Modelo 2020 VW Atlas Cross Sport – Fabricado para Americas


Look for me the five seater or the atlas cross sport is a no-brainer i think there’s a couple of things first obviously we want to follow the market and this is a market that’s growing fast it’s a big opportunity over 2.3 2.4 million units and we want to be where the action is and this is a chance to do that the b suv segment is growing the b suv segment is big

And we’ve had great success with the seven-seat atlas so now we feel as an opportunity to divide that segment if you look at about 40% of that segment is comprised of you know a 5 seat vehicle and that’s where the atlas cross board comes in yeah thinking in essence the suv market as a total has grown significantly in the united states we for quite some time have

Had a strategy to double up in two of the biggest segments the asu strategy and then what we would call the mid-sized suv strategy where we have the atlas today that segment is really split between five cedars and seven cedars and for that reason we’ve designed the the cross port to participate the folks that are driving around with the seven seat they love their

Functionality but we’ve also heard from some of our customers they don’t necessarily need the the third seat role knowing that we have the atlas and the platform there already we were able to very quickly come up with that let’s cross board seven seater really is about practicality it’s about space it’s very much about families the five seater is a bit more design

It’s a bit more image you know if you think about it it’s a lot more about showing up as opposed to showing off it’s marginally shorter than the atlas it obviously does not have the third row so we’ve planned to have this slightly more stylish looking vehicle in the market for that reason we believe they’re probably two key buyers firstly those customers who are

Starting out a small family and then we also believe it’ll also appeal to another stage in your life which is basically the empty nester phase we want to make sure we make a volkswagen suv and there’s some core attributes of a volkswagen you always want to hang on to i think obviously we want to hang on to the driving characteristics just because the vehicle gets

Bigger doesn’t mean you don’t want to put a smile on someone’s face i the second thing is very smart packaging we’ve always been fantastic at packaging with gulfs we want to make sure we keep that packaging idea and aesthetic as we get into suvs and the third one is the technology i think we’re doing a fantastic job in terms of the electronics in terms of the safety

Systems and everything else that we’re bringing into the car so if we can keep the spirit of volkswagen and give our point of view on suvs that’s where the magic is our aim right now is is to really make an impression and we know the design is very important and so it was a big focus then as we concept to this car and went through the development phase i think we’ve

Been able to really nail it here with with the expressive design that we’ve put forth with alice cross port we know we have pretty big lands with our suv portfolio here for the north american region this is the first step forward in our expansion and i think there’s still more to come i think just the fact that already a lot of our researchers indicated that the

Customers are very excited about the design that’s been very very encouraging i’m very excited about the fact – that much the customers saw this is a very different car to atlas i think often within this kind of strategy you run the risk of you know putting a car into the market that just substitutes another and we were very excited to see that they there seems to

Be a very different customer for this car so i’m very excited about the design i’m very excited about the new tic i’m excited about the team in the interior getting improving it’s gonna be a vehicle that really will turn heads and people will look at this car again particularly in the our line cars and said wow that really is sexy this is something that you know

Say something about who i am and i want that car i’m extremely excited to see it now today with this reveal come across the line after three years of work here from the region we’ve put together i think a pretty good package it’s going to stand out very quick and win the attention and just like that list has really started to take off i think the cross sport will

Follow very quickly as well addressing the specific needs of those customers in the five seat segment in my mind with the five seat market it will do quite well i think these are people who want to be distinguished they want to stand out and they want a car that helps them stand out and i think the brilliant thing about volkswagen is we can help them stand out at

A great price point anyone can stand out spending 70 80 thousand dollars on a vehicle but a car with this kind of road presence a car with this kind of character a car this type of visual appeal at this price point is something that’s powerful and it’s something volkswagen should be proud of and we are proud of

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Modelo 2020 VW Atlas Cross Sport – Fabricado para Americas By Tecnologia do Futuro