Mercedes-Maybach GLS review with max speed on the Autobahn

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This is the mercedes maybach gls and it’s a little bit like a yacht in the way that it’s a very luxurious way to travel but it could be a bit of a boat and to find out about that i’m going to review it by taking it for a drive being driven in it i’m going to talk you around the exterior and the interior design and test some of its luxurious features anyway i’m at

Watson and you’re watching car wow i hurt my knee i have my knee going to stink buying a new car then head to car wow and my team will help you find your next car at a fair price car wow your one stop car buying comparison site let’s start this video by talking about the rear passenger space in this mercedes maybach gls because really that’s what this car is about

I’m going to be driven by my wonderful chauffeur samantha they’re in the front she does a little bit of camera operating and editing in her spare time anyway samantha let’s go let’s get to our location so i can experience this luxury limousine that’s been jacked up basically you’re sitting almost a foot higher from the ground than you would do in the mercedes

Maybach s-class so you get a better view out oh she needs a ticket right i’ve got the ticket we didn’t plan this very well did we there you go thank you that’s not very good chauffeuring is it bothering your vip passenger anyhow you get a good view out and there’s a good view on the inside as well look at this lovely leather everywhere i mean it’s so sumptuous

Very very nice and i’ve got the car with the first class seating so as standard it gets a bench seat but this is the upgraded option and it means that look i can press this button here and i can control the seat in front of me move it out of the way go on out to the way seats get out of the way go on be gone then i can press this button here and go full reclination

So this is leaning back my little calf rest is extending oh this is lovely and i’ve got my very soft and squidgy maybach pillow there’s another cushion here if i want a bit more lower back support now i can eject my tablet here because obviously i can’t reach my infotainment screen up there it’s too far away but i can just control things with this what i’m going

To do is put my massage seat on i’m going to go for an activating massage yes there we go let’s have that lovely i can also do things like mess around with the interior lighting or no i don’t want you know let’s go blue who’s better yes this will be very bright i can actually use this tablet as a remote control to control the main drivers infotainment system so

I can actually put destinations into the sat nav so i don’t even have to talk to samantha to tell her where i want to go but i’m not that rude i’d rather give direct orders so loads and loads of cool features in this car look back here we have a fridge and in this fridge there is room oh my gosh um when you’re show for samantha you’re supposed to accelerate

Smoothly okay not just plant it i know you you like to have fun in a high performance car but this is all about wafting us um terrible you can’t get the staff these days i’ve only got water mercedes doesn’t trust me with champagne apparently there’s room for whoa you’re rubbish so far this room there’s room for three pods of champagne so you can get rawly pissed

In the back of this not with sam driving because you’re most likely going to be sick then because she goes around corners too quickly now these little cutouts here are for some champagne flutes silver-plated champagne flutes which mercedes clearly didn’t trust me with because i’d obviously put them on ebay if you have got the champagne flutes you can store them

Here when you’re in between sips there’s little grippers so that when you put your champagne flute in there it grips it so it doesn’t topple over also you’ve got some cup holders here which you can cool and you can heat so if you’ve got coffee or a cold drink you can keep it the temperature you want now if you’re wondering what this weird appendage is here it’s

For your mobile phone and even fits my big samsung galaxy fold hashtag no ad and if you don’t want to use your phone you can get a little handset which goes in there so you can use that which connects to your normal phone by bluetooth but once again mercedes have not trusted me with it what’s wrong with your mercedes not a thief you know oh i have left these in

Here though the noise cancelling headphones which i can use to just shut out the noise which there actually is hardly any noise really in here even though samantha’s driving quite quickly and then watch a film on the infotainment system there though i think i might have to just not alter the angle of it like that you have to do that manually or using your foot

And then i can go to here again and use my tablet to close all the blinds blinds oh yeah so i can just chill and wait until we get to our location and then when we do i think i’m going to sac sam a chauffeur because she’s pretty rubbish at it and she’ll have to spend the rest of her time filming me this video yes um you’re supposed to stay in lane that’s what

That beeping is it’s warning her about how bad her driving is you’re fired not yet we need to get to our destination first but then you’re fired when you’re being chauffeured about in your luxurious gls you want people on the outside to recognize it as being a cut above a normal mercedes vehicle and that’s why the maybach has some styling upgrades such as the

Prominent maybach grille with the vertical slats in it you’ve got maybach written in it as well the lower bumper has this chrome honeycomb effect though the chrome is all plastic actually that’s plastic too and this is plastic but it’s shiny shiny and shiny shiny is very good shiny means expensive obviously here at the side the thing that really sets this apart as

The maybach version of the gls is the optional two-tone paintwork so you better take that option box if you’re buying this car another thing that makes it stand out the unique maybach wheels 23 inches and the spokes mimic the veins on the grill another feature of course is more chromage knuckle around the windows very nice and of course the running boards stay on

Nope here at the back you’ve got plenty of maybach badges so there’s one just here on this rear three quarter maybach written there and gls 600 because you can’t get 600 on the normal mercedes gls has to be a maybach then you’ve got more chrome here more chrome here even around the extensions for the exhaust pipes which are an exaggeration because the real pipe’s

A bit smaller and hidden inside and more chrome here all this chrome does cost money though this car starts from 165 000 pounds now if you think about buying one of these or any car for that matter you still want to make sure that you’re paying a fair price and to do that you should go to car wow also you can sell your car through car to make sure you’re getting a

Fair price for the car you’re trying to sell so click on the pop-out banner up there to get a car or for the link in the description alternatively simply google help meet car wow and you can go there at later date dead easy here in the front the general design is the same as a normal gls but it’s been given maybach levels of luxury so you’ve got extensive leather

It’s two tone here you’ve got leatherette up on the dash with white stitching also you’ve got this pinstripe wood which is a classic maybach feature a lovely part leather part wood steering wheel some sumptuous seats and yeah once again the leather’s super soft on them in fact the leather extends all the way down to the door bins and even inside the door bin which

Is lovely you’ve got some maybach specific graphics on the infotainment system you’ve got some maybach pedals thicker carpets you’ve got the maybach logo there where you rest your hand to operate the touch pad and as standard you get a burmister sound system with 27 speakers and 1600 watts of power that’s posh though overall this interior doesn’t feel as posh as

That in a rolls royce cullinan and if you click on the pop out band up there i’ll throw the link in the description below you can watch my full in-depth video review of that car now let’s talk about the boot so the capacity is 455 liters though not if you have the fridge fitted have to excuse the rubbish in here we’re actually just using it to illustrate what

You can fit into this boot now if you need to carry bigger items you’ll probably want to fold down the rear seats like you can in the bentley bentayga in fact if you click on the pop-out banner up there i’ll follow the link in the description below you can watch my fault and video review of that car however you can’t fold down the rear seats on this maybach gls

It’s sort of like a saloon only and that brings down to five annoying things about this car i just parked my maybach jealous and i’m a little bit disappointed that my three-pointed star isn’t pointing the right way up i wish they did that thing that rolls royces do where the center cap always remain vertical so the logo is always as it should be if you like your

Privacy you might be a little bit disappointed to find out why you have some blinds on pretty much all windows there’s not one here at the back so people can still pry in from the rear though if you’re into dogging you might quite like that because of all the extra luxuriousness this maybach version of the gls is the heaviest it comes in almost 2.8 tonnes which

Means it’s 150 kilos heavier than the more powerful amg 63 s version of the gls as a result it does one mile per gallon less not really a problem if you can afford one of these you can afford the fuel bills the issue is it means that you can’t go quite as far on a full tank of petrol so you’re going to have to stop to fill up a little bit more often which you don’t

Want to do if you’re a vip unlike many other premium suvs this maybach version of the gls isn’t available with rear wheel steering and it’s a bit of a pain though because it’s one long ass car as a result your chauffeur may have problems maneuvering it in tight spaces and could well curb these lovely alloy wheels and then you’ll have to set them and then they

Won’t be able to afford to feed their family and then they all might die well the maybach version of the s-class has a v12 this gls only has v8 12 is better than eight by four and that matters when you’re really really rich you need the extra four thankfully this car has plenty of cool features to help make up for all this here’s five when you’re driving along

A bumpy road the actual suspension can harvest the energy of the up and down motion and feed it back into the mild hybrid system this car has a special maybach driving mode which the driver can deploy when they’re carrying a very important person in the back what that does is flatten the acceleration curve so you take off smooth it even starts off in second gear

So it’s not jerky it all cut the stop start system so the engine is not constantly going off and on and it reduces the number of gear changes just so you can relax when you go to get into the maybach gls you can set it to automatically drop down on its air suspension so you don’t have to step up so much you don’t really need to do that because when you open the

Door these running boards extend so you can easily just walk in how luxurious is that this maybach gls comes with air suspension as standard with adaptive dampers and it’s been set up to be softer than the system you can get in the normal gls also you can get it with a camera that can read the road ahead and it’ll spot bumps and slacken off the suspension even

More before you come to the bump so you just glide over it also the air suspension will automatically lower when you’re going faster on the motorway to reduce drag and if you want to go off road with the press of a button you can raise it up to give you maximum ground clearance speaking of which you can get a system which allows the car to jump up and down on its

Suspension rock from side to side if it gets stuck to help free it finally you can also get a car function which causes the car to lean into the bends a very thick load cover and an extra bulkhead between the boot and the passenger compartment prevents noise from entering the cabin in fact this thing is so quiet at high speed you wouldn’t believe it i actually was

A passenger in this car at 250 kilometers an hour on the autobahn and it was whisper quiet and super of a comfy neighbor gls on the autobahn it is de-restricted we’re seeing how quickly we go 180 190 kilometers an hour and climbing this is awesome i want a lot of trouble we’ve got the massage seats on yeah we keep on going what are we doing now 244 445 look at

That dial now if you want to find out more about that then go follow me on instagram because i filmed it for my instagram account matt watson cars so go check that out the maybach gls is powered by a four liter twin turbo v8 with mild hybrid technology so it’s got a little motor that adds an extra 22 horsepower when you suddenly need to overtake someone combined

It puts out 558 horsepower and 730 newton meters of torque and that drives all four wheels via nine speed automatic gearbox okay let’s see what this maybach gls is like to drive so i’m gonna start off in town here we’re coming to a very nice little german town with a speed hump and i didn’t feel it very much at all even though i’m riding on 23-inch alloy wheels

Oh this is quaint oh look at this not really sure where i’m going and this car is quite wide i’ll tell you what going over these bumps and potholes the air suspension is doing a great job of just dealing with everything just as it should be also the steering is nice and light making my life very very easy yeah so the cars must wait for me because i’m in a maybach

Thank you very much thank you shawn he liked it gave it a smile this car has auto emergency braking with pedestrian and cyclist detection so don’t have to worry about accidentally running over the children here’s an opportunity to check out the handling of the myback gls it’s a roundabout this is not extensive car testing is it really people let’s head out to some

Faster roads that was effortless round there here’s a better opportunity to check out the handling i’m going to just whack it into dynamic mode got a bit sportier stays relatively flat that’s the active anti-roll system doing its job keeping the car nice and flat in the bends now let’s see if this v8 can do the job of making the car accelerate when you need it to

So foot to the floor oh yeah it picks up nicely this engine and the car goes from being super quiet to actually pretty noisy but in a good noisy way okay let’s try it around this bend yeah it grips pretty well okay i’m back in town and i’ve got the augmented reality sat nav helping me out so it’s showing me exactly which direction and turning i need to take

So i can’t make a wrong turn even if i’m a total idiot wait a minute look there it is it’s saying go this way it’s really helpful so too is the v8 d restricted let’s max it out how quick can we go oh 166 before i’ve got to get off for the junction oh my gosh the brakes are good in this so this thing it has the take it has the luxury it has the comfy it has the

Performance and thankfully it also has the brakes so then what’s my final verdict on the mercedes maybach gls should you avoid it should you consider it should you shortlist it or should you just go right ahead and buy it well do you know what if you want to be chaffed around in utmost luxury in a raised driving position you should shortlist the maybach gls

Oh look it’s gonna unlocked itself wonderful hope you enjoyed the video if you did give it a like let me know some other videos you’d like to see in the comments below click on those windows there for more videos or on that box there to go to car wow to see how much money you can save on a new car or to get a fair price on the car you’re trying to sell

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