Mini Cooper Countryman Review | Perfect Combination of Quirky and Practical

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What is up youtube avi back another video and we are actually in north carolina right now and we took a road trip using this mini cooper a 2020 mini cooper countryman um and figured while we’re here we might as well do a full review um we’re gonna do exterior tour interior tour and then driving impressions and then finally final thoughts on what i thought so let’s

Quickly head on to the exterior but before we do that if you guys can please subscribe smash the like button and support us we’re almost at a thousand subscribers so please subscribe and we’ll get to it let’s do it we’ll start with the monstrous engine that the mini cooper has it has a 1.5 liter three-cylinder turbo engine so that is kind of cool that it has a

Turbo obviously it’s very dusty not our car rental car but it’s good for about 130 horsepower 0-16 about seven minutes but that’s okay um it is pretty good for city driving highway driving is a little bit hard to get you up to speed but we will show you guys the driving impressions when we get there so now we will continue with the exterior floor as you can see

The hood is pretty cool actually now that we’re noticing um so the lights this whole thing is the hood itself normally this is a part of the bumper but it’s actually a part of the hood itself which is pretty cool so it is a pretty large and interesting looking hood we’ll go ahead and close that foreign than a normal typical american car at least we’ll continue on

The side here we have 18 inch wheels that say mini um nothing really special going on about them we have a fake side vent here that also says mini so they love using the word mini this is obviously your turn signal integrated into the vent all four so this model does come with four wheel drive i believe all countrymans do correct me if i’m wrong come with four

Wheel drive this kind of foxy look kind of looks nice for the mini cooper it is does have a lot more space than i would expect from a mini cooper but i know against other competitors in this segment is definitely on the smaller side um we’re continuing on to the back to gas cap is manual um and this one thing while we’re at the gas it does only take premium which

Is one um thing i have to mark it for so on the road trip it wasn’t ideal but of course we’re going to pick a mini cooper over like a toyota corolla or something the back we have that mini badge which is also on the front and you see countrymen written in big letters it goes across and this is the cooper not the cooper s i believe the cooper s comes with a 2.0

A two um liter engine rather than the 1.5 it is still turbo we have the single exhaust on the back and we do have rear parking sensors which are super helpful as well as a backup camera and this is not the john cooper which i believe has the british flag and it once again we see that famous mini word and integrated into the rear lights uh but that’s pretty much it

For the exterior now we’ll head and do some interior reactions all right now we’re in the driver’s seat in the mini cooper and the first thing you’ll notice is a ton of circles and what i mean by that is the door handle is a circle even though it’s not really um it’s just integrated into a circle obviously your window controls are circular that’s pretty normal the

Dial on which the ac vents circular your lights circular steering wheel circular butt circle supporting the steering wheel mini cooper logo circle all these buttons circle center gauge circle and then come to the center control stack it’s a circle come down here to your air vents circles but let’s turn it on and see so actually it’s a pretty cool start stock

Stop mechanism you put your foot on the brake and press this button up to start it is saying remote control not here what it’s here so now we’ll do that again and this is all electronic so it shows your temperature so if you increase it like this it’ll move up also when you’re increasing the temperature or decreasing the temperature watch this light bar around

This so right now we’re on the coldest setting but if we increase it you can see this white section is going up whether or not the hotter you are you’ll be in the red in the colder you are that white bar will move into loose that’s really cool and actually it works for not just temperature but also fan speed so as you can see fan speed is off but when we increase

It that white light will go all the way to max so that’s a really cool feature that i haven’t seen and is very unique to mini cooper continuing on to this is a very small screen for the driver but actually i didn’t find it to um too small while using it but the only thing is you don’t have you have your rpms and your speed but you don’t have like engine temperature

Or anything like that which i thought was strange and to see your mileage you actually have to hit this trip button in order to see your mileage right there 49 000. um another interesting thing is your your gas meter is on a scale of one to zero which i thought was strange i would think it’s you know f for full and e for empty rather than a one and a zero but i

Guess um mini coopers like to be unique so those are some interesting things about the interior one thing that i didn’t notice in terms of reliability is these interior lights do not work obviously it’s a rental and probably beat on a little bit but these do not work and it only has about 40 000 miles so that’s something to look out for if you’re buying these used

One other it’s interesting thing is you have a side um sun visor here for the driver only the passenger just has a handle but on the driver’s side you do have a side as well as a front so rather than i don’t know why they would do both rather than just making the slide they decided it would be easier to just add a whole separate visor not sure why um but that’s

I guess an interesting fact that i have actually never seen in a car another cool feature is dual sunroofs very cool it’s very nice on a road trip just to be able to open this up it also has a sunscreen so it’s very cool another interesting feature so that’s pretty much it for the interior like i said it does have sensors for the rear i don’t believe that’s just

The front correct me if i’m wrong but now we’ll go ahead and show you the tailgate continuing on now we’re at the back and one thing i didn’t mention is the key continuing on with that circle theme the key is circular one side will say you guessed it the word mini and this is unlock this button the mini button is actually the lock button which i thought was kind

Of strange first time i took it i was like how do i lock the car and then finally the third button is the tailgate and as you’ll see you press it it’s automatic so pretty cool um coming on to the hatchback tailgate things to note um probably against competitors it’s much smaller than what you’re expecting you can push down the back seats and then you do get some

Extra storage space down here which is nice to have but for us and we do have we do have two duffel bags to show guys as you can see one typical duffel bag almost takes up the whole side we could stack these and make room so i really don’t think it’s too much of a big deal one thing to know is it’s probably too small for a pair of golf clubs if i were to guess

So you’d have to lay down the this seat in order to put it in but i don’t think that’s too much of an issue just getting that four-wheel drive is probably worth the size if you’re really looking for a mini cooper and once again it is powered so we have two buttons here if you press this one it’ll close and it’ll lock if you press this button it’ll just close and

It won’t lock so for instance we’ll press this let’s go close it’s pretty simple we’ve been having absolutely no issues with the tailgate itself um in terms of our what week review of week of driving it but now we’ll get a sound clip to start it up and we’ll go for a drive let’s do it foreign all right guys here we are driving the 2020 mini cooper countryman

First thing to know one thing i hate about the car right off the bat is automatic stop start so when you’re out of light the car will turn off and then when you take your foot off the brake it’ll start off so you can go i’ve been in some cars where it’s okay this is this particular car i’m not sure if it’s just because it has 50 000 miles and it’s a rental but when

The car starts again it like jolts you can definitely feel it as a as a driver i’m not i don’t love that feature you can turn it off using this button right here in the center center console but every from what i’ve seen every time you start the car again after you get out and get back in you’re gonna have to turn it off which is not my favorite feature but other

Things to note just cruising along at 47 you have as a driver you have tons of leg room like i can put my leg over here and if i’m cruise control on the highway i can kind of put my leg and there’s nothing blocking my my leg room here which is pretty nice actually it is really good for road trips like i said we’ve been on the road a lot with it so it was pretty

Good um visibility is great actually better than i was expecting um view about the front is great there’s no hood bulge to see over um view out the sides just great big mirrors there’s a little bit of a blind spot but not too bad the only thing of complaint is do out the back is a little bit restricted just from the threes sure i could take them off and it would

Be great but but right now it is a little bit restricted um let’s take this turn here to see not the best ride quality um better than some other like sports cars obviously better than the srt8 jeep that ideally drive um but not as good as some of these acura audis that are uh 2020s not up to par with those but definitely better than some other sporty sedans

Going over those bumps you do feel a little bit not too bad gas mileage we’re averaging about 30 miles a gallon which is pretty good um nothing to complain about probably not up to the sun par like the competitor would be maybe toyota rav4 is a little bit bigger car but that’s probably getting a little bit and in about .2 miles we’re going to be lower on the

Highway so we’ll do a can call it that mini cooper all right here we’re going on to an on-ramp i’m gonna floor and see how it does i can’t hear the turbo which is pretty cool but we’re definitely not going to put you back in your seat it’s decently okay to get you up to traffic speed um but nothing that’s impressive i would definitely say it’s only like i

Said 137 horsepower or something like that nothing crazy so we’re just sitting at 60 here and no paddles obviously but now i will floor it there’s a kick down waiting for it i’m waiting for the power now i’m starting to kick in a little bit this could do the job but nothing nothing that’s exciting to drive it is a little bit nimble because it is a little bit

More compact car so that is a is a plus one thing to note is the cruise control has been great we’ve been using it a lot on the road trip so what you do it is adaptive cruise control so let’s say for instance the speed limit here is 60 i’m going 58 59 60. i can press cruise control that button now i’m going 61 let’s say i want to reduce it just by one i can press

That but what a cool thing that i learned is you do have ability to go up five miles an hour or down five miles an hour using this button instead of just pressing it lightly you can hard press it if i wanted to go now 65 i can hard press it and now the speed limit goes up to 60 or the cruise control goes up to 65. now let’s say i wanted to slow down a little bit

64. now if i hard press the button it’ll drop me to 60 miles an hour rather than 65 so i’ll hit that now i’m going 60. and it’ll drop me down and adaptive this car just pulled in front of me let’s see and it’s blown away from me so it’s not going to reduce the speed but if it were to break in front of me the car would recognize that it’s breaking um it’s breaking

It would slow you down accordingly we have had to use more than i’d like to have self-driving obviously but it is pretty good just make sure your foot is still on the brake just in case you need something for all i actually do enjoy driving it um but now we’re gonna go back and hear our final thoughts all right so now that you’ve seen the interior the exterior

And you’ve heard the driving impressions what are my final thoughts on the mini cooper countrymen honestly i don’t mind driving a lot um we took out like i said we took a road trip for almost a thousand miles at this point and it’s been great it’s very comfortable interior the ride quality is not 100 great um but you pretty much know you’re gonna find a mini

Cooper this is a lot of people like the mini cooper so if you’re looking for that i think you could definitely buy it and it’s decently priced compared to the competitors so i say it’s a buy if you’re looking for something unique and at least fun to drive with that please subscribe like hit the like button just like that avi out also guys the mini cooper is extremely cute

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Mini Cooper Countryman Review | Perfect Combination of Quirky and Practical By American Vs. Imports