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Cargo van business hauling freight as a expediter, courier or independent contract driver. Expediting in a cargo van.

All right guys welcome back to the channel hey as you see we’re sitting in a hotel room uh we’re in indianapolis indiana and the reason we’re in the hotel is we got two skids and there’s one individual box on top of one of the skids that prevents us from laying the mattress across the top of the the top of the boxes it’s it’s in the shrink wrap i don’t like tearing

Stuff apart just not into that don’t want to get no claim or anything then it’s not it’s not cool to do tear apart just for your own personal but uh anyhow so because of those two skids we got the room room ran us about 99 and some change uh it’s not cold enough for us to be back there cuddling yet so one bug just ain’t gonna cut it at the moment so we’re in

Here got the two two queen beds uh real quick room for the night uh we picked up in minneapolis picked up in minneapolis about 11 o’clock this was supposed to deliver tomorrow morning anyhow when i mapped it out said that it was open until 11 so busted ass to get down here and got down here at about 10 20. seen the parking lot full of cars thinking that’s a

Good sign nope shipping and receiving was not open uh they opened up at 6 a.m they said i doubt i’ll go over there at 6 a.m i’ll probably wait probably probably somewhere between seven and eight because the load boards don’t really start doing anything until about probably 8 30 9 o’clock to where really anything really consistent is on there uh not to say that i

Won’t be watching it anyhow so if i watch it and i get something i’ll book it because i’m only i’m only a mile and a half from my drop which was cool i’m glad there was a place that close um one thing about this load totally freaking did what i what i just was saying just recently to not do which is rush be careful look over all the information i mean i i guess i

Can’t be mad at myself i mean the the stuff was listed zip to zip but once you’ve got addressed address it added like 50 miles and i was already bidding it on the low side well i shouldn’t say i bit it initially on those side it was it was showing like 580 miles initially and it was supposed to be going to portage michigan so i bid 650 they came back and said hey

Can you do 625 i’m like yeah i’ll do 625 i’m like load hurry up first thing in the morning grab a load get me to michigan i’m trying to get home this weekend so i’m figuring i’ll get something out of michigan for sure going down to going down either to indian indiana or over in ohio or pa or something so i like that’ll be great so don’t hear back from the broker

And so didn’t hear back from them for about 15-20 minutes so just started bidding other loads and uh a bid one that was going to virginia i bid that one it was like 900 and some miles and i had bid that one uh and you’ll see why i’ve even mentioned it but anyhow the broker on the minneapolis to michigan message back emailed back and was like hey the destination

Was wrong on this it’s going to indianapolis and i’m like okay we’re still interested uh that’s what it got me you know what i’m just sitting here thinking about it and that’s that’s why the freaking thing ended up badly because uh it’s actually playing field which plainfield is a little more i think it’s a little more south if i if i correct a little more off to

The uh south side on the uh west but anyhow anyhow once it was mapped addressed address it was about 50 miles off so i’m doing 644 miles for 625 bucks no not happy about that but at the same time it is what it is it’s done it’s over um uh yes on this one you can just say i’m king of cheap freight whatever anybody wants to say uh i hate when i do that but it’s

Just yeah that shit’s gonna happen sometimes man but now need to get home i got some appointments next week oh and the reason i mentioned that virginia load is because about 20 minutes after i booked you know confirmed the booking on this one here they message back hey is this unit still available like son of a man that one would have been nice just because it

Was more miles and it was better pay so that one would have been nice in virginia worst case scenario if i would add a deadhead out of there it’s not too awful far to get to the house so is it i know my brain kind of bounces all over the place with these thing with virginia more miles better pay then but then you have to hope you’re going to get something coming

Out of there that’s why the pay is better whereas with indianapolis it’s it’s almost definite i’ll get something tomorrow at least one at least one hopefully we’ll get two but at least one more we’ll get out of here tomorrow whether it’s going up to michigan then i’d go home from michigan or i can get one from michigan down near the house whatever it may be but

I know i’ll get something so indianapolis is a lot better area to land if you want to keep rolling as opposed to virginia virginia pretty much sucks as most of you know that are in this industry uh if if you guys are in the industry and you guys disagree comment below man like you got to look up in virginia i’m here i’m here man i’m listening so uh so that was

A deal with that and once we got loaded we just kind of booked ass down here so i was doing like anywhere between 68 and 70 pretty much the whole way which i don’t normally do so i only got like 17.9 miles to the gallon and uh my gas 158 and some change is what i spent in gas 99 on this so just say 258 so got 258 bucks you know on that load so we’re at what three

370 some is what we profited on it and that’s before taking out like you want to take out your daily amount for van insurance and everything so it wasn’t the greatest load but it did serve its purpose it got me down where i needed to be in the general area as opposed to being up in minneapolis and you know deadheading somewhere else relocating somewhere else out of

My own pocket for free so got to make the most of it you know it’s kind of watching a few channels today man it’s just amazing i don’t know man it’s just amazing how everybody kind of everybody wants to be the man uh and that’s one thing i’ve tried to do on here and then any of you that’s watching me for a while or anybody that’s watched me even a short period of

Time you know you guys think that i come across like i know it i hope that’s not how i come across because i by far don’t know all this like i get by on a lot of common sense and just flat out you know busting my ass uh as opposed to doing things um organize organizationally correct so and and again i just share information as far as what i do and the results i

Get from what i do uh i don’t think that the way i do things is the only way or the best way i have my opinions on on a lot of things in this industry and i know that i do well enough to survive and and i’m happy with the money i make and i’ve been around doing this for 10 years guys like i’ve been doing this 10 years straight not a year here i quit i went out for

A while i did uber i did something else i have flat out been an expediter since may 2012 and i’m still here and i’m not going nowhere i love this this job as much as i’ve ever loved this job so like i guess i say all that to say is just understand i’m not somebody telling you how to do this and isn’t doing it or has partially done it or or i’m just picking and

Choosing things and i’m trying to pump myself up i don’t ever say hey i’m the best at this or you know uh you know i get the greatest money and i always get the best loads and i never make mistakes i make a lot of mistakes that’s i’ve learned how to do certain things better and that’s how i’ve gotten better about things is by making the mistakes as much as some

Of you guys that are new at this sorry about that got interrupted uh our delivery just got here because we was busting ass all day we didn’t even take time to stop and eat or anything made a made a turkey sandwich out of the fridge on the way down here uh but anyhow point i was wanting to finish real quick those of you that are searching for information which is

Great that’s what you should do but understand no matter whether you watch my channel uh any anybody’s channel don’t matter whose channel you watch or you watch all of them you’re still going to make mistakes and to be honest you’re going to want to make these mistakes because it’s going to teach you better than me just telling you some about something or somebody

Else just telling you something uh making the mistakes as part of improving and understanding better what’s going on so just just realize you’re going to make mistakes it’s going to be bumpy at times it’s going to be it’s going to feel tough at times but if you have the desire and you have the the joy of this industry it’ll work out it’s going to work out no matter

What so all right with that i’m out of here

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Minnesota to Indianapolis | Mistakes WILL be made | Cargo Van Business | Expediting By Everything Apax