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Minivan Cool: 2019 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid review

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Can the 2019 Chrysler Pacifica minivan be considered cool? In its own way, yes.

It’s pretty timely that a family car would show up on my driveway this week for me to test after all i just celebrated my 30th birthday and i’m riding that rocket ship ever increasing in speed to middle-age also i have just recently entered the role of dad now it’s both an extremely exciting time but it’s also a time where i have pants cracking anxiety and mind

You that’s not just because of this time in my life it’s also because i now have to consider minivans as an option before you turn off this video and completely dismiss me for such a suggestion let’s take a look at what i mean the pacifica hybrid may not have a sexy appearance or a growling v8 but what’s often considered cool these days is technology and the

Pacifica certainly delivers the pacifica comes with built-in 4g wi-fi an 8.4 inch entertainment screen in limited trim and a bevy of safety features including lane keep assist surround you camera parallel park assist and if you opt the advanced safety tech group you get forward collision warning adaptive cruise control with stop and go blind spot monitoring and

Other safety features pacifica comes with the uconnect entertainment theater which includes two 10-inch seatback screens with wireless streaming wireless headphones usb and hdmi inputs it also comes with a blu-ray player and a fantastic 20 speaker sound system here in limited trim and there’s a good amount of space back here now you would expect a car meant for

Families to be soft supple and comfortable the pacifica does have creature comforts in the way of heated and ventilated seats heated steering wheel and optional nappa leather bucket seats but it’s not exactly comfortable in certain ways for instance you expect seats in a family car to be soft the pacifica their firm like sports car firm which is a bit baffling

You also expect a soft supple ride and a family minivan but the pacific suspension is definitely on the stiff side which is bit strange considering nobody’s gonna use it to try and break track records at road atlanta now i know a lot of people view minivans as waving the white flag driving was once associated with pleasure and fun and now it’s being replaced by

Boring and uninspiring long hauls however i will argue that minivans can be cool in their own way but perhaps the coolest feature and i did say coolest in reference to a minivan is chrysler’s key sense this allows you to program a separate key fob where you can limit things like maximum volume on the radio or maximum speed created by a pen for your teen driver

They grow up so fast but now we come to the big issue for us car lovers it’s all fine and good to have something that has plenty of tech and tons of space but if it doesn’t arouse any pleasure from you while driving it what’s the point i’m not gonna suggest that the pacifica hybrid is a sports car wrapped in a turtle shell but that being said i rather like it

As a daily driver the 3.6 liter v6 is paired with a 96 cell lithium ion battery which gives you plenty of power or again daily driving now paired with that hybrid system is an e quite electrically variable transmission now typically i load variable transmission but i actually like this one it’s not so dim-witted that you’re constantly in need of more power it

Likes to pull and pull and again that is very much appreciated with the daily trips onto the highway or down at the grocery store first steering feel well there isn’t any i honestly feel like i could be turning the wheel for a car and the other lane and it’s this suspension i mentioned earlier it expect it to be good to blend it by you roll the corners but really

Doesn’t do so but really these are minor inconveniences its overall or a minivan and for a family car i really don’t have any major three dances with the pacifica hybrid chrysler’s popular stow and go seating isn’t available in hybrid to make room for the battery packs but the rear seats do fold down flat my tester came with the s appearance package which adds

Napa leather seats black 18-inch wheels black badging black grille trim and other features that don’t really matter because this still looks like a van the pacifica hybrid in limited trim starts at 45,000 395 but it’s important to remember that tax credits for electric and hybrid vehicles are still being doled out and how adult is that considering tax breaks in

The purchase of a car now i may be getting older and soon i’ll be a dad but i’m not there yet that being said i would still consider the 2019 chrysler pacifica hybrid a cool car in its own way you know provided that you still have one of these on the other side of the garage you

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Minivan Cool: 2019 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid review By Joe Parker