Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross – AutoWeek review – English subtitles

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross – AutoWeek review. Mitsubishi gaat ‘terug naar waar ze thuis horen’, zo formuleren de Japanners zelf hun wederopstanding na een aantal lastige jaren. De Eclipse Cross is het eerste vervoermiddel in die reis terug naar de roots. Een mooie gelegenheid om te ervaren wat Mitsubishi nou eigenlijk wil zijn.

This morning, when i was on schiphol airport with the pr-guy from mitsubishi, when she asked me where i was going, it takes quite a lot of nerve and self-confidence to state something like that, let’s be honest, mitsubishi hasn’t been doing well the past few years. you could say it’s because they were founded exactly 100 years ago, the brand has been taken in by the

Renault-nissan group. it means they gain access to new markets which are unexplored by mitsubishi, it’s all very good, so it’s a good perspective for mitsubishi. mitsubishi has great expectations for this car. it’s supposed to be inbetween the asx and the outlander, so now mitsubishi is able to get a piece of the action. that car is doing really well, so i’ve got high

Hopes for this. a special mix between two body shapes, and that means it’s got a very sloped line at the rear. that also means you’ve got a very flat rear windshield. it looks very fun, but it isn’t very practical, mitsubishi has really payed attention to the interior. it’s really neat, clear, and they’ve solved the usual boring black japanese interiors… things like that

Spice and freshen things up in here. but the lane departure is a tad nervous. it doesn’t seem to understand the choice ‘cross the line or into the ravine’, it’s very spacious in the back as well. it’s got a large boot, you can slide the rear seat forward up to 20 centimetres, just to increase the luggage space even more if you want. there’s only a 1.5-litre available which

Produces 163 horsepower. it’s got direct injection and it’s fitted with a turbocharger. it produces 250 nm of torque, and it’s a nice, powerful and smooth engine. i have to admit, i don’t really like cvt-gearboxes, you can program the cvt in a way it will always stay low in the revs. if you get a less expensive version, you’ll get a manual six-speed gearbox. there’s a

Downside to that limited engine lineup though. so it isn’t as fiscally attractive as its rivals in the netherlands. and when it comes to the design of this car; they’ve nailed that. we’ve been driving on highways. that’s when i noticed how pleasant and comfortable this car actually is. especially the rear axle. the outward stroke has a small delay, so if you’re driving

Over a pothole or a bump in a tight corner, on the other hand, it’s suffers from understeer, but, just like i said before, it’s incredibly comfortable. for now it’s only available with this 1.5-litre version, but in time a diesel will be added to the shelves as well. mitsubishi isn’t planning on releasing a plug-in hybrid version, but an electrified version will become

Available as well, the eclipse cross will reach dutch dealerships at the end of this year, so they’ll be able to have a fresh start next year with their new model. because they’re a very sympathetic company.

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