The Subaru Impreza WRX STI is one of the most loved automotive car franchises of all time. Ever since the 1990’s the car shook the world with its outlandish styling, the synonymous rumble of the boxer, the eye-catching blue and gold and coupled with its World Rally Championship pedigree, a truly iconic Japanese sports car. The second generation, GD chassis of the ‘Blob Eye’ is one that encompasses more than its rally roots with a new level of refinement in a very attractive four door sedan package.

I is welcome back to the channel my name is clay wong and today i’m very excited because we are continuing the hunt for a daily driver and right behind me we have a very special car in japanese motoring history this is a 2003 subaru impreza wrx sti the second generation the blob eye after driving the first generation of the wrx sti the gc8 type ra

That i drove in a review just a month ago it’s really made me intrigued about the offering from subaru and this is one of the most iconic generations of the subaru wrx sti because this was a car that was sold to the global market this was the new age impreza it was a little bit more refined a little bit more comfortable and nicer to live with and so this was

That offering but something that was really special about the blob eye was because it had forged internals from factory and the ej207 in this car is one of the most iconic motors from the flat 4 boxer lineup that subaru ever produced this car just weighs over 1400 kilograms and with that it’s got a host of modifications to increase that power even more so

From factory these cars were good for making 195 kilowatts of power but it now makes 270 kilowatts of power that is nearly 400 horsepower at all four wheels that’s insane it’s such an awesome driver’s car and i can’t wait to see how this car drives because it really is an awesome looking contender for a daily driver so i’m out here with the owner tom oh

He’s going to give us a little rundown about this epic car how you going man good thanks dude your car looks so sick can you tell us a little bit about it all right so it’s the as clay’s mentioned it’s the o3sti model uh from japan uh so it’s got the ej207 motor in it uh this motor was forged from the factory uh so it’s built as you would basically do it

Aftermarket right now it’s got a large cob front mount a link g4 plus as the brains it’s got a big blouch 1.5 xtr dominator with a seven centimeter housing for its turbo it’s got a full turbo back q300 um so it’s an absolutely fantastic car to drive uh and i love it a bit so thanks to the guys that got it racks specifically warwick is a fantastic tuner out

There uh it makes just under 275 kilowatts to the wheels so growing up as a kid i loved watching the world rally championship it was something that i just loved tuning into every single weekend and watching the gc8 dominate the track at the hands of colin mcrae it really had me lost for words and then coming in the second generation in the gd platform it

Was just so cool and i can see why you bought this car yeah they’re absolutely fantastic to drive because now valves have just gone through the roof for jdm cars yeah i’m sure you you’ve made quite a bit of money on this thing yeah yeah it’s definitely appreciated since i bought it um which has been fantastic obviously that’s awesome would you ever sell it

Or upgrade it in a way or is that even an upgrade for this car apart from the 22b would you ever sell it or upgrade it or i think it’s i think it’s a garage car to be honest i don’t think i’ll be selling it i don’t think you should because this is a timeless classic and i think in a matter of years this thing is going to absolutely skyrocket if it hasn’t

Done so already it’s going to yeah right it has been yeah yeah exactly right so can’t wait to see how this car drives it’s going to be awesome let’s go guys i am super excited for this guys after driving that gca it really has made me super intrigued about the subaru lineup and this being the second generation the ged this is all about making it a livable

And more daily package for a lot of enthusiasts all over the world so straight away you notice that this car has an extremely notchy gearbox and it’s a six-speed manual transmission it’s very strong as well these boxes were bulletproof wow there are a whole lot of noises and sensations coming from this cabin it’s just got that iconic subaru rumble with

This ej207 engine that boxer flat 4 turbocharged engine honestly it just doesn’t sound any better than that get a load of this okay this car is not stock it’s got a host of performance add-ons that just increase the overall performance of this wx sting with all of that it gives it a grand total of 270 kilowatts at all four wheels that’s roughly about 400

Horsepower at all four tires and that’s the bucket load to be having for a street car and it delivers that power so nicely in this car under 3 000 it’s a completely different animal once you start creeping above three and a half it starts to sing and you really unleash the performance of this car and it’s just so enjoyable to drive when you get it up there

As you’re commuting through the corners it feels very planted the four-wheel drive of these subarus are just so trick and it makes you feel like you’re stuck to the tarmac every single time the second generation of the subaru dubrx sti being the gd platform has introduced a lot in terms of making it more of a refined car and when you’ve jumped inside this

Car it feels so much more comfortable and compliant as you’re driving it over the road and it doesn’t feel jarring for the driver and that was something that i immediately noticed hopping into the gca it is unmistakably a little bit heavier it’s actually 250 kilos heavier than the type ra model that i drove and despite the weight it doesn’t deter from the

Driving experience of this car because it still feels so agile in the fingertips and there’s so much feedback through the steering wheel and once you step on it it just takes you into the next millennium it’s got a whole lot of boost in this car and whether you’re going fast in a straight line or diving through the corners and the twisties it just feels

Really rewarding to drive because even when you’re putting around at relatively close to the speed limit it still feels so enjoyable and that’s the beauty of these world rally championship cars they were built for that purpose alone and because of that there has been so much magic thrown into this chassis and then when you find the straight you really get

The opportunity to stretch the legs and it just takes it further there’s so much to like about this car and whether or not it’s the aesthetics and the iconic world rally blue championship color it just is such a recognizable shape and silhouette everywhere you go people just resonate with the beauty of this classic jdm icon i really like how the blob eye

Looks i think it’s the fan favorite amongst subaru enthusiasts whether or not you’re looking at it from an aesthetic standpoint or the mechanical side of things it was the ultimate in terms of having the complete package the big bonnet scoop and the big rear wing at the back which can be doubled as a picnic table is all created for the use of function alone

This car follows that motto tried and through in the interior of this car it’s very spotted and basic and you could call it cheap it still has the things that you would want in this car it’s got a great air conditioning system it’s got lovely bucket seats that really hold you in the driving position but because subaru hasn’t focused entirely on making the

Interior as luxurious as possible they’ve thrown all of that into the performance of this car and immediately within five minutes of driving it you’ll have a chance to experience what this car is all about when you have to compare it against the same generation ev08 this car feels a lot more engaging in terms of making it feel so much more visceral to the

Driver and you really have to grab it by the scruff of the neck and drive it because in the evo it’s so much easier to drive at the limit in terms of track times the evo would have this car but for someone that wants to have smiles from behind the wheel the debrix sti just has it in aces and this car is still very close to its sock form it’s the typical

Go-to modifications that subaru owners opt for in these cars a bigger turbo a front mount intercooler injectors and a turbo back exhaust and straight away you make 400 horsepower at all four wheels that just goes to show you how capable of a car these things are when it comes to tuning and extracting that performance just a little bit further and with all

Of these modifications done on this car it doesn’t actually make it harder to drive it still feels like a stock car when it comes down to it it still is an epic commuter it’s not a chore to drive and that’s the beauty of these cars they’ve just made it so much more livable on a day-to-day basis that even in bumper-to-bumper traffic the car doesn’t vibrate

The whole cabin there’s a lot of space in here as well and if you’ve got five passengers in this car they’ll fit comfortably in it and they can be six foot tall as well and they’ll have plenty of leg room in the back and it just shows you how practical these cars are the trunk of this car has 395 liters it has the capacity to do so many things if you’re

Using it as a daily driver and i really like that aspect of this car if you guys have been following me for a while you’ll know that i actually used to own a fourth generation subaru wrx and although i had it for three years i didn’t particularly enjoy it it lacked so much emotion and feel that it was kind of just really sterile it has really gone so far

And away from that world rally championship heritage that people just know and love about these cars and as soon as you hop behind a first generation gc8 wrx sti or the second generation in the gd you’ll just have to excuse me there’s a lot of construction going on it is really loud but as soon as you hop into one of these older debrecks stis it just has

So much more wow factor and in recent time as well all of these jdm classics have just gone through the roof in terms of values to pick one up you’re looking at spending at the very least 25 to 30 000 australian dollars and it can span all the way up until 40 to 50. these cars are just becoming a future classic and i reckon if you don’t pick one up in

The next couple years they are just going to be truly unobtainable because immediately driving this car it just is so much fun wow have a look at this thing honestly it’s such a beautiful car and so timeless really i’ve had such a blast driving it and i really want to say a huge thank you to the owner of this vehicle tom for allowing me to do this epic

Showcase really appreciate it brother thanks man be sure to check out his car in the description box below i’ll leave all of his details for his instagram as well as his car club below if you guys enjoyed the video please give it a thumbs up in the comments below tell me what you like about the blob eye impreza wrx sti as well as considering subscribing to

The channel and i’ll catch you guys in the next video please take care bye for now bye

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