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Le Nouveau Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross a recu des améliorations significatives du style créent une apparence sportive et élégante de VUS unique en son genre. Vous remarquerez rapidement l’élégance de la nouvelle conception du bouclier dynamique. La partie avant saisissante complète l’aspect aérodynamique avec des phares à DEL rafraîchis. Le hayon redessiné couronne le style unique avec des feux arrière profilés qui attirent l’attention à toute distance. De plus, la grande lunette arrière offre une meilleure visibilité. L’ingénierie est tout aussi sophistiquée que la conception. Notre super contrôle intégral (S-AWC) légendaire est offert de série sur tous les modèles pour une adhérence et un contrôle maximum dans les rues achalandées en ville, lors des trajets détendus vers le chalet et dans toutes les autres conditions de conduite.

Even the turn today at the show going to present you in a moment the mitsubishi eclipse kraft 2022 all new model that we had touched on the side of mitsubishi we will also talk to you as promised last week about the ford f -150 electric called the lightning we will talk about it let’s go to the money will deepen this vehicle a little bit and the electric van market obviously

We are going to have a lot of news from the industry to escape you lörrach shoes either be also with us and at the end of the show we will answer your questions if you want to join us 16 09 07 8 extensions 230 or even turn a so that pointer view via our facebook is the ways to reach us jean welcome that’s fine i have too well very well we change it’s your wii party wife

I hope this case because we have to talk about the vehicle we have here maybach studio the mitsubishi eclipse cross unless i’m wrong we n don’t talk about it often about this vehicle unless i expect mitsubishi we do n’t talk often either but probably we should linger a little couple of what we think i would tell you that unless i’m wrong mitsubishi don’t speak a lot of

These vehicles ok that bad hearing talk a lot actually we don’t talk much about the clips this cross this year good remember at the start remember the last one besides we had attended the launch together but this vehicle there and we had all been impressed with the head of the group of the solidity of the vehicle then we were rightly surprised that they are not more popular

Than that this year but for this year it is in 2022 to recall it there are nevertheless several aesthetic modifications including 14 cm longer in terms of the structure of the vehicle which is not a bad thing i had had the opportunity to try it with my two canine companions of 90 beds the loading space is a bit limited for to solve there it is really bigger and we succeeded

Especially in changing the other one which was i must say it a little bit controversial especially in the rear part with the size divided in two at the pontiac aztek so there we still have modify certain elements on this side and the front part of course that we need to redesign to make it closer to the personality should therefore be expected in my opinion for 2022 it is a

Vehicle that we should talk about a lot more because when even some improvements absolutely because the front part is very successful in terms of the headlights all they managed to do the rear is now made more traditional to mention it maybe it was something that annoyed people in were victims of that also it should be remembered of this famous bar that we had in the rearview

Mirror when we looked but in terms of total visibility it was better before than now if we disregard this famous dune is co upée at the back nice modifications inside also we made modifications something you like particularly well marx and the saucer theme touchpad with the lifting in this inversion also to improve there that is the good news of the ‘year i don’t know who

Invented the touchpad on cars it deserves a punishment it is to improve everything so it’s much more modern and comfortable inside people than we had the chance to make it the test of this vehicle and we also softened the performance of an eclipse which i really liked i was pleasantly surprised when my pot aboard the beagle often we do not hear about it either while we do

Not has not really 2.2 negative or positive comments but but the surprise is really really amazing when playing first board the vehicle easy to climb easy to descend beautiful constructions beautiful solidity and lived a boa ci had yesterday just daniel to see the space which had at the level of the seat is three is yesterday we had perhaps a little juice and the lib mode

Not what one can call that sewing dams which tells us alain bottom of the seat on 10 thinks as obliging and in my buttocks with which we are going to say yes he says a little but all that to say that it was comfortable and what i found interesting is that an access of the rations the famous transmission cvt 8 is really the impression that in fact the work because he does

Not hear the engine that goes to the bandits the evolution punish it advance celebration is very gentle acceleration also so go we can say a personal me i found that it was going really well because we know and the criticism that will not come on this type of transmission the suspension which were good i noticed that the vehicle that we have here that it takes also pretty

The bleach to say everything we are of good quality it made it possible to absorb the imperfections of the road well and something that i could also take note of is t that it is a vehicle that runs on regular gasoline it is a vehicle that has a capacity to score around 15 according to yves so according to what we need according to the space rather than a nice big hour of

Vehicles and with a superb guarantee so loved also the material and the assembly yes but precisely we were talking about high level of the seams at the level starts the butt and the state seemed like stake that it is right and if you want that i see you you are from a japanese car then live each to do the other but well where they do not we are a little surprised by the

Quality of the vehicle but when we look at the price we say to ourselves oh ok maybe that one class is perhaps not a good place in the automotive chessboard should be raised a little because if we look at the mac prices it is still not given no indeed the price scale is quite particular the version of less expensive base still leaves at $ 28 1600 which is good, however,

It should be noted that did you know its standards with the s awc all-wheel drive of its king jean which is excellent i was one of the very good reports also with jacques said it should be noted that this year we have softened the suspension a lot we have modified the suspension so that contributed to gold the price 25000 6.28 1600 base version the highest version is the

Gt which is at 37 thousand dollars obviously to which we add options in the case here which concerns us i think that these thirty six thousand five hundred thirty thousand 30 6300 418 explanations of the apologies and i was unhappy for the vehicle that we have a studio which clearly offers a full range of accessories to them all the same good sense you had touch good news

But the rest good integration with apple that by folding super easy auto raid all is well honestly another element that we have not talked about much that surprised me about this vehicle is the internalization in the editor which we do not because the outlander that we tried recently and no longer as a group head there was a kind of reserve it’s not noisy but there was a

Kind of reserve in this one we don’t really feel it so honestly i think it is indeed a vehicle that deserves the attention that we grant it today absolutely it is necessary to inquire i was told that at the level of rental prices the vehicle had a high resale value so it was very aggressive in rental so inquire it can be a very interesting option for this low vehicle and

Apparently violent vis-à-vis the competition we are doing very well on our side another thing that i forgot to mention this 18.5 enthusiast also had a turbo while he makes 152 horsepower i have the gearbox done an extraordinary job to attack this type of engine has amply sufficient very economical and we can talk about the warranty it is therefore guaranteed for 10 years

Is now vital and we never had horror stories i quickly got yoyo at the level of s calls or these things there i have vehicles that have recognized to be sustainable and multi-business we heard about it from the time when they were making real and biba told everyone until the end the west value of arrival then have put so much money bigger competition there is no art history

To claims only have one job but toshiba what you said make it forward we can look for babies toth is not came to the oil change three years ago and we could play on it so we do not hear about no having made the other element that we must talk about is also the quality of service of the dealers because they are there always ranks year after year among the best at this level

And we know that currently all the mitsubishi dealer networks are in the open air of their dealership’s zincs so really we arrive in places that are much more to acquire when i say they are well chlorinating said you never know had occ asion to do business with the service but which are well classified at this level when you are a vehicle that you want to keep for ten years

Admits the head of monitoring norman good car now but a good service thank you gentlemen cities or here it is a turn and we come back stay with us

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