Mini Cooper Clubman 1.6 Petrol 6 Speed Steptronic Automatic Estate

Hello everyone welcome to get around cars online showroom now a lot of people tend to think that minis are all the same believe me they are not there are no two minis alike and this one has got over 5 000 pounds worth of factory fitted options but we’ll talk about those as we go around the car come and take a look this is our 2013 13 plate mini cooper clubman 1.6

Petrol steptronic automatic and it’s petrol 1.6 petrol it’s finished in a beautiful pepper white if we look to the roof we can see that the roof is finished in black and it has roof rails as well so let’s just walk around the car nice and slowly extra driving lights in the front that beautiful chrome grille we’ve got side repeater indicators on the wing by

The air intake and also the door mirrors are also capped in black as well the alloy wheels are finished in black and they are 16 inch again this was the factory option if we look inside the car on the door we’ve got electric mirrors inside the vehicle we can see there are two keys we’ve got the stop start button multi-function steering wheel which incorporates

Cruise control bluetooth connectivity it has a radio cd player dab radio color satellite navigation air conditioning it’s a six-speed auto the seats are half leather you’ve got height adjustment on the driver’s seat there is a center armrest and also on the clubman you’ll see if i come around this side this door also opens it’s a small door where people

Can get in and out children can get in and out of there very very easily two seats in the back both with isofix seat fixings we’ll just stand back a little bit and we can see it in all its glory it’s my job really to go around the car to show you any good points and bad points and to highlight them it has rear parking sensors two wipers you open the doors one

Two you have underfloor storage which is there there’s a cargo net 50 50 split in the seats in the rear so you can either put one section down or both sections down the range of vision from the rear is also very good now some of the equipment that this vehicle has got it has a chilli pack a media pack six-speed automatic park distance control color line in

Carbon black 16-inch alloys and chrome line interior now all those options including the automatic cost over five thousand pounds the wheels are in great condition in fact with having all these options it just makes it a very attractive and affordable motor car to buy if we’re looking on the passenger side we’ve got height adjustment on the passenger seat it’s

Extremely clean throughout but it drives exceptionally well there’s some more facts and figures for you the co2 rating is 152 euro tax is 220 pounds a year fuel wise urban you can expect 32.1 to the gallon extra urban 54.3 and combined 43.5 now if you live in london or you live in one of these towns or cities where they are going to introduce these ultra low

Emission zones where you have to pay 12 pound 50 a day rest assured this is you less compliant in other words you don’t pay the 12 pound 50 a day which is an absolute must if you live in london but it’s a practical affordable smaller state which is perfect for either your second car and probably close these doors it’s either perfect for a second car or the main

Car or taking the children to school it has a multitude of jobs now all our vehicles carry a three-month part in labor warranty if you want to extend it to 12 months you can if you’re concerned about the corona virus please don’t worry all our vehicles have been fully sanitized for everyone’s protection but if you’re looking for a car that’s got a host of extras

On it over and above the norm you’ve got to come and have a look at this one on the wheels if i’m hypocritical there’s a couple of very light scuffs on the edge and the front one i think it’s similar but it’s of no consequence i mean that can really just be touched in it’s it hasn’t damaged the wheel it’s in great condition so pick up the phone give me a call

Make an appointment come another test drive you won’t be disappointed my name is jim from get around cars where cars cost less you can call me on 077 1085 thank you for watching

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Mini Cooper Clubman 1.6 Petrol 6 Speed Steptronic Automatic Estate By LTD