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Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV | Why the diagonal test2 | Review 7/10

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The world’s first plug-in hybrid crossover is now offered in America.

Hey what’s up guys welcome to car question just  a little video before we go into diagonal test   and by the way we’re gonna take time to bring  you back the al candor that we tested the rigor   gas version with the diagonal test back in the  old days and that’s probably some of my oldest   video that we did a long time ago i

Didn’t thought  that you would get so much interest within those   there so as you can see it perform well and had  more and more question about that test first of   all why you’re doing it we’re not gonna get into  that situation yes probably for like 0.002% of   the life of your vehicle you would get into one  of these

Situations so that won’t happen often   so why do it because there’s a big difference  between this and roller tests i’m i kind of like   roller tests they’ve kind of cool but remember  that when you’re doing a test on a flat surface   so the weight of the vehicle is all equal when  i get into my diagonal test there’s a lot

Of   weight on one and even sometime two wheels and it  gives a real challenge it gives the computer the   real challenge to work out the power and you need  enough power also to do it and simply surpass that   even i got the comments a lot about oh i could do  it with my two wheel drive car anytime see my eye   there

Yep no you won’t do it okay we’re gonna  make that clear my old blazer doesn’t like that   desk and he won’t do it my old bronco with open  differential everywhere with four by four doesn’t   like that desk well i can go right through it yeah  go for it man if you want to go right through it i   could even go right through it

With the vehicle  that i asked but believe me this llll is merely   has i at me at the top of it so guess what it’s  nearly six foot high so if you want to floor it   and go for it ain’t no problem there’s two things  that’s gonna happen first of all your bumper will   go boo a lot of pieces and i don’t like to pick  up the

Pieces and i don’t like to pick up also   the price to pay for the repair you might pass  the first step but the next thing that’s gonna   gonna jump it and there you go that might be   another bumper suspension problem anyway and you  said to me how you might want to use better tire   i know there’s a partner that we’re

Doing onto  some gravel and there’s a part that we’re doing   into sand i know these are completely different so  you might be right pressure might change the thing   in the sand often the vehicle will stop because  of the distribution of the power in even with   better traction i wouldn’t have made it even if  i got some

Winter tires some regular tires some   off-road tire it couldn’t change because you’ve  got maximum green it’s time ak even with some   worn-out tire there is no wet surface on those  one so it’s gonna give me maximum traction in   when they’re rolling and rolling as more as the it  builds up well i should get better traction

Out of   these stars so what happened with the outlander  phe v you know with so much on the electrical   engine i didn’t think they were able to overcome  that kind of tests and if you’re gonna say to me   oh that’s not gonna happen to me well guess what  if you’re gonna be into sand which is probably one   of the

Biggest off-road challenge and by the way  i’m not talking about a regular sand surface i’m   talking about desert i’m talking about sangeun you  know the kind of sin that it’s really hard to turn   through it and move around to get some traction  so it’s where the phe be really shows a fail also   same thing for the diagonal test

Even with the  button you know that i press on the twin motor   four wheel drive lock buttons it will give you a  repetition of power form to rear it will lock it   will reduce that the reaction times between those  transition but from side to side it’s not working   even if they’re media stuff um the mitsubishi  website

Said it there doesn’t seem to be real   connection between one side to another and a lot  of you guys told me a are you gonna do it with   russian control off guess what i’ll nearly kill my  camera with the traction control off because the   rock simply fly at the speed of light because  the electrical engine is giving it full

Power   without traction control and do major rock flying  times so that’s about what happens but the real   question is right now why does it perform well  in snow and not in those situation where you   put it through the test well on snow it’s really  an easy surface just like a roller you know as   soon as the the

Wheels gonna roll losing traction  easily but with sin it’s real hard with diagonal   tests it’s real art so if the computer doesn’t  manage really fast enough or isn’t intelligent   enough to blog on wheels and give power to the  other ones well it might not pass the test on   a roller test it’s nearly the same thing as ice 

Or a humid tarmac surface but our diagonal tests   where you’ve got all the weights on one wheels it  requires a lot more powers to get you to that desk   and the electrical engine of the mitsubishi p hev  we’re not there enough and by the way you could   have said go with momentum matt go floor it yep i  could i did it and guess

What even when i stopped   nearly on the flat surface with the word that  it required the vehicle was kind of trying to   move but the only thing that i was generating  was it from all the components inside the car   and that’s how you break cars over time so anyway  i want to know what you feel i want to know what  

You think about that i want to know if we need  to improve or test or change something feel free   to comment in the section down there below do  a thumbs up because you like diagonal testing   we will do more venue for you guys it’s not   gonna stop car question is only role to do some  great stuff for you even if we’re not

Exactly   the lung well if you don’t know who he is feel  free to google it but remember super quick fun   real easy and turning stuff is what we want to do  with you guys so take care see you another time

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Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV | Why the diagonal test2 | Review 7/10 By Car Question