Eccola finalmente la nuovissima audi q4 e-tron, finalmente audi è riuscita a presentare un’auto elettrica più economica della mastodontica E-TRON uscita un anno fa , questa q4 è compatta ma spaziosa, ha autonomia da vendere e si guida anche bene ! un’auto elettrica di buon livello !

Hi guys, today i’m at the launch of q4 e-tron and i will introduce it to you in this video! well, this q4 has the same meb platform as id.4 and enyaq q4 is 4,58m long, 1,86m large, 1,63m tall and has a 2,76m path in the trunk you can fit 520l and if you fold the rear seats, the liters grow up to 1500. this q4 weighs 1985/2200kg, it change with the battery type it has

A ground clearance of 18cm and an aereodynamic coefficient of 0.26, not bad for an suv, let’s see the design in the front you notice the big grill that is closed, the two full led matrix headlights are tilted towards the grill and in the center there’s the logo, on the sides, as enyaq there are the air courtains on the sides you notice the plastic covers on the rims and

The two lines that pass from the front to the door handles all the way to the back, towards the back, where both meet up in the taillight on the back you see the integrated rear spoiler with the linked taillights and the e-tron logo on the bumper this q4 e-tron can get 19″ or 20″ rims, my favourites are this one, they look like the porsche taycan one and they increase the

Range there are two battery versions, standard range with a 55kwh battery and 336km of wltp range or the long range with a 77kwh battery and 520km of wltp range subscribe, so in the future i will be able to get this car, drive it and see what is the real range, it’s free ! follow also envel italy that is a company that work on electric cars and is a no profit one. we were

Talking about versions, they will be called e-tron 40 or e-tron 50, both are rwd, the base version has 170hp and the other one has 204hp, the 0-100kmh is the same and it’s 9 seconds, there it will be a quicker one that will run it in 6s and it will be called e-tron 50 quattro this quattro version will have 300hp, 460nm of torque and a max speed of 180kmh inside there are

Comfortable and sporty seats, heated and cooled, if you have the optional, they will also massage you =) very cool also the new steering wheel with two cuts and behind it there is the new virtual cockpit, 10″ or 11″ there’s also the head up display directly on the windscreen as all ev’s there is an app, voice controls, infotainment screen with the same functions etc. . .

Cool the central tunnel that leaves quite a lot of space to the driver, there is the start / stop button, handbrake, gear selector, hazards, volume selector, driving mode selector and stability control selector then there are wireless charging for any smarphone, cupholders and free space under the armrest inside it feel premium and also behind almost anyone can fit without

Problems q4 e-tron is able to charge up to 125kw in dc or 11kw in ac q4 start from 45.700€ for the base version, 51.000€ for the long range and 62.000€ for the quattro version let me know in the comment what you think about this audi, subscribe, share and leave a like, byee !

Transcribed from video