From driver’s perspective so we can close the doors we have the soft clothes but yeah this is it let’s change the view you see it we have the hyper screen as you saw on the specs and let’s change the view back to the standard one this is the amg steering wheel with this beautiful buttons and layout here i am a big fan of that one in order to change the seat you

Just do this and this is the main touch screen a huge screen so the hyper screen goes all the way from one pillar to another the home screen is here and when you press this you go into these functions they’re all really easy and accessible so zero layer because immediately you can you know have everything in front of you you also have the passenger screen you can

Turn it on by just pressing this and now the passenger can do whatever he wants so yeah the apps let’s see the infotainment system we have the mercedes me app so throughout your phone you can see various information about your car moving on mercedes store here is where you would be able to purchase additional extras for your car after you bought it comfort here

Is where you have the ambient lights look at the ambient light probably the most impressive ambient lights ever you can configure the colors here so now we are changing this is the individual colors you change the color individually you can also go for the preset options and those preset options have you know few colors and then you have something eliminated in

Different color but let’s actually change the brightness to maximum and now you will see it better so yeah now look at this the nice blue lights ultramarine this is pretty nice also with the purple here and then bluish on the side you also have this here on your left let’s go back to the main home screen this is the settings here for the car let’s actually turn

On the english now the system is changing the language back to the main home screen so once again zero layer everything is one button away from you this car also has a bunch of safety systems configure them here active distance assist active steering assist lane assist and then you configure those systems while you drive but i of course suggest keeping them on

All the time vehicle settings are here you can of course change the driving modes and this dynamic select you can put on the individual mode so now you configure the drive the suspension so you see here we can put it to sport for example and d steering so those are the options lights this car has the optional digital lights impressive technology from mercedes

You have projections let’s go back press back you see that this is the main home screen but the navigation screen is always on down there and in order to change the ac it’s really easy and now look at this when you go and put the lower temperature this illuminates blue if you want to put a higher temperature this will illuminate in red so quite cool of course

You can change the air blower you just press this and among the best touchscreen ac controls that i’ve seen so usually the touchscreen ac doesn’t work that well but here it’s really good climate menu just press this you go into the menu for the climate you can change the seats and the settings second row of seats air quality pre-entry climate also available

As well maximum blow defrost stuff like that automatic ac is here so all with just one touch of a button that is really really good moving on let’s see this main console this is in alcantara you have huge amount of storage room down there i don’t know if camera is catching it but here you have the wireless charger push this you get cup holders two usb c ports

And well yeah this panel here has some additional shortcuts you press this eq now you see battery your charge stuff like that range consumption of course the vehicle would need to be turned on for that this is the driving mode and driving a systems configuration it’s easy once again to access it start stop button sensor for the fingerprint volume adjustment and

Mute let’s check this out two usb c ports are hidden here look at the ambient lights within the seats now in front of the driver there is a digital carpet and you control it with this button here you have a bunch of options here in terms of views assistance view you can have the navigation view with the big navigation screen in front of you you go back we have

The classic view here sport view and understated the understatement is really cool because it’s so relaxing so let’s go back tell me in the comments which screen is your favorite i actually prefer the sport ones and if we go back to home screen you see that here we have a bunch of settings for the head up display which uses uh the augmented reality and let’s

Check out the space at the back frameless doors nice pattern here with alcantara lovely ambient lights this is the rear of the car flat bottom here and i think the front seat is moved a lot upwards but yeah i have a lot of room right now let’s close the doors this is the view on the mbux hyper screen looks as impressive as it looks from the front row and uh

Yeah well this is it we have the ac controls in here in the middle you have the armrest with the pencil holder combination of alcantara and leather we have a nice red seat belts let me show you the situation for my head this is it panoramic roof on this car still you know some room here i’m on meter 87 and then for my knees but then again this front seat is

Adjusted to you know not my driving position and i’m one meter 87 if you don’t follow me regularly so but i think you know you can be comfortable here with one meter 87 without any problems and it’s good that i also have room here for my head and that was it the new mercedes eqe once again i’m a huge fan of it if i were to buy an ev probably this would be on the

Shortlist thank you for watching subscribe to the channel as there are many more car reviews coming as you can see we have a bunch of new cars here at the mercedes stand thank you for watching subscribe and see you on the next one bye bye

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Mercedes EQE 2022 – first FULL REVIEW (exterior, interior, trunk, hyperscreen) AMG Line By crospotter13