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Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia has just spiced up their 7-seater SUV with the Mitsubishi Outlander Sports Edition, packed with aesthetic and equipment upgrades inside and out. Limited to 120 units nationwide, let Adrian take you on a closer look at the new Outlander variant.

The locally assembled mitsubishi outlander was launched in malaysia just a little over a year ago jam-packed with future comfort features and safety kit it was arguably the best value for money 7-seater four wheel drive suv money can buy it was also voted as the family suv of malaysia at the 2018 castle malaysia or if you’re looking to have a spruce top version

Of the outlander this could be the one for you introducing the limited edition mitsubishi outlander sports edition the sports edition is based on the 2-liter four-wheel drive period and only 120 units will be available nationwide it dawns a number of aesthetic enhancements inside and out starting from the exterior it wears a dual tone paint scheme rape metallic

For the body ruby black for the roof the black accents also extends to the dynamic suit face at the front one very nice touch on the sports edition is this outlander emblem on the front hood that i can’t help you thing but inspired from a certain premium 4×4 brand elsewhere the halogen projector headlamps with led daytime running lights front fog lamps and front

Parking sensors is exactly the same as before over to the side the 18-inch multi-spoke alex is now finishing black wrapped in two – 555 profile continental uc6 suv tires the black team continues over to the side mirrors where it houses the camera for around view monitor the roof rails and lower side trims here that used to be in silver is now finished in black

Now mitsubishi motors malaysia did not just paint the roof in black because the ruby black paint extends all the way to the sea pillars and i find out a very nice touch lastly on the back you find an standard roof spoiler more black trims on the tailgate emblem and lower diffuser and like the 2-liter outlander we still don’t get of how he’ll get under the hood you

Find the same 2-liter 4-cylinder natural aspirated my back engine that produces 145 horsepower and 196 newton meters of torque all that power is transferred to all four wheels by a cvt gearbox new items on interior include this red accented carpet mats with spot edition embroidery as well as this dual dvd and detainment screen not sure if anybody still uses in

Dvd these days the rest of the cabin is identical to what you get on a standard 2 liter outlander multifunctional steering wheel with cruise control 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system with apple carplay and gesture control support those old automatic climate control manual parking brake as well as super select four-wheel drive system the sports edition comes

With seven airbags abs ebd brake assist traction control and oral monitor as standard getting the third row seats of outlander is a relatively simple affair as i will demonstrate now easy i have the first and second row seats adjusted to my usual seating position and in a federal i have more than enough space to get comfortable i also have this little head rest

For me to lean on although there are still no real events mitsubishi motors malaysia has introduced security pimping films to keep the cabin a little bit cooler on sunny days the mitsubishi outlander sport edition is priced at 140 mm drupal 8 or 5000 ringette more expensive than a regular 2-liter outlander now that might seem a lot for some aesthetic kit but do

Remember that only 120 units of this outlander sport edition will be available in malaysia and it also comes from five years unlimited mileage warranty if you enjoyed this video don’t forget a like share and subscribe to our youtube channel by clicking on the subscribe button down below for more information of the mitsubishi outlander sport edition do log on to

Autobots don’t mind as always thanks for watching my name is adrian and i’ll see you guys in the next video you

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