Mobile Van Build | The Rain Is Drowning My Progress

Promaster van build in Vermont. Judi wanted to help with her build so I hit the road and took all my tools to Vermont. Judi needing me to wire the van including solar. She also needed me to build a kitchen gally, install a diesel heater and build a bench that a guest could sleep on.

Hi welcome to the channel in today’s video i’m back on the road and i’m working on another promaster we’re gonna do a build on site in vermont let’s take a look you guys see a common denominator with with my builds so i hope that by the end of my 10 days here in vermont that this all looks a whole lot better i wanted a low profile roof mount so i contacted yanaka

And i set up a kit for the ram promaster so i can just call i can just get on the website type in midwest van builders and it’s going to pull up a kit and what it’s got is it’s got these t-mounts in it it’s got three sets of those the mounting brackets for your 80 20 extrusion two of the brackets to join those together and 12 foot it’s two six foot extrusion

Aluminum pieces and then the key nuts that you need and so that kit is available now on yunaka i’m gonna put this up i’m gonna show you how low profile it is all right so this t-mount goes right on there goes right over it just like that and then we’ll put our mounting bracket on top of there look how low profile that is day one has been for wiring i have got

The fan wired she got this little toggle switch that’s wired and water pump will go on there four lights are on one two lights are on another and dimmer switch so i’m gonna start looking at the galley area here and see what i can do day one was a little bit of a rough start she wanted to get the insulation done before i got here that didn’t happen not only did

It did not happen but we don’t have the insulation so she made a run-up to canada to pick up some um hemp and we’re going to insulate the van with that as soon as it’s insulated i took a trip to lowe’s and let me show you i i did uh i got a ton of stuff from lowe’s and i’ll show you what i got planned here birds for the bench shiplap for the ceiling some furring

Strips um i ripped some two by fours last night so i’ve got some projects that i can work on while i wait for the insulation all right her refrigerator is framed out that turned out pretty nice and wired so that project is done this is the dometic little freezer area not bad all right i took the half inch maple and made the stove base and the sink base this is

Gonna be her galley she changed the design she wants a bench here so that this right here can be a bed in the refrigerator the sink and the stove is all in what’s going on guys this rain in vermont is killing me so i’m trying to get this van going and i’ve been nothing but rain the last two days it’s already 11 o’clock today i’m gonna try and get a little bit done

I got a cloud of um or a little window of a break so let me show you what i’ve been doing yesterday between all the rain i built this platform and that’s actually going to be a small kennel um from the inside but on this side of it it’s going to house the diesel heater so i got that drilled and i got the pipes under the floor um i’m not going to put the fuel

Pump and that on until i get the walls built on that kennel and we’re going to try and isolate this side of the van for utilities the propane the water and the battery but i worry about her being able to get to her propane tank back there so i think i’m gonna put a door in the side as well so that she can access that that’s about the only option i’m going to leave

This side open for her bike and i’m gonna try and get started she had these two panels in the garage they’re already coated white and since she’s going to paint it anyway i went ahead and used those and what i did was this is that osb and it’s not real strong it’s really like roof decking material stuff like that so i wanted to reinforce that she’s got a two by

Two here again not real strong so i brought these uprights back far enough so that it would give her some support there and even though when i’m past my box um it’s more important to have the support than to have the aesthetics and then i can put i put a couple little shelves or something in there for so that um it’s not wasted space so two lids what i did was

I cut a lid for that and then i cut it down the middle so the diesel heater can vent there that’s going to be a shoe compartment or something i’m going to put a hinge on that so we’re going to put it back on this now got the cabinet all secured and a door made and diesel heater is connected and just checking for leaks i’m going to drill a hole for the vent and

We’ll get that heater turned on it is all wired that looks familiar all right i’m going to give you guys an update lunchtime update i got the refrigerator door turned around for her to show that it’s obviously easier for working and her galley is almost done so she’s got a two burner gas stove here a real small like bar type sink here and then um a nice little

Considerable amount of space there and then her faucet is going to be back there and that’s going to work out nice but all right guys you can see i’ve got the insulation delivered today that was a little bit of a wait thanks to yanako we got that shipped in got it up framing is in and we’re working on the ceiling all right we’ve been battling with rain the entire

Time up here and i don’t know if you guys are going to be able to recognize this but look at what is out and about today so it’s going to be a good day and we’re finishing up the ceiling and then we are going to start working on the walls she had the reflectix up here temporary why we were waiting on insulation she’s had it up there for a while but um so what we did

Was we went ahead since it was all cut to fit we put the 3m up and it can never hurt to have more insulation and it’s super lightweight so we put all of that back in so this entire ceiling has three on insulation and then the reflectix all right there’s johnny up on the top of the roof putting in my solar system or connecting things to the rack anyway the panels

Are already connected in the foreground here i have been varnishing this um kitchenette top where the sink and the um stove top will be going okay i’m going to you show you in the background the leaves are starting to turn ever so lightly here in vermont all right i’m gonna hand this to johnny so she can show you what’s going on what’s going on and look at that

Low profile rack so we put one in front and one right behind the fan so that she’ll have enough room back here for a deck and this is a nice size deck that’s probably 36 by 65. so should we climb she’ll put a like a marine hatch here and she’ll be able to climb up here and hang very very low profile from minaka yeah you could i can’t even put my hand underneath

There they can go to the web all right this one’s about gone but you can see we’re pulling just a little bit of solar but there is no there’s no sun over there it’s behind the tree it’s going down she’s got this basic water jug and i wanted to show you how i got it set up so she’ll have a couple of these and they’re all universal with this red cap that she’s got

So you take that off and the line goes all the way to the bottom i’ve got two adapters there and an adapter there it has to be able to spin so that you can get your line off because you can’t you don’t want to twist the whole buckets that is just a twist off water hose fitting so i’ve got that reduced down and that’ll work i’ve got this new ogo toilet and it’s

Got an air hose that you vent to the outside so what we need is a way to connect this to the floor so that it stays in place and i could not find a floor flange anywhere so we’re going to make one so this is a one and a half inch pipe for a toilet this is going to slide over it i’m going to drill a hole through the bottom of the van and i’m going to make a rubber

Gasket to go on there to seal it i’m going to put some marine caulk around there and that is going to attach to this and that’s going to work just like that guys and that’s going to screw to the floor there’s two screws in it that’s going to screw to the floor and i’m going to that and that’ll be that’ll be fine guys this rain has been the story of my vermont

Build i have not gotten a break from this rain

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