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Mitsubishis New 2023 Eclipse Cross ES

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Hi there it’s jenna from merced mitsubishi and i’m so excited to introduce you guys to our brand new 2023 mitsubishi eclipse cross es this one is coming with as you can see upgraded rims from the previous model year really nice and beautiful and i would love to show you all of the new features that come in this one underneath the hood we have our 1.5 liter

Four-cylinder turbo charged engine giving quite a bit of power especially with that turbocharged engine and a great amount of fuel economy as well in the front here as you can see we have a couple of different cameras and sensors right at the top right by the rear view camera as well as right down below here we have our sensor and that is for our forwards emergency

Braking so it has a few different safety features that i’ll get into a little bit as you can see we also have our automatic headlamps over here really nice to keep you safe and being able to see without having to adjust that on your own car is very smart and we’ll do all that for you and moving on in we are greeted by our premium cloth interior as we can as you

Can see we still have our plastic on here because we just got these shipped a day or two ago right below that we have all of our adjustments for the seat and if we move further on in initially we see again our forward emergency braking button and this you can adjust from far middle and near to see when it actually activates on the left hand side of our steering

Wheel we have all of our bluetooth controls hands-free calling as well as voice recognition including our volume controls as well as mode to adjust between different media modes we have our cruise control just on the right side here and everything is automatic with our lights like i mentioned before and we also have our automatic rain sensing wipers really nice

And handy for that as well we have our digital display just up front of course we need to do our pre-delivery inspection and fuel it up but it is quite easy to see a bunch of different information on here going on with the vehicle and on the right over here we have our eight inch touchscreen nice and high up so it’s really easy to see while you’re driving and

You don’t have to take your eyes too far off of the road you can also connect not just with the bluetooth but also with your apple carplay or android auto where it essentially puts your phone and mirrors it onto the screen up here so you can see your navigation from there your your google maps as well as your own music library podcast audiobooks things like that

As well as your texting and calling below that standard air conditioning temperature and fan control settings very easy to use and we also have our eco mode that will tie in very well with our super all wheel control button that will allow you to adjust between your snow mode gravel mode and normal mode keeping you safe in any kind of terrain you can combine the

Eco mode actually with any one of those so it’s really nice above that button we have our high end low settings for our heated seats for yourself and your passenger and quite a bit of room in here it’s very very comfortable moving on into the back as you can see we have tons of legroom for each passenger and these seats can recline quite a fair amount to give you

A little bit of extra headroom and a little bit extra comfort as well for each passenger although these seats can be folded down to give you a little bit extra storage if you don’t have anyone in the back seat i’m taking a look at the back of course we have our backup camera just below our newly badged rear with the led tail lights as well as our eclipse cross

Badging right across the side really nice and beautiful letting everyone know you drive the brand new 2023 eclipse cross again back here tons of storage with those seeds folded up or down and we also have these extra little compartments back here that will hold chilled fluid eggs milk or anything else that you need to keep from rolling around your vehicle below

This a full-size spare tire which is really nice because not a lot of the brand new vehicles are coming with a spare tire and this is followed by your 10-year powertrain warranty five-year comprehensive or lim or a bumper-to-bumper warranty as well as five years of free roadside assistance which will of course help you change that tire boost you on the side of

The road and do so much more thank you so much for watching let me know what you think and when you’d like to come check it out in person

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Mitsubishi’s New 2023 Eclipse Cross ES!! By Seriously?