Mies joka rjytti TESLANSA Tesla Model S & 30kg dynamiittia.

Tämä on huikea tarina selkärankaisesta miehestä, joka päätti räjäyttää oman Tesla Model S autonsa. Mutta miksi ihmeessä joku tekee sellaista?

For centuries, finnish sisu, persistence and determination have been highly valued qualities in every corner of the earth. thankfully this determined attitude has not disappeared overtime, but still runs in the blood of every finn. when life keeps giving you lemons, it is time to bring out the famous finnish sedulity. welcome to jaala, an idyllic rural village – and home

To a couple of thousand inhabitants. a very unique explosion is about to be carried out here at a remote, old open-pit mine. this time bomb dudes’ mission is to explode a 2013 tesla model s. well, let’s hear it from the owner of the car, tuomas katainen himself. well, when i bought that tesla, everything was running smooth for the first 1,500 km or so. i was very happy

With my purchase! then error codes started appearing, so i called a tow truck to take my car to be looked at. the car was taken to a tesla service centre in south finland where it remained for a month. finally, i got a call explaining that nothing could be done to fix the car. the only solution would be to replace all the battery modules. this would have set me back for

At least 20,000 euros. i was also told to lodge an application to tesla for the approval of the battery replacement. while loading the car i told them that this is the last you will see of it, i will blow it up! i mean the car didn’t have any warranty or anything. so we took the car back to the city of jyväskylä and i started to plan with a few guys for the explosion.

I then contacted bomb-henkka to see if he would be interested in blowing up my tesla. henkka was pretty excited about the idea and he took the project on. so here we are. bombs are attached to the car and the tesla is ready to take off. the pressure wave itself is a risk factor since we have 30 kilograms of dynamite here. the explosives we use today are very effective so

The pressure wave that they produce is enormous. we have attached all explosives on one side of the tesla in order to create a directed explosion. (all batteries have been removed.) this way all tesla debris will hit the rock face behind us but first, let’s ask tuomas which one he would prefer – a tesla in good working order… or an explosion with 30 kilograms of dynamite?

Kind of both… but i think i’d prefer the explosion more. he is all good! yes, he has arrived! (elon mask – the stuntman of the bomb dudes) the truth is that elon mask called us yesterday and he really wanted to take a ride in that tesla. all right! here we are in the bunker, ready for the explosion. how are you feeling now? yeah, feeling great. getting a bit impatient

To see that boom though! so, the way i see it now. you have been given the instructions – correct? it’s satisfying to see the results of your work immediately. but…but… let’s find out now – have you even been this happy when driving the tesla? no. nope. this has definitely been my happiest moment with my tesla! also, a good thing is that i might just be the very

First person in the world to explode a tesla! this bomb dudes episode is dedicated to tuomas and his friends. thank you! tuomas did not ask for any financial help to blow up the car. however, a large crowd of people wanted to help. this video is a result of all those volunteers coming together.

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