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Well upfront the ph tvs are pretty comfy place to sit the driving position is nice and high so you get a great view of the road ahead and there’s more than enough adjustment for both the seat and the steering wheel moving into the back even tall passengers will find plenty of knee room and there’s lots of space for feet under the front seats headroom is good too

So the only thing to note is that the center seat is a little bit purged which means that a tall person sitting in the middle seats might have some complaints the cabin is pretty wide though and the floor is flat so overall it’s a great place in the back for three people however if you want to carry seven people in total in your outlander you’ll need to go with

A diesel version as you can’t get the pa tv with a third row of seats anyway fitting a child seat is okay but not as straightforward as in some rival cars the back doors don’t open very wide so it can be tricky to squeeze a bulky rear-facing seat through the space and the isofix points aren’t as exposed as they are on a volkswagen tiguan the good news is though

That the outlander is available with isofix mounts for the front passenger seat to the outlander is also a safe place to carry the family as it’s called a 5-star euro ncap safety rating when it was tested back in 2013 top specification models benefit from technology like blind spot warning and rear cross traffic assist to help prevent accidents in the first place

The outlander pa tv has a 463 litre boot with all of the seats in place which is pretty small compared to most rivals the diesel 5 seat version of the outlander has a 591 litre boot and the five seats go to kodiak has 720 liters the main reason for the smaller boot on the p80 version is the fact that you’ve got batteries and a motor underneath the boot floor still

There’s enough space for a baby buggy and a couple of soft bags or a set of golf clubs two large suitcases will sit side by side when the parcel shelf is in place but the space is too shallow to squeeze anything above them however there are some decent features in the boot you get a 12 volt socket some little storage areas to the side of the main area and some modest

Underfloor storage to hold the charging cables the rear seats split 60/40 and although they fall to reveal a flat load space you need to lift the seat base cushions out of the way first which is a little bit old-fashioned with the seats folded away the outlander pa tv has 1488 of space the shape is wide and square so it’s easy to ship larger items towards the front

A bike will fit pretty easily as will a tv size box load the boot up and it will take two large boxes a pair of large suitcases two small suitcases two small boxes 4 medium boxes a couple of soft bags and a baby buggy if you ever need more space it’s also possible to fold the front passenger seat down on all mitsubishi outlander p atvs the car autos pretty generous

Storage space up front to the driver’s door bin has more than enough space for a big bottle and the same goes for the glovebox though it is shallow compared to that on some other suvs still there’s a big bin between the front seats and two cupholders ahead of the gear selector the rear door bins are a little bit smaller than those in the front but there’s still

Space for a couple of bottles and there’s another pair of cupholders in the center armrest in the back if you enjoyed this video please like it share and subscribe to our channel and click on the video windows to watch some more of our excellent videos

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