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MG ZS EV vs Mercedes-Benz GLA 220d | Drag Race | PowerDrift

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Desperate to win against the MG ZS EV, Cyrus has brought in the Mercedes-Benz GLA 220d! Will that be enough, or will Rohan and the MG ZS EV have the last laugh? Let’s find out in this episode of Signal 2 Signal drag races.

Maybe i think that this is gonna be a very easy race i hope i’m not underestimating uh these lsd but i got the better start there for sure but look at that it’s just today we are doing that what nobody asked it’s got v-tech well this is just off off off off this is what an electric vehicle does ladies and gentlemen at the 200 meter mark and he’s like five cars

Ahead of me yeah you better watch out for the electric this is the future here i like electric cars i genuinely do like electric cars okay do what okay so since you’re still lined up with your ev at the start line i decided to go bring one last car from the lineup just for fun i thought we’d take it a step further and get something that’s maybe a little

Bit well grippier at the start so this of course is the gla 220 this there’s my little little little sliver of payback okay little sliver i’m done talking to cyrus you know he keeps getting a faster car a bigger car but the zv’s been doing a good job till now right you’re seeing the car look magnificent it’s looking pretty it’s white in color win i’ll give you

Five of my hot wheels does that sound like a nice bed i’ll throw in a suit we’re gonna need all the sports mode all the electric juice that the zs ev has here right now this of course isn’t an actual amg a full-fledged amg it does have some amg styling bits but what it does get is of course the all-wheel drive 4matic it’s really really quick off the line no i’ll

Launch in 20 seconds cyrus is going to be sitting ducks i gotta start i got a good start i got a good start no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no good bye come on come on wheel drive 3.8 star to beat this most accessible electric package on this side of anything and everything that’s at that electric cars i don’t want to be talking to

Cyrus i do want to be having that supra but i’ve lost the bed you know what i just realized i i i knew the car would win right so i sort of went easy on you and then didn’t ask you to make a bet but in hindsight maybe i should have so what are you saying you you you love me and you’re gonna give me the supra i’ll i’ll give you the supply anyways you won’t get the

Other phone but i’ll give you the superstar no you did you fine fair enough he’s got a very powerful car a four wheel drive to really beat the most accessible electric package here see if you didn’t have the electric car here maybe you would have a little warmer weather and you would have a rain you could have gone faster on the backstop on maybe that or something

Like the marvel x or something speaking of marvel x you know who the hero is the hero is going to be this three-pointed star because i am gonna be in the driver’s seat hi guys i’m here to beat that electric vehicle but cyrus uh reaction times are just great but the thing is that we have v box so reaction times are not being measured right so for the final time i

Find myself back in the zsev and now i know all the little tricks and tips to make it launch off the line as quickly as possible of course it’s sort of drizzling again and he’s gonna have the advantage there with his all-wheel drive which is good for me because at the end of the day if that wins i still win and if i win this well it’s a win-win great yeah sorry

First my rocky was off then my channel was wrong but my car right now is right what will happen and what are the ways or chances in which you could make that electric vehicle win so look we’ve done five races with the mg zsev haven’t we today the advantage though is the fact that now that i’ve driven this zsev a little bit i now know exactly how to launch it hard

So you never know i might even win this this will be strange it’s possible it’s possible i’m excited to find out we have given this ev in the best hands possible here and in the hopes of of course still thinking and wanting that is me that the zsc wins because it’s the electric vehicle that i got to the signal to signal property cyrus we wish you all the best good

Luck with the future that’s there’s no chance that mercedes is just gone he’s catching up quick we are in sport mode uh oh no oh no oh it’s just about half a car length ahead but it is still quicker what is really interesting is the takeaway which is of course that even though the zsev is nearly half the price of the three-pointed star gla the difference in

Performance is barely a whisker a true testament to how good electric vehicles are and a true testament to how good the zs ev actually is the future is then bright with the zsev definitely value for money and no compromise on performance maybe in a couple more years it’s going to be an all ev drag race happening at signal to signal i don’t know maybe uh all the

Cars on the real signals on the streets will have to be electric to be uh that but uh let’s wait and see for now i’ve had good fun driving this uh mg zsev and we wish it a very nice goodbye more electric vehicles are coming in you guys are the early adopters good luck goodbye you

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MG ZS EV vs Mercedes-Benz GLA 220d | Drag Race | PowerDrift By PowerDrift