MINI Xpander alias All New Mirage 2022 | EVOLUSI WAJAH BARU REVIEW LENGKAP | Siap kalahkan brio

Haloo juur, kali ini Mitsubishi Mirage Tampil dengan Wajah Baru Menganut Dynamic Shield, Harganya Setara New Xpander

Hi hello to be honest, we meet again with you automotive owners, you know the mitsubishi manufacturer. yes, after the success with the xpander, mitsubishi made a new innovation, the xpander sales success in indonesia, because the design of this one sgp is really cool finally the mitsubishi lcgc got a fresh update with the adoption of the design from the xpander which

Is ready head-to-head with the lcgc honda, namely the honda brio, honestly, that’s a new mitsubishi mirage . what does the car look like, from the outside, the mitsubishi mirage design looks very pressured. this car has an interesting design. the biggest one is in the mi’raj congor itself, which is present like a mini xpander. indeed, the design has become mitsubishi’s

Hallmark, from the grille to the fog lamp. it is made similar to the xpander jure, indeed, the front sector of simi’s response has changed drastically, honestly red on the front, there are chrome tones paired with project lighting the ector led headlights are now a sharper design, how come the illustration makes the visuals much sportier than the previous model, to

Be honest, in our opinion, but unfortunately the headlights and science still use piazza bulbs, do you glance at the side, it still looks the same as the pre facelift version and the rear already uses led lighting , there is also a new bumper with vertical reflector and a redesigned led taillight flash diffuser with an l-shaped graphic. 15-inch wheels have also been

Installed to complete the new look of the mi’raj. the so-called carbonate edition mirage used edition paint gets an additional spoiler and also an honest rear bumper and a little bit of carbon fiber red carbon you like the treasure simi’s response is more interesting with the new two tone display, diamond cave and saint hello, the fruit will definitely be cooler honest

Switch on the inside there are not many changes to the interior of this car, the material used is still using plastic selling the steering wheel which is currently also not telescopic but calm the steering wheel has been pinned to the audio setting button and cruise control and this is cool with the auto headlamp button. quite luxurious in its class, honestly, it is rare

For indonesian citycalls to use the verse glue feature for intertaiment, mi’raj has been planted with a full 7-inch touch screen which is of course capable of connecting with email, carplay and android auto, to be honest, unfortunately in terms of quality and layout, it’s still considered normal reportedly, to thicken the sporty feel of the mitsubishi cabin, it will be

Filled with ornaments and door trim with carbon, as it were, talking about the superior features of this car that other cars don’t have, such as the idol stop engine, which is useful for congestion so that fuel consumption becomes more efficient. r and jang, most importantly, in our opinion, this car is the most unique, this car has a factory default schematic, honestly,

Wow, that’s cool, while the emirates special committee has no official information, honestly, but rumors will continue to use a 1200cc 392 three-cylinder engine which has a maximum power of 77 horse power with 139 torque. nm, now the 5-speed sale, now regarding the price in the thai emirates market, it is valued at 474 babs or equivalent to 203 million rupiah, it is not

Impossible for this car to enter indonesia with the cb model, uh yes, if it is true that it will enter indonesia, it is certain that simi sustenance will be a serious competitor for the honda brio, honestly. that ‘s about it for this all new mirage, what do you think, can the honda brio be excluded, write in the jury’s comment column thank you for watching our video, yes,

Because there is a red button, yes, just press it and please put a thumbs up, thank you hi

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MINI Xpander alias All New Mirage 2022 | EVOLUSI WAJAH BARU REVIEW LENGKAP | Siap kalahkan brio By Royal Otomaker