Mercedes GLC 200 4MATIC 2.0 197 TEST Hey Mercedes?

2019 Mercedes GLC 200 4MATIC

Hi bartek urban, i let’s test the new mercedes glc. but the conversation itself is a real recording of a 4-year-old child talking to mercedes or rather how mercedes tries to understand a child. but i will talk about it later. time to focus on the appearance, or rather on changes, because the tested glc is a 2019 model, i.e. after facelift in general, glc is quite fresh

In the mercedes range and was presented in 2015 as i said, 4 years after the premiere, so in 2019 the car underwent a facelift, which was very delicate. in fact, apart from the lamps, it’s hard to notice the differences quickly we will notice a new front bumper and a slightly different shape of the front grill oh, there is a new rim pattern from the amg package palette that

Looks really nice in order not to get nervous we quickly switch to the trunk this can be electrically opened and its capacity is 550 l the floor has a second bottom, there are irregular shapes, so it’s difficult to fully use it we have a hanger so that we do not have to hold it, and secondly, we can lock it after unfolding the rear seats we get an almost perfectly flat floor.

The trunk also has a lighter socket, shopping hooks or fixing nets the amount of space on the rear sofa is also nice – i can easily fit in and i’m 186 cm tall we also have an armrest, with an additional storage and two places for drinks there are also separate vents, another connector for the lighter and a usb connector you can’t complain about the lack of space in the front

Either the tested version didn’t have fully electric seats – we move them manually just like the steering wheel, which is adjustable in two dimensions. because with a diagonal of 10.25 inches screen are elements that appeared with the lifting the multimedia system is equipped with the hey mercedes function, i.e. a voice assistant which i tested at the beginning this is

Probably the first time i have tested this function and i must say that it’s rather a goodie than convenient operation. as you can see it works, but believe me that it’s not always so good often, when i wanted to choose basic contacts like dad or mum, it couldn’t dial and on the other hand, i chose really difficult names like brzęczyszczykiewicz and he could catch it.

I didn’t have the option of accessing the internet, so my pool of questions was very limited and basically narrowed down to navigation, calling and temperature changes. f i had the internet, for example, i could choose restaurants and so on. the third by big touchpad, and the fourth by the touchpad on the steering wheel. well, probably none of manufacturers gives such

An choice. i have to praise the screen, which has beautiful graphics, the image quality is perfect the second screen is digital clocks that have 3 different themes we can display a lot of data, depending on what we are currently interested in unfortunately, i have to complain a bit about folding and materials, because this time they look a bit cheap and they crackle although

The creak comes out only under pressure, not while driving, but i have to praise the material covering the element around the central tunnel it looks great, and doesn’t finger like the recently fashionable glossy plastic piano black. when it comes to compartments, almost all of them are closed the first is in the central tunnel with an induction charger, in the armrest we

Have a large storage box opened in such a way that one of the people doesn’t have to take his elbow to look inside in the door we can place two bottles, and the largest compartment is in front of the passenger along with the facelift, there have also been some changes the gasoline, 4-cylinder units got soft hybrid systems, i.e. a small electric motor support the tested

Model is glc 200, which is the smallest turbo gasoline 2.0 that has such a system the engine reaches 197 hp and 320 nm, which is a good result, as we are talking about a fairly large suv the acceleration time to 100 km/h, which is 8 seconds, is not bad. in general, the car is really lively and speeds up to 100-120 kmh in addition, the tested unit has a 4-wheel drive,

Which helps us in difficult conditions unfortunately, the 2-liter gasoline unit with turbo, all-wheel drive and large body lead to large combustion this hybrid is an additional 48 volt electrical installation with a small battery and a starter integrated with the alternator. in this way, we can recover energy from braking or have a minimal momentary increase in torque.

In fact, you don’t feel it at all, and the combustion is still large. in the city you won’t go below 11 liters, and the morning traffic jams are a minimum of 13-14 liters. at 140 km/h the car smokes almost 11 liters, which is a big result. in general, i did 9 liters on a regular route, but that’s not little. as standard in mercedes, the automatic transmission is in

The form of a stick behind the steering wheel and it’s a very convenient solution really, after switching to another car i always find myself grabbing the wipers stick to change gears … what surprised me in glc are very late parking sensors i know that this is only a help, but today, unfortunately, many people park relying on the sensors and it can be fatal in glc …

Very comfortable, the car floats on bumps, but it also puts a little on the corners. but suvs should be comfortable, and that’s true for glc. if you want it to be sporty, there are two 43 and 63 amg models in the amg range the second one with a double-charged v8 is a real beast! mercedes is a premium class, so high prices shouldn’t come as a surprise the basic glc is

The one with the tested 200 petrol engine and it costs pln 199,100 the additional price for the 4-wheel drive is pln 10,500, so pln 209,600 in total the more powerful 258 hp variant costs pln 236,900 and is available only with a 4-wheel drive if you prefer diesel, then the 168 hp base costs pln 200,900. then glc 63 s 4matic + costs pln 471,000 and offers 510 hp and 3.8

S to the first hundred is a typical mercedes before the era when it began to tempt young customers with all the gadgets i’m not saying that glc has no gadgets as it has a lot of them but it doesn’t create the impression of such a digital car as the a or cla model the glc is a sizeable suv, which is primarily very comfortable and has a somewhat lazy character something

Like the cult w124 today – a super comfortable and durable car. i can’t guarantee you durability, but when it comes to comfort it’s really great. and unfortunately 200 is neither great performance nor economical, so it’s probably better to add a bit and choose a stronger option, even only for better performance.

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Mercedes GLC 200 4MATIC 2.0 197 TEST Hey Mercedes? By Autowizja