Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Review | Rally Heritage, but is it a good SUV?

The 2018-2020 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross has unique design, great all wheel drive system, and a very competitive powertrain. Mitsubishi wants to use the rally experience and enthusiast community to help promote this crossover and SUV. We believe this SUV deserves a consideration when purchasing, specially if you live in the snow belt. Do you believe the Eclipse can be a sales success for Mitsubishi? can it revitalize the brand?

Hello guys welcome back to autonerd today we have the mitsuiji eclipse cross and yes it’s an suv but it’s a sporty one and it has a fantastic all-wheel drive system we will test it out so as you know my name is ivan pineda i’m the autonerd and remember if you like our videos please do not forget to subscribe there are more coming up and of course beauty is in

The eyes of the beholder but i think this is a very attractive suv at least he tries to be different from the rest of the competition mitsubishi uses these very aggressive front-end design and they call it dynamic shield i think it looks pretty good now this is not the most exciting nor fastest vehicle in the class but it has two fantastic things the engine and

The all-wheel drive system i also like the rear end design and these very elongated led tail lamp some people say it looks kind of like a pontiac aztec and i agree but this is a much better design as i said i do like the engine and the first clue that we can have is this bar that decreases the torsion of the vehicle the 1.5 liter turbo engine has four cylinders

152 horsepower which is not much but it has 180 pounds feet of torque at a very low rpm these made it with the eight speed it’s not really an eight speed but eight speed of simulated gears cvt continuously variable transmission produced by jetco actually provides very decent acceleration and pleasant driving 0-60 takes 8.6 seconds and the fuel economy is 26 city

29 highway now the real reason why you want this vehicle is the super all-wheel control system is a very advanced all-wheel drive system that came originally from the mitsubishi evo it includes not only an active center differential but also active jaw control essentially torque vectoring you can modify the amount of torque not only from the front to the back

But also right to left blind spot monitoring is also included and we have very good tires actually there are all weather 22 5 width and threadware of 600 so they will last you a long time the supro wheel control does a fantastic job and the freezing temperatures and curves especially if you go a little bit faster than you should honestly the independent rear

Suspension together with these advanced all-wheel drive system allow this vehicle to drive really well in these very nice roads and the seats are actually extremely pleasant this is the key for the mitsuiji eclipse cross you don’t have to take it out of your pocket approach the car press the button and they even open up by themselves that’s actually a very nice

Detail let’s take a look at the interior and by the way this is soft material soft material right here as well everything that you are going to put your elbows in and touch is going to be soft very surprising this is a actual uh cheap plastic but it has good texture the car is very well made she plastic down here is actually made in okazaki japan it is a real

Rarity to find a vehicle made still in japan this is soft as i said some cloth here soft material some carbon fiber imitation looks pretty good because it’s actually matte color additionally we have the controls for the seat here to move it to the back and to elevate it side airbag very nice interior overall very pleasant let’s get in and let us turn it on

Instrumentation cluster is actually very nice whiting white light is always very pleasant blind spot monitoring system with rear cross traffic alert leather steering wheel this is how the horn sound seven inch screen is actually a little bit small but at least it has apple carplay and android auto and of course it also has a backup camera here we can see it

Has two zone climate control system in the front it does not have rear vents plastic material here piano black it gets crashed it looks good when it is clean and this car was in the snow so sorry for the dust here we have the buttons for the heated seats they go from very hot to extremely hot but i guess that’s good in the winter the button also for the super

All-wheel drive control we have gravel snow and auto most of the time i had it in auto and by the way i averaged 26 miles per gallon and makes driving with this car that’s exactly what i expected and if i drove really um slow i could actually get to 30 miles per gallon so if you’re not in a hurry yeah you can definitely obtain 30 miles per gallon if you drive

In echo controls here in the steering wheel good material overall i like the design plastic imitation of aluminum but it’s just plastic you can move the screen we you can control it with this mouse pad it looks like kind of from a laptop but it’s always better to just use it touch control and we appreciate the mitsubishi offer that possibility here we have the

Sun visors with the japanese letters you can see that this car was assembled in japan now let’s see they slide this is a sliding test oh yep they do slide good for mitsubishi very good they didn’t want to save two dollars and make it non-slidable let’s see if this one does the same of course it’s approved it passed this lighting test now we can actually drive

Without being completely blinded and of course remember it’s japanese and that means it’s built with quality manually dimming rear view mirror glove box and he’s softly sprawling that’s very good some materials more of that cheap plastic it looks kind of like aluminum it looks good at least it doesn’t stain this is a cvt transmission let’s take a look at the

Rear camera it’s not the best and it doesn’t have lines that follow the path of the car but hey at least it has apple carplay and android auto here we have the controls for the lights and the emergency service from mitsuichi actually very well made and put together the interior is actually a pleasant place to be it kind of reminds me of lexus nx the seats

Are very nice and soft very comfortable parking brake and the auto hold very good space here in the center console very well made soft spacious of course even though it looks kind of like an nx it definitely is not in the quality of the nx in the interior that’s for sure at least not in this model you can opt out for the sel model that comes with paddle

Shifters leather seats by the way this is the eco button something interesting is that when you press it this car in particular really decreases horsepower i would say that once you press that button you cannot even pass 65 miles per hour it has a hard time i would say decreases the horsepower to maybe 100 is surprising and you can obtain maybe five more miles

Per gallon so in the back we have hard plastics so it’s not soft like in the front but at least we have the nice carbon fiber mutation that is matte finish and it doesn’t stain or scratch durable materials here in the back we have let’s see good space one pocket only though good space and i’ll move here very good space i would say if you are six foot tall for

Taller you should not have any problem here we have some power outlet it doesn’t have suv did i say sue i’m an usb here we have two cup holders very good very pleasant place to be very comfortable now let’s take a look at the cargo space that by the way is smaller than the competition by around 11 cubic feet so that’s a lot it’s way smaller but that is because

Of the design of the car so you’re paying a price for having these very interesting design but at least it comes with this cover a bunch of hooks and a light here that you can at least make sure that all your purchases and bags are in place additionally has that tire so it’s appreciated that it doesn’t have just some kind of compressor like honey does more

Hooks here you can actually put these and store it away in a particular space that is designed for it by the tire and if you like this video please let us know subscribe and we look forward having you again goodbye guys

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Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Review | Rally Heritage, but is it a good SUV? By AutoNerd