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Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV SUV in-depth review | carwow Reviews

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This is the new Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. The Outlander is one of the most popular plug-in hybrids in the UK, but given this new model looks so similar to the previous generation, has enough changed to make you want to consider it? Join Mat as he takes you on a tour of the new Outlander PHEV to see whether the changes are more than skin deep!

This is the new mitsubishi outlander p8 gv and it’s as though it’s been reading a self-help book because what looks pretty much the same as the old p hev on the outside underneath the skin it is in a much better place that’s because mitsubishi have given a new 2.4 liter petrol engine it’s also got a bigger motor at the rear as well for a bit more on and the batteries

Larger as well so you can go further on an electric power alone there like i say the exterior well the styling got some new bumpers at the back and at the front but they’re hard to notice don’t surprising when the car starts from just under thirty seven thousand pounds but through carlisle you can save four and a half thousand pounds that that includes a 2500 pound

Government grant and so much money you can save her a new car click on the pop-up banner in the top right hand corner of the screen to go to car wife let’s start this review by talking about the outlander ph v’s boot so it’s a decent size but it’s not as big as the boot you get with the skoda kodiak the reason for that is that you’ve got your batteries and your

Electric motor under the boot floor and they eat into space it’s about 25 percent less in terms of the capacity but yeah it’s gonna be fine isn’t it also there’s no load lit to lift stuff over so you can easily slide items out this one’s got a special covering here so it’s handy if you’ve got a dog it won’t muck up the carpet in the back if you look under here

You’ll see there’s a space for the charging cables which is handy keeps them out of the way so they’re not rattling about all over the place you’ve also got some storage areas down here there’s a 12 volt socket here if you tender points about the place up there and there but they’re not that solid so you know you can tie something really heavy down like a person

That’s trying to escape don’t you ever want to do that they might be thinking wait a minute why have you got some cup holders the reason for that is that you can get a petrol version of the outlander as a seven-seater so where the batteries and the motor are the seats fold in two then when you fold them out the rear passengers have somewhere to put their drinks

Which is nice isn’t it what isn’t nice is how you have to fall down the rear seats so i’ve got to go around to the side of the car and flip out the seat base it’s a very old fashioned system and then you can fold the seats down as you can see then you get a nice flat load bay and if i was to take this out i’ll just take that out cute comments about matt doesn’t

Treat cars very well you can see he can slide items quite easily to the front of the car i just put that down see if we can get this out beforehand now for more information these cars practicality says it just haven’t stuff you can fit in the boot click on the top right hand corner of the screen to get a car wow now let’s see what it’s like for rear passengers in

The back of this outlander p8 gv i’ll just put this back so domain it’s like a puzzle you don’t need a puzzle when you’re messing around with luggage seats and children imagine got baby in your arm you’re having to do this is the dog anyway right well i’m not gonna complain about is this look i can it is opening up i can’t recline these rear seats and i can recline

Them quite a way as you can see so it does make it comfy and because it’s quite a tall square vehicle got lots of headroom especially the exposition lots of knee room lots of foot space as well it really helps that this floor is almost completely flat so there’s loads of room that’s great also the rear windows are huge because the waistline is quite low so kids will

Get a good view out if you need to carry three people in the back at once it is doable even with adults because the cause body is nice and wide what’s not so good though is the fact that you’ve only got one charger so the three of you will have to argue about who charges their phone first storage is all right in the back you’ve got some pockets here and the door

Bins have enough room for two bottles yeh so let’s move into the front because storage there is good as well as you can see there is room for a large bottle in the front door bin in terms of the rest of the space well you’ve got a decent-sized glovebox there’s some more storage under here and you have a couple of cup holders there as well in terms of the design

Well you pretty notice this carbon fiber effect it’s completely unnecessary but it does actually look alright the rest of the design though is a little bit bland it’s all a bit dark and drab and a bit old-fashioned considering this is the new island a ph tv quality higher up it’s actually alright and here as well yeah it’s not bad when you reach a bit lower down

Though you have got some scratchy plastics and then there’s this smattering of buttons down here for various different things such as one usb port there yes just the one and then some other functions such as heated steering wheel and blind spot warning for this particular car then the 12 volt socket and then a hole there probably for your key it’s a little bit

Haphazard though it’s not great the rest of the layout in terms of the ventilation system it’s easy to use as well the navi where all cars are standard get a 7 inch screen there it is and actually when you first look at it it seems fine and you can just swipe for the different functions however once you enter one of the functions as the radio it all just looks

A bit crap and confusing it’s not the easiest system to use also right now we got to figure out had to turn this down there is yeah shut up yeah another thing about it is you do not get satellite navigation not on any model at all you have to link your phone up so you’ve got to use up a core plate or android auto but tell you the truth that’s not too bad because

Mitsubishi’s navi systems have never been particularly good you’re better off using google maps if you ask me now for more information on this cars entertainment system click on the pop-out bat in the top right hand corner of the screen in terms of specs as standard you get alloy wheels climate control and cruise control across the entire range this is the next

Level up the four-h which includes leather seats a power tailgate and a 360 degree camera the next level up the four hs adds extra safety kit including late departure warning but i probably wouldn’t bother going down you can go higher still with an upgraded stereo but it all starts to get a bit expensive so i actually plugged this cause details into karwa and

I got an offer back on this for h4 32 and a half thousand pounds which is a saving of almost seven thousand pounds there remember that saving does also include the 2500 pound government grant now if you click on the pop-out by the top right hand corner of the screen you can get a car while and configure your own can’t see how much you can save on this or any car

For that matter so go check it out now then it’s time for the car wow five annoying things about this car mitsubishi may have updated this car’s propulsion system because still does that funny thing where if you’ve got the electronic parking brake on and you put the car in drive you just want to shuffle it backwards and forwards and you haven’t got your seatbelt

On it doesn’t disengage the parking brake automatically so it does this weird kind of like humping finger up almost like a horny rhino the seatbelt for the central passenger in the back is mounted from the roof rather than from the top of the seat like in many cars it’s a bit of a faff to put it into place also look how this sticks up you suddenly hop across into

The middle seat you could be in for a nasty surprise or it could be a nice surprise depending on your viewpoint well i do like the fact that this load cover is nice and light and it’s relatively easy to port it into place check this out it just looks so horribly cheap and flimsy and this is quite an expensive car after you put in the seats back when you’ve had them

Folded down you always have to remember to lift up these seat belt buckles and then hold them in place so it’s all a bit of a fiddle and that’s why i didn’t do them in the main part of the review because it would have taken too long if you want to deactivate the electronic tailgate and use it manually you can’t do it at the tailgate itself or to the entertainment

System like in many other cars depress this robin nasty-looking button this is just stuck on down here don’t worry there’s still plenty to like about this car is the car wi-fi cool features you get a special smartphone app which allows you to look at the car’s battery level and check it’s charging remotely you can also do things like set the temperature before you

Get in it because this car has electric motors at the front and at the back you can go off-roading under electric power alone which is quite unique also there’s three different settings for the four-wheel drive system you can have normal a snow setting for some added grip and four-wheel drive lock we have the same amount of powder into the front and rear wheels you

Can charge the cars batteries to 80% fall in just 25 minutes using the rapid charger but better than that you can actually charge them to 100% from empty using a three pin socket in just five hours which means you can do it easily overnight or when you’re at work these pedals here on the steering column they’re not gear shifters they actually alter the severity

Of the regenerative braking so when you lift off the throttle the turning of the wheels of the car slows actually help support energy back into the batteries and you can alter just the strength of that slowing effect by either pulling on this going up to level 5 which is the strongest slowing effect or putting on this one here to go to their weakest one which is

Zero because it’s got such low carbon dioxide emissions it’s very cheap in terms of company car tax in fact this car will cost you less per year in terms of company car tax than a ford fiesta this outlander pa tv is a really good car to drive in town because obviously being an suv is a subtour to get a good view out but the big thing about it is the fact that you

Can just drive on electric power alone around town so the range on electric power is now about 28 miles and that’s achievable so you can actually lock the car into electric-only mode and it’ll actually go up to 85 miles an hour on electric power alone but you won’t be doing 28 miles range then it’s better for just pottering around and then it’s silent now because

You’ve got a more powerful electric motor at the back you’ve got a bit more performance when you put your foot down and it goes alright when you’re just using electricity however even in evey mode if you floor the throttle the car knows that you want maximum performance and then it will kick in the petrol engine you can hear it now so it makes a bit of a noise

But it’s not as noisy as the old engine which was a 2 liter this isn’t a 2.4 so it’s not only smoother and quieter it’s also more powerful so you just got a bit more zip you’re best off just driving around in the normal mode don’t let the car figure out what is the best in terms of energy preservation so the actual official figure for this car is a hundred and

Forty miles per gallon but what you actually get can wildly differ so let’s just say you’re doing very short journeys to and from work you could get away with hardly ever visiting a petrol station in fact i know people who’ve owned these cars in the past and they’re the fuel and the tank is actually gone on because they literally need to use it but if you do lots

Of motorway miles it’s a completely different story because you’ll soon rip through your electricity and then you’ll be effectively just driving using the petrol motor and it won’t be all that economical so you’ll be looking at basically low 30s to height 20 miles per gallon so it all depends think about how you’re gonna use the car as to whether it’s gonna be

Right for you that’s for the rest of the driving experience well mitsubishi has tweaked the suspension so it’s a little bit more composed over bumps it does send the old jobs for the coming when you’re here patil but it’s not too bad and as you go faster it definitely settles down and it feels like a secure planted car when you’re driving it on the motorway and i

See it’s there comfortable enough so you can do long journeys in this no problem at all what’s not so good compared to some other suv say something just normal as well like a skoda kodiak is the handling through a twisty road because it does feel like a big heavy slightly ponderous car it’s in no way fun to drive this thing it just doesn’t add it quite enough job

But really to buy one of these cars that is not gonna be the top of your priority list for more information and to see how much money you can save on this car click on the pop-out band in the top right hand corner of the screen to get a car wipe so then my verdict on the mitsubishi outlander pa tv should you avoid it should you consider it should is shortlist it

Or should you just go right ahead and buy it well i reckon if it was the normal outlander the petrol just avoid it because there’s better suvs but there’s plug-in hybrid i think you should shortlist it and that’s because it’s better than before thanks to the updates it’s still dead cheap to run it’s quite a unique thing actually enjoyed this video please like it

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