Mini Cooper SD – Whats It Like To Drive?

Full spec on the car here:

Feels like he’s trying to kill me straight away hey this is better all right coming out of that one series and going into this wow some difference trying to work to get away from this minute this car is proper good hello and welcome back to croft for another what’s it like to drive with the diesels as we’ve just driven this yeah i was underwhelmed by the one

Series but it’s all about the mini so what’s this this is a mini cooper sd so it’s got the two liter diesel bmw engine yeah and it’s been dark sided up i’m pretty sure i saw this without a turbo a few months ago so i’m guessing it’s got a bigger turbo on it uh nankang ar1 ar1 225 rear what is it square we’ve got a square set up yes 225 square on some two forge

Wheels by the looks interior oh yes see dark side know what it’s about they’ve got these little gopro mounts in all the cars which is uh you know gonna make my life a lot easier so manuel of course i’ve not driven a manual front-wheel drive car on track for a while not since their um golf when i drove that golf so yeah looking forward to it i don’t know the power

I think they’ve been doing some videos of this on the channel but yeah so many cool presti the new one it’s got john cooper stuff on it so i don’t know if that’s a john cooper works or why it’s obviously you know a bit of an asbo color in it a bit funky that got the twin pipes for the soot dark side spec yeah let’s get out and have some laps in this what’s it like

To drive we’ll talk about it afterwards i reckon it’ll be a lot more fun than the one series what do you think oh this is 250 horsepower as many cooper sd okay this is better foreign press the steering wheel buttons push control is set foreign coming out of that one series and going into this wow some difference foreign i accidentally turned

The uh cruise controller doing traction control things so avoided so pointy foreign foreign thing to stop it over revving our summit maybe a lot of fun though thank you foreign foreign ‘s doing it though oh i mean he’s got the cruise control on again foreign to get away from this minute we’re just cruising behind

Me should we do him i knew i should have set a rear camera up but they’ve got these big stickers on hey something to work let’s put some pressure on oh foreign catch up miles behind already foreign foreign foreign this car is proper good compared to that one series imagine a mini being better than a well it’s a penny in it imagine that

Being better than a uh a bmw a mini you know better is obviously a pretty subjective term but we had good fun we were fast and we’re in control all the time in the one series they might have had good fun but it didn’t feel like we’re in control all the time which you know kind of hampers the confidence level and pampers out faster you can go ultimately doesn’t

It oh danny you’ve stayed out that long in my car there’s a red flag i’m assuming checkered flag it worked for me no i was having such a good time oh yeah anyway yeah it’s way better than that one series yeah i smelled is it scott drive it one series i’m thinking i love you all right miles better than one series answer yeah yeah mum it’s quick in it it’s quick

Yeah uh about the same as one series probably straight line each other yeah oh that’s why there’s a red flag at the porsche in the barrier well dark side mini then how was that well he had a lot of fun to outlaw even i was just i don’t know it just how making me giggle on it it’s like it’s like i was ticklish yeah because what was happening was i was turning the

Steering wheel and things were happening unlike in this car yeah things things weren’t happening so much in that one were they yeah the mini was the mini was a lot more fun to drive than the bmw what did bmw do so wrong with the one series eh maybe it’s just like pure economy car for normies you know they’ve started them up a bit you know to get some other people

To buy them as well but compared to this this was just so much better i mean cooper sd it’s got some fancy billstone club sport coilovers on it it’s got padidaris winning pads it’s got a big turbo obviously have that hard cut limit as well which is pretty funny the gears were strange it seemed to be really short in first and second but then third and fourth were

Really long i seemed to be really long what’s a lot about them but i really enjoyed driving the car obviously we proved it’s got more uh track um pedigree than the one series the mini cooper maybe i guess if you go back on the mini’s history that makes more sense on it while the one series bmw were better than a mini cooper maybe it wouldn’t be but yeah i’ve

Driven a few minis the new ones never on track before so that was good fun i enjoyed that ryan was telling me about how much he likes this car beforehand and this one i’ve just seen scott driving it about a lot so far must be good but yeah i bet it is a nice day-to-day car but if i was gonna pick one of these two for track yeah no doubt would be in the mini every

Time just so much better was it just because it had a manual gearbox i don’t think so it was strange how sometimes it wouldn’t let me rev down it wouldn’t let me i guess i guess it thought i was gonna overev the engine and that’s why it cut thrall it’s too clever for its own good maybe i was gonna over-river the engine maybe it was just protecting itself maybe

They’ve got some data they can share with us but yeah it was good i said the only strange thing was not getting the engine brake and got well got the engine braking once it went in gear but it wouldn’t let me rev much if i tried to change down gear too fast so yeah some clever modern car things so the funny thing about both of these cars i guess they’re both being

Able to do your group or whatever but i kept turning on the cruise control on both cars just by touching the steering wheel buttons by accident so that was pretty annoying but i guess it is what it is luckily the mini didn’t reset any like driver settings or anything but the bmw did it reset all the traction control and everything but yeah that’s it then from the

Mini i really enjoyed that thanks to ryan let me have a go two fast diesels hatch hot hatches but yeah the one for me definitely the mini cooper which one for you which one do you prefer the mini or the one series foreign

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Mini Cooper SD – What's It Like To Drive? By DannyDC2