Mitsubishi Evo 7 vs. Subaru WRX STI

Mitsubishi Evo 7 versus Subaru WRX STI at the Sachsenring.

The mitsubishi charisma evo 7 against the subaru impreza wrx sti a dual which is also fought out in the world rally championship mitsubishi as well as subaru have both won several titles here with a good 300 horsepower and uncompromising lee focused on drive they embody the yardstick for the competition on the sachsenring we set the two turbo powered street

Versions against each other the difference from the rally world championship competitions cars is smaller than expected technically as well as visually mitsubishi seventh evolution seems portal ii aggressive while the subaru with its innocent wide eyes looks more playful the tire choice matches this 225 millimeter bridgestone’s versus the mitsubishi’s 235

Yokohama’s the size of the adjustable rear spoiler on the evo 7 is impressive the subaru is much more subtle the wide exposed mud guards define the side view as they do on the blue sti for cylinders 2 liters and turbochargers both engines have this in common the 265 horsepower flat engine in subaru runs smoothly and has a pleasantly muffled sound mitsubishi 280

Horsepower unfolds without hesitation at every touch of the gas pedal an acceleration contest on the finish straight both four-wheel drive cars shoot away up to 60 km/h they’re still even but at the end the mitsubishi beats its rival with a sensational 4.7 seconds to 100 km/h but the subarus time of 5.2 seconds also makes any porsche carrera gogreen braking

From 100 km/h the brembo systems in both cars are huge the slightly smaller mitsubishi version grips evenly thirty seven point one meters braking distance is fine the subaru brakes get better with longer strain a possibly record-breaking 33 point eight meters balances out the defeat in the acceleration test the extremely direct mitsubishi steering impresses

In the slalom precision and steering behavior are remarkable the very firmly configured suspension and the yokohama sports tires allows the evo 7 to dance around the cones on three wheels the subaru is more sedate and keeps all wheels on the ground body movements are more noticeable however there are no nasty load change reactions at all the interior of the

Mitsubishi seems more high-quality than before the momo steering wheel is very comfortable here you can set the sensitivity of the middle differential according to the ground conditions the strongly contoured recaro sports seats surround the most slender occupants almost like a race car the subaru cockpit also requires no concessions the momo steering wheel is

Somewhat bigger the six-speed gearbox stands out the mitsubishi only has five gears the special sti seats combine good side support with adequate long-distance comfort overall the subaru has the cozier interior back on the track it’s only the driving dynamics that count here the yellow japanese turbo sets the benchmarks the smallest switch of the drivers hand

Steers the evo 7 but only experienced drivers should let it drift like this accelerating out of the omega corner over 380 newton meters of power drive the mitsubishi uphill the short transmission doesn’t change gears as elegantly as the subaru particularly under full load driving at high speeds in the just under forty four thousand euro mitsubishi demands the

Highest concentration in the last corner it drifts once again nevertheless the lap time of one minute forty six point seven seconds is impressive now it’s the subarus turn even in the first corner it pushes over the front wheels costing it time but it does offer less experienced drivers more safety all the suspension reactions are gentler and less spontaneous

Than in the mitsubishi on inclines the 15 horsepower weaker engine losses in terms of torque to it limps behind with 343 newton makers only frequent gear changes helped the subarus top speed is 238 while the mitsubishi manages 253 the lap time on the sachsenring is also only enough for second place with 1-minute 54.7 the subaru exceeds the mitsubishi’s time

By 4 seconds in short the mitsubishi is a thoroughbred sports car which makes few compromises the subaru on the other hand is impressive all-round and therefore equalizes in the final reckoning

Transcribed from video
Mitsubishi Evo 7 vs. Subaru WRX STI By Motorvision International