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Hey Guys , it’s been a few months since I haven’t uploaded any video although I drove a number of beautiful cars such as this one. The Mini was a flawless car tuned to remove the juice out of the Engine .

Hmm hi guys welcome back to another video i know it’s been a long while since i’ve shot any video but today we are in pune and we are reviewing india’s only mini cooper s convertible jcw the car the jcw which is a john cooper works does not come in a convertible version but this car is and i’ll tell you why let’s move to the video okay guys so because this is

A coopers convertible i’m going to show you how the convertible soft rooftop opens let me switch on the ignition of the car okay now i’m going to open the roof there’s a lever over here that you pull and there she goes i love how the way this convertible works i love convertible cars honestly this is my first time driving a convertible but i love it and because

The weather in pune is so nice currently that it looks so beautiful to even take the car out and there it is this is the complete convertible open rooftop okay guys so i have borrowed this car from a very car enthusiastic person who has upgraded this car to another level the mini used to produce 192 horsepower and 200 newton meters of torque before the upgrade

Now the car is currently producing around 400 horsepower and 480 newton meters of torque so it’s almost double both the numbers the torque and the horsepower is almost double of what the car used to produce stock and that is why we call it the jcw now because the car the parts have been installed legally it’s been taken from a legal dealer and installed legally

So this car is currently street legal which is a beautiful thing driving such a fast and a small this is a proper hot hatch and i love it i’m going to show how the car is exactly let’s go okay guys so now let’s go for a drive i’m gonna turn on the car and then i’m gonna turn on the valves of the car which is which makes the exhaust really louder and we’re gonna

Do a pull let’s see okay the car is turned on now i’m going to turn on the valve the button for valves is over here double click and then it goes you can hear the sound difference in the valve is open and uh i’m not going to shift the car into sport right now because it is too much power and i’m going to try to drive it for a bit and once i’m adjusted with the

Car then we’re going to shift it to sport so let’s see shift to d i love this gearbox also and we’re gonna pull power mad the amount of horsepower and torque the car is generating at that time so i’m actually driving on a private road right now so the people do look a bit pissed with me driving a very loud car on their property but nonetheless i love the

Feel of convertibles i love the nice breeze flowing through your face and your hair at all times and especially during the monsoon weather this car is so small let’s see if it goes oh no even close okay so the turning radius isn’t as small as the car is okay guys so now i’m going to do another pull but this time we’re going to do it in sport the road is empty

So now i’m going to turn on the valve yeah the valve is on okay so now we’re going to shift to sport displays and i’m going to do a pull we are in to drive okay one two unbelievable amount of torque steer unbelievable amount of dog steer the car is a front wheel drive so the amount of torque and horsepower cannot be controlled by the front tires in fact in the

Coming week the person who owns this car is going to get air suspensions on the car so the car would handle better steer better but i love the fact that such a powerful small car that you can drive the car literally anywhere i love the carbon fiber and the red texture on the dashboard of the car it looks beautiful it looks so sporty the car is also powered by a 2

Liter twin turbo petrol engine that is why the car is able to generate so much more power and give it the push that it needs the car also has jcw brake calipers change coils bigger intakes a bmc air filter so there are a lot of small small updates done on the car to make sure that the car does not lose control because of the amount of power that it’s carrying so

Okay guys so now it’s getting pretty dark so i’m not able to review the car anymore but i’ve driven what i have to and it is a beautiful car i hope you all like this video i’ve gone through a lot of trouble in order to get this car and to review it and i think we’re done for today i hope you’ll like this review and please stay tuned for the other reviews too thank you goodbye you

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Mini Cooper S Convertible JCW Stage 2 | Only 1 Car in India | Review By A 20 Year Old | Zubbin Veera By The Car Guy